Dec 29, 2008

A Houston Teacher Speaks Out !

Over the holidays I received the attached email from a teacher in Houston . I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I have some followers from as far away as Texas. I decided to post this email here on my blog since there has been a great deal of discussion and debate about our ongoing contract negotiations. It's always interesting to hear other teachers perspectives from jurisdictions outside of our own. I have taken the liberty to delete the sender's names for obvious reasons.

Dear Candi,

"I have been reading your blog regarding the situation involving contract negotiations. Unfortunately, I believe that the unbridled actions of Rhee under the guise of "reform" is the foundation of unfortunate disagreement within the ranks. It is so important that we stand united in D.C. and across the country on this issue. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. I fail to understand how anyone would not want 110% transparency and full membership involvement with the types of decisions that must be made under these dire conditions.

I find your blog to be very comprehensive. I have begun to dabble with one here in Houston, but I am still in the learning process. I am currently working on research involving TFA, performance pay and the like that might be useful. I will let you know once I complete my report.

Best of luck with the contract negotiations. I believe that we must stand up and take some very unpopular positions within our membership for the overall good of public education and our profession as a whole, but there are limits. Teacher bashing and the total loss of tenure rights certainly crosses the line." (Posted by The Washington Teacher).

In solidarity,

Signed ... A Houston Teacher


tauna said...

Kudos to the Houston Teacher and to you Washington Teacher. I understand that there are some ineffective teachers who should be removed from the classroom. However, I believe they are being used as a scapegoat and red herring for those seeking to undermine rather than strengthen and improve public education, diverting the nation's attention away from what should be a national priority - the condition of childhood among so many of our nation's poor children.

I know that urban teachers are under seige and my heart goes out to you. Here's hoping that a little humor now and then helps you endure:

Thank you so much for linking to my blog Candi. I have linked to yours as well and I read you often. Your blog is a great resource for me as I seek to keep informed of what is taking place across the nation.

In solidarity,

Anonymous said...

Tauna: Thanks for stopping by. I do appreciate your post and insights. Stay in touch.

Anonymous said...

Opps,teacher's are organized and "their" own Union. Are you seeing the reformers in closing and selling Public School buildings to subcontracted for profit developers under Pl 107-110 a law under funded ? End the mandates on NCLB and it's not working !

Anonymous said...

Tauna,hello from North Carolina !How are the teacher's doing that are packing pistols in Texas? Saw that on CNN ! Personally,think Texas has some great ideas in for NCLB and reauthorization. One read was multi-evaluators to eliminate bias. What a shame that isn't being implemented in the Rhee reform. The Texas teachers' are their own Union and how is that working ? "Don't mess with Texas !"