Oct 3, 2010

Let The WTU Races Begin !

We Want Your Vote !
Even though the May 2010 WTU officers election was hindered by the current 'Hold Over' union president, George Parker due to his failure to turn over the necessary documents to the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), Washington Teachers' Union members will finally be able to elect a new union president and a slate of officers.

According to AFT , ballots will be mailed to members mid-October and must be returned by no later than October 24, 2010 to be counted on October 27.
AFT notified the Saunders slate this weekend that we have satisfied the requirements of the WTU Constitution and have been certified as official candidates in the upcoming union election. For information on our campaign, please visit:

We Can Do Better !
Nathan A. Saunders
Current WTU General Vice President
Candidate for WTU President

Candi L. Peterson
Candidate for WTU General Vice President


Anonymous said...

Good luck to you, both! I'm a NYC Teacher, but I am casting my vote through cyberspace for Saunders & Candi. I know that both your leadership will bring the change of true social justice and genuine reforms that the DCPS system needs so educators can finally go back to teaching because the children deserve great union leaders.

Lead Strong, Speak Loud, and Teach Progress!

DJ said...


Marvin wannabe teacher said...

I d vot for u if I culd

Anonymous said...

Yyyyyeeeeaaaa!! All the way!!!

Brian said...

This is awesome! Here's to better days for WTU. And to your victory.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Lord for putting 2 people that we can trust to stand and deliver Lord place your hedge of protection around them .And we claim the Victory in your name. Amen

Lindsey said...


Congratulations!!! You guys are the only slate with a website.....At least you are asking for my vote and acting like you want it!

I appreciate the hard work that you have done...not just for this campaign but for the years before with the red and green tiers

Saunders has always been outspoken when it came to the rights of teachers. I'm counting on this dynamic duo to help set things straight for teachers, students and parents of DCPS.

I'm on board to help out...I believe teachers are on board to help out. We just need capable leadership who want to mobilize
teachers and students.

Thanks again for your willingness to serve....It won't be easy!

Carol P. said...


I saw the article done on Nathan in the labornotes magazine. Seems like the writer hit the nail on the head about Parker and WTU.

I wanted to share it with my friends but can't find it on-line. Do you have an electronic version of it or can you tell me where to go to see it on-line.

Thanks and good luck. I'm behind you guys all the way!

Linda/RetiredTeacher said...

I am from California and I am with you, too. You can help bring real reform to DC, starting with basic respect for the people who deliver education to the children. This is still America, where people don't like being pushed around. If there's any "sweeping" to be done, our citizens will sweep the trash out of town.

We are finally beginning to see the end of educational autocracy and you, Candi, have helped to bring it about. Thank you, and best of luck to you and Nathan.

Sheila H. Gill said...

DCPS Colleagues: It is a new day and a new beginning. I'm confident that Nathan Saunders & Candi Peterson are the best leaders for WTU. It is up to each one of us to support Nathan & Candi who believe in Justice and Equality for all teachers as well as communicating effectively with all stakeholders. Don't be fooled by George Parker. George acted solely on his own and was one of Rhee and Kaya Henderson's greatest fans to enforce teachers' terminations without due process. Let the WTU Races begin!! Vote for Saunders & Peterson who are transparent, a voice for teachers' professionalism and due diligence. We can do better! We will do better with Nathan Saunders and Candi Peterson's leadership of the WTU. Kudos to Nathan and Candi!!! Enough is Enough!! Rhee, Fenty and Parker MUST GO!!

Anonymous said...

This may seem a bit off subject, but what about the email from the WTU President about the highly effective bonus money?

First he says, its in the contract but not until 2011;

Then he says don't sign up for it yet because he doesn't agree with it because he agreed to it for next year but not for this year...

Well I say, if you didn't agree to it for this year but agreed to it for next year---what's the difference? If it is not good for us this year, why will it be good enough for next year.

This is the problem with approving a contract before you see all of the language............Parker can't be trusted with a bag of fleas! I am so through!

Where is my da_ _ ballot?

Anxious But Hopeful said...

To Linda/Ret. Teacher -- if you say, quite literally, that teachers "deliver education" to the kids, are they willing to be responsible for it, accountable for it, and ready to be evaluated for how well they actually deliver education?

You don't live in DC although you seem to be an attentive, experienced observer and you know the profession.

The problems we have in DCPS and the so-called "union" include some hesitance by educators to take on responsibility and accountability in the way you voice it.

It will be interesting to see how Candi and Nathan condition their supporters to accept responsibility and accountability and, if so inclined, to work constructively with management to strengthen teacher evaluation.

Many, but not all stakeholders, have their fingers crossed that the principles of taking responsibility for classroom education, being accountable, and accepting evaluation by management are embedded in whatever "new day" is dawning for DC public education.

They also fear a rollback to the way it was, which is proven to be bad for the students, and also for the professional educators who are committed to teaching.

Agnes said...

I wish you both success. I can't wait to celebrate your candidacy. Thanks for being in my corner.

Anonymous said...

Great NY Times article

Is Rhees Revolution Over?


getting rid of a no good man said...

Go Candi Go Candi, It your Birthday, its your ... Oops got carried away. I am happy for you and Nathan. It is about time for us to get rid of that pathetic George Parker. He is not sincere about teachers. I have been ready to get this over so long ago. AFT is watching the ballots so have 2 people watching AFT. I am old school WTU and remember the old days with AFT. I am voting for you and Nathan.

I want to see theWashingtonteacher.blogspot.com continue. It is very important and has served as a relief valve for me and others. Girl, it has been tough times in the DCPS camp. It was the first and only (fearless) tool we (teachers) had access to. It has been a blessing. Keep telling us what to do about this election balloting. Adrian Fenty out; Michelle Rhee getting ready to get out; Now Sorry George Parker must go.

Anonymous said...

Please fight for teacher respect. Last year, at Coolidge, a coach gave a student the keys to his car and this student sped through the parking lot, hitting FIVE parked cars belonging to teachers. Nothing happened to the student, he still ran track, the coach wasn't disciplined and those teachers had to come out of pocket for damages.
This year another student stole 2 teachers cars and nothing happened and today he stole one of the first 2 cars AGAIN.
Are things like this happening at other schools?

The Washington Teacher said...

Thanks for all the well wishes.

EFavorite said...

To anxious but hopeful - when the Rhee administration ends, I suggest you enter some type of speech therapy to re-learn how to talk like an ordinary human being.

I'm afraid too much time in central office has warped your speech patterns.