Feb 21, 2010

Could It Be Goodbye To Pope Of Hardy Middle School ?

Update: Principal Patrick Pope wrote the following email to me:
Dear Ms. Peterson,
"While I was flattered at the adjective "revered", it was with some confusion that I have read that sources state that I am planning to leave DCPS this summer. It is simply speculation and not true. Please keep up the great work of keeping us all on our toes. But if you want to check out my status as a DCPS employee, don't hesitate to contact me."
Patrick Pope
Hardy Middle School
My inside sources tell me that Patrick Pope, Principal of Hardy middle school located at 1819 35th Street NW in Georgetown DC will be calling it quits this school year. If this turns out to be true, little wonder after Rhee dissed Pope when she announced on December 4 to Hardy parents that he (Pope) would end his 11 year career at Hardy and would be replaced by Dana Nerenberg, principal of Hyde-Addison elementary school in NW. Nerenberg with only 4 years experience will run both Hyde-Addison and Hardy middle schools next school year. Rhee revealed that Pope will lead a new state of the arts middle school scheduled to open next year in a centralized location. Well I guess Pope's planned departure, if true may be a sign that he is not happy about his re-assignment.
Certainly I am sure this announcement will not make either Hardy parents or students happy especially after the student body wrote more than 150 letters to Mayor Fenty as part of an English class assignment to protest Pope being replaced. Subsequently, Hardy students went to the DC City Council when their letters went unanswered by the Mayor in an act of civil disobedience and support of their desire to have their principal (Patrick Pope) remain at Hardy. Could it be that another revered DC principal will soon bite the dust ? What a way to end a career.
Posted by The Washington Teacher featuring Candi Peterson, blogger in residence, picture courtesy of The Georgetown Metropolitan blog .


Classic said...

When will this madness end!!!!

Anonymous said...

please say it isn't so...

Kings said...

Did your inside source say what Pope would be doing when he leaves?

How about we hear from Pope?

It's a big loss, but I'm glad to hear he's not sticking around to warm a desk down at admin.

Anonymous said...

Don't mean to change the conversation, so after this post, let's go back to Pope at Hardy......

But, according to washington post today, race to the top dollars will be awarded to states next week. Could this be our contract money that Chancellor and Parker are talking about? According to Rhee on radio Friday, the contract will be rolled out in two weeks.
If this is our money, notice that article only speaks of money going forward and not of money for retro!

Okay, just needed to get that out. Now, let's get back to Pope at Hardy.

Anonymous said...

10 years or so ago, quite a number of principals left PGCPS due to the incompetent Sup. Iris Metts.
They went to the Archdiocese, Montgomery County, even North Carolina.
One ended up as Superintendent in Anne Arundal and a deputy Sup in one of the Carolinas.
If Pope is good, and wants to, he can get hired by Montgomery.
DC's lost, their gain.
Good luck Pope.

Anonymous said...

Today a small piece on news 8 at 1pm on Rhee about some teacher made a teen pregnant but that the man was cleared.

Anonymous said...

When will DCPS and the City Council terminate Michelle Rhee's contract? She is so out of control that people have allowed her to say anything at anytime about anyone. I believe the residents of the District of Columbia are afraid of this woman and also Adrian Fenty. I do not hear of any this nonsense taking place in other areas of the country, and this is a crying shame that you all are allowing her and Fenty to act like this. This is a sign that people do not have a backbone, and you will always tolerate this evil nonsense. No respect for humankind whatsoever!

Anonymous said...

Lots of people will be rolling out after this year. The talk is all over and resumes are going out like hotcakes. Believe me, there will be very few people left after this year to do anything (good or bad).

Anonymous said...

I just finished reading today's 2/23/10 Washington Post, and there was an article once again about Michelle Rhee explaining her reasons for firing teachers with reference to abuse, sexual situations with students, and I must say, she is either lying or saying these things to cover herself. I have a question; were the parents, media, and law enforcement ever contacted about these issues when they occurred? Normally that would be the case. In her mind, she is making all of this up, and once again, DCPS and the City Council are allowing this to happen. What does the mayor of DC have to say about this? Oh, he has not heard anything about this or has yet to be briefed on it. This is so sad, people.

I_educ8 said...

To Anonymous @ Feb. 22, 6:37 p.m.,

Just because a tentative contract will be rolled out does not mean it will be ratified. Perhaps this was part of the plan: to delay the contract so long that we would sign anything.

Sorry, rhee, that tactic won't work. We will be going through every line with a fine-tooth comb and won't be bamboozled by the prospect of a couple of dollars thrown our way. We are well aware that pay increases can be negated by certain concessions.