May 16, 2010

WTU's George Parker Fails To Submit Petition For Re-Election Bid For Union President

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According to a press release sent to The Washington Teacher today, the author states: "For the first time in the history of the Washington Teachers Union (WTU), a sitting union president has failed to submit petitions to run for office in accordance with the requirement of the WTU Constitution and By-Laws rendering him ineligible to run for office." On May 10, 2010, during a special meeting at the headquarters of the American Federation of Teachers, George Parker, current President of the Washington Teachers’ Union (WTU), announced to Randi Weingarten, President of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), Nathan Saunders, presidential candidate for WTU 2010 election, Candi Peterson, general vice presidential candidate for WTU 2010 election and others that he failed to submit nominating petitions for the upcoming General Election of WTU officers. The press release cites the WTU Constitution and By-Laws (Article 7, paragraph 2.C) which states “Official nominating petitions shall be made available to the membership at the March meeting or at the WTU office. Petitions must be returned to the office of the Washington Teachers’ Union on or before the close of the last regular working day of the Union in April. Verification of the receipt of each nominating position shall be in writing.”
WTU rank and file members believe that AFT's national president Randi Weingarten will resort to illegal means to keep George Parker in power at any cost even if it means over ruling a WTU constitutional requirement that states that petitions for the election of union officers be submitted on the last working day in April. Even though Randi Weingarten stated in our May 10 meeting that she only wants to 'get in and out' in order to assist with the WTU elections committee process, let's watch what Randi does in the days ahead. I believe Randi will do whatever it takes to undermine the ability of the other presidential candidates likelihood of success, particularly Nathan Saunders because she fears opposition from him on the WTU Tentative Agreement. With WTU George 'sell out' Parker at the helm, there is a greater probability that the WTU T.A. will be ratified. Stay tuned as this drama unfolds.- Candi Peterson, Blogger in residence
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Lindsey said...

We have got to be able to sue the American Federation of Teachers if they try to get away with this scam.

How dare them! How dare Ms. Weingarten, who rides in after negotiating a debacle in New York City, to help Parker carry his water at the WTU.

If GP is allowed on the ballot, then what good are the rules? How is it that he is the only one who couldn't get his petitions in on time? Or is it that he couldn't get enough people to sign his candidate's petition or be on his slate after the mess he has created at the WTU.

Let' just stop this craziness.

GP, if you have an ounce of dignity left, why don't you recall yourself - before you sacrifice the rest of us at the slaughterhouse.

I am ashamed of you and Ms. Weingarten.

Peter said...

Who is running the DAMN WTU?

Randi, George or Abbot and Costello?

I guess it really doesn't matter- they're all just about one in the same anyway.

Anonymous said...

First of all, I am shocked by this news. However, I do not trust Parker, Rhee, Fenty, nor Randi W. These people are the sell-outs for DCPS teachers. They will somehow try to undermine the elections. The election should go on as planned. Lastly, maybe "Chicken" George Parker gets the message, some DCPS teachers don't trust him.

Bambozzled said...

I am in a total state of confusion. When are we supposed to vote for the TA and President? Before or after the school year is over? In my opinion the "wheels" have been already set in motion and the teachers are just going through the "motions" of voting. There is too much money, outside interests and other stuff at stake if the contract is not ratified, in my observation of MR, GP, RW and the crew. What's in it for them?

In my opinion this is all BS. GP sold us out and we are in a hot mess. I never trusted him and never voted for him previously. Who are we to trust?

Anonymous said...

This situation is getting out of hand. Everything is so political.
What will be DCPS teachers next move? It's time for someone to lead the DCPS teachers and parents to do what is necessary to stop all this madness. What are the people waiting on? MOVE ON IT! I know it's something that can be done if the people come together and stand for what is right.

Dee Does DC said...

Candi, did you notice the dig at the blogging community in GP's robo-call this evening? (How could you not?) As if we have nothing of importance to say or are on here giving out incorrect information! Hogwash!!

Anonymous said...


Who/what organization issued the press release you received that described these events?

I think I saw the meat of this in a Turque blog post on Friday.

EFavorite said...

George Parker is desperately trying to tell teachers that he does not want to be WTU president.

Please heed his call.

When people do things like this, they are screaming for help, saying, "Please, please, don't make me do this. I can't take it anymore. this is torture. Let me out."

So let's let him out. He's begging for it. I don't blame him.

I_educ8 said...


I disagree with the assertion that a the election of Parker bodes well for contract ratification. They are two separate processes, and one should have no influence over the other. Personally, I am so over Parker that I cannot wait to vote him out of office. That he negotiated an agreement with an Article such as 40.2 was really the last straw, as far as I'm concerned.

Do we need to file some kind of emergency legal action against the WTU and AFT to keep Parker's name OFF ballot? After all, he violated the rules and in case he did not know, they apply to him, too!

Come on, Executive Board, let's do something--IMMEDIATELY!

Sheila H. Gill said...

George Parker fails twice:

1) WTU T.A. - Read Sectin 40.2 and Vote "NO."

No one (Congress, DC City Council or any organizaion) is obligated to fund the WTU contract!!!

