Nov 18, 2010

WTU Ballots Are In- We Need Your Vote!

Winning Round 1 of the WTU election was only the first step on this journey to build a participative democratic union that fights for the job security of our members, holds regular union meetings and legally challenges unfair IMPACT evaluations and wrongful terminations. The Saunders slate won the endorsement of former candidates - Liz Davis, Emily Washington, Chris and Ben Bergfalk.

Today we need to take another step together. The WTU run-off election decides who will be our union's leaders for the next three years.

That’s why we need you to vote and mail your ballot today.We have greatly appreciated your support over the years, but once again, we need your vote. Mark an X for the Saunders slate and place your ballot in the secret ballot envelope and mail it today. If you don't receive a ballot, call AAA @ 1-800-273-0726 to request a duplicate ballot.


Nathan Saunders


Candi Peterson


Anonymous said...

I am please to say that the number of teachers voting this time around is up and are looking forward to "NO MORE GEORGE".

This includes a number of new TFA and Fellows.

Also, got a call last night about GP and Henderson's planned meeting at Logan Friday. I see dogs are still sleeping together.

Anonymous said...

why would younger teachers vote for a firebrand, eh?

Im just saying said...

9:01 anonymous They might vote for a firebrand because they just might want someone help them to save their jobs. Rhee admitted to firing 1,000 teachers and this included newbies as well. IMPACTs gonna take out more teachers this year. I remember this young, sweet DC teaching fellow teacher who lost her job at my school crying her eyes out because she was not able to complete her fellows training program after she lost her job. She also said she wouldn't be able to pay the rent on her apartment because her parents weren't in a position to help her. Whats funny is this newbie said earlier last year that she didnt see the need for a union. Hindsight is always 20/20.

Sheila H. Gill said...

The Final Two - Vote for the Saunders Slate 2010!

WTU MEMBERS: Use your ballot wisely and cast your vote for the Saunders Slate today. Justice, Respect and Due Process are long overdue!! Nathan Saunders and Candi Peterson will see it through!!

George needs to move forward. Clearly, George consistently helped Rhee without a doubt. He needs to be removed from the WTU and set free.

Enough is Enough!! George MUST GO as we all agree.

Lindsey said...

How is it possible that Kaya Henderson can do this? I know that GP is desparate enough to do something like this, but really is this what the tax payers dollar is paying for?

I expect this from Parker, who has pulled every trick out of the book to stay in office, but I'm feeling abused by Kaya Henderson right now. Gray better watch these actions.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 11:01 PM

You must be sleeping with the dogs to think that it OK to vote for Parker and thereby Henderson and Kamras.


Anonymous said...

Gray's goal, thank the lawd, is not to please the union or teachers, but to strengthen education for our youngstas.

This can still work for the union members, but not if they put their interests above all others.

Doesn't this make sense?

P.S. -- I am counting on Candi to keep N from going over the top. Loud and extreme union behavior will only lose support for teachers, who would like to get more respect, no?