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May 29, 2010

Some DC Principals Move Up While Other DCPS Staffers Await Termination Letters !

In early May of this year, thirteen new instructional superintendent positions were posted on the DCPS website with annual salaries ranging from 120,000 to 150,000. Many were aghast after learning of the news especially in light of the 528 million dollar deficit that DC government is currently facing as well as Rhee's overspending of the central office budget. Rhee and company's rationale for doubling the number of school superintendents is to improve teacher quality and raise student achievement.
Once news of these management positions was broadcast, parents argued that if Rhee had the money to hire more senior level managers the money would have been better spent on bringing back the teachers and school staff who she (Rhee) laid off in November 2009, reducing class sizes or buying needed supplies at the local school level. A Washington Post article revealed that Rhee stated in interviews that although this increase in senior managers could cost as much as 2 million dollars, 'cuts to existing DCPS staff' will make the thirteen new hires- budget neutral. Reports are circulating that two vice principals were terminated from Jefferson Middle School as late as May 28. The Office of Special Education has been reorganizing and cuts to program manager positions and other reassignments were recently announced. Stay tuned as the story unfolds on whose job Rhee and her administration will cut next to make way for DC's instructional superintendents.
By the way, through a series of emails, I have learned that Rhee plans to promote five existing principals to the new instructional superintendent positions. My sources indicate that the following five principals will become DC's next instructional superintendents:
Amanda Alexander- principal @Ross ES- 1730 R St. NW, Wash. DC
Jeffrey Grant- principal @ Walker-Jones EC- 1125 New Jersey Ave. NW, Wash. DC
Willie Jackson-principal @ Elliot-Hines MS-1830 Constitution Ave. NE, Wash. DC
Wayne Ryan- principal @ Noyes EC-2725 10th St. NE, Wash, DC
Darrin Slade- principal @ Ron Brown MS- 4800 Meade St. NE, Wash. DC
Posted by The Washington Teacher