2) To Submit his petition for re-election 2010.

George is DONE!!!

Why trust George or Rhee with a WTU Tentative Agreement that is worthless?

Rhee is the only person guaranteed a job position in the WTU T.A.

Change has come. Vote for a new WTU President and demand to negotiate another WTU T.A. that is worth ratifying.

Enough is Enough!!

Again, VOTE "NO" to the WTU T.A. and VOTE for a "NEW WTU President".

The Washington Teacher said...

Once the elections committee is reinstalled, I believe they will have an opportunity to decide if Parker can bend the rules and be allowed on the ballot. I definitely think there will be a legal challenge if Parker is allowed to get on the WTU Ballot after the deadline.

I am glad to hear you have read article 40 in the WTU T.A.

The Washington Teacher said...

I didn't get my robo call once again but I take your word on it. Usually George Parker has something negative to say about us bloggers. The truth always hurts.

The Washington Teacher said...

Anonymous @ 6:34
The author of the press release was Liz Davis and the date of the press release was Sunday, May 16.

Classic said...

I "found" a funny little tidit about a George Parker in the early 1900's he was one of the most successful con men in the United States read about him and tell me if he sounds like a George Parker we know.

This is from wilkepedia.

George Parker (1870 – 1936) was one of the most audacious con men in American history. He made his living selling New York's public landmarks to unwary tourists. His favorite object for sale was the Brooklyn Bridge, which he sold twice a week for years. He convinced his marks that they could make a fortune by controlling access to the roadway. More than once police had to roust naive buyers from the bridge as they tried to erect toll barriers.
Other public landmarks he sold included the original Madison Square Garden, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Grant's Tomb and the Statue of Liberty. George had many different methods for making his sales. When he sold Grant's Tomb, he would often pose as the general's grandson. He even set up a fake "office" to handle his real estate swindles. He produced impressive forged documents to prove that he was the legal owner of whatever property he was selling.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Efavorite lets give George what he wants... a retirement party.

Anonymous said...

Washington Teacher,

If you did not get your robo-call, check your WTU email account. There always is a transcript of the message there (in an attachment).

Anonymous said...

Idea from an interested longtime District resident (not a teacher) who strongly supports strengthened public education in the District:

While efavorite's psychologizing is quite plausible, it could be wrong, too. The guy seems just really disorganized and rattled. But he might find a "buy-out" appealing. Governments and companies do it all the time. In other words, offer him some cash money, thanks from a grateful membership, and a passable "retirement party"--and he just might cease actions to try to run for office. I know teachers will find the money part very distasteful, but think of what, say, $25K - $50K might buy. Problem solved.

lodesterre said...

He is inept, plain and simple. I don't think he gets rattled because you have to have some sense of what you are doing to get rattled - he just has never come across to me as someone who knows what he is doing. I think somewhere along the line someone, maybe that DJ he negotiated a contract for, told him what a great negotiator he is and he believed it. What I have witnessed in the times I have seen him personally in WTU meetings and in private meetings with teachers is a guy who does not have a sense at all of where the fire is. This latest only reinforces my opinion. How George could have let this happen is not the question for me - it's why, after such a SNAFU, - and SNAFU (military for Situation Normal All F**ed Up)is the best way of describing George's modus operandi - he still thinks he deserves to be on the ballot.

EFavorite said...

Anon at 8:11 - are you Parker's agent or what?

A buyout? you mean like the buy-out the Union is trying to get the teachers to vote for?

They say, "Vote 'yes' teachers. and we'll pay your back salary before we fire you, except we'll find that there's a budget deficit, so alas you get no money after all."

Perfect - thank you, anon 8:11, for using the term "buy-out." That's exactly what's going on. Except for the teachers, it's a phony buyout. It's a trick, just like everything else Rhee has done.

Anonymous said...

Person commenting at eight twenty-one on Monday night has an unsurprising curt tone. The suggestion she attacks implies to this teacher-supporting reader that the buy-out pitch was to get George to drop his re-election quest and nothing more. Other routes to this end will run up a legal bill and not be quick and definitive. It was put forward positively. Suggest this teacher adopt a more civil way of communicating to like-minded others--and everyone.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Efavorite. Comments by Anon at 8:11 are about the most lame attempt I've seen by someone who is obviously in Parker's camp. The only buyout Parker will ever get is a mass wave of "bye" by the WTU's membership when he's voted "out" of office!

Anonymous said...

A Message to All DCPS Teachers:
George Parker didn't get his petition in because he thought the rich folks were going to cover his butt with a post "sell out" bonus. DO NOT RATIFY THE CONTRACT UNTIL AFTER THE ELECTION. AFT and Randi are guilty of tampering and interference with a local union election. Court action may be able to burn 'ole George "Hankiehead" Parker and Randi "Gestapo" Weingarten off like the leeches they are. Again, DO NOT RATIFY THE CONTRACT UNTIL AFTER THE ELECTION AND FIGHT FOR THE ELECTION TO MOVE FORWARD

Anonymous said...

To May 21 commenter:

"Gestapo" is a pretty strong word.

When are you going to write your race-based labels in comments, too?