Jan 26, 2011

WTU To Host Meeting With Rif'd Teachers!

As promised, Washington Teachers' Union will host a meeting on Wednesday, January 26 from 4:15- 6:30 pm at:

Peoples Congregational Church
4704 13th St NW, Washington, DC 20011

WTU Legal Counsel will be present to answer Rif'd teachers questions about the upcoming court case scheduled before Judge Bartnoff on January 28.


Anonymous said...

Pls tell us more about this lawsuit.

If the union is bringing the legal complaint, can we assume that DCPS, backed by the Mayor and his attorney general, are defending against it? In other words, Mr. Gray is opposing rehiring the teachers or paying them anything. Did I get that right?

Anonymous said...

Thank God. I attended. I am proud of the way things are now being handled. This was the first time we (the wrongfully terminated teachers) had the opportunity to discuss the case with the attorneys and the WTU president simultaneously. This was a good start.

Sheila H. Gill said...

I, also, attended the 266 meeting and was pleased with the outcome. Attorney Darryl Anderson will represent the 266 on February 11, 2011 in DC Superior Court. It is our goal to move the 266 case forward to arbitration and request that the 266 WTU Wrongfully Terminated Educators to be made whole.

It is definitely a long process. However, Nathan and Candi have committed to fight 4 justices for 266 until the end. Ditto, it was a good start!!!

Justice Will Prevail!!!

Candi Peterson said...

Anonymous @ 11:49
I can't tell you what the mayor's position is in regards to this case. I don't think your position is correct as Mayor Gray has expressed concerns about the RIF.

Perhaps one of the RIF'd teachers will weigh in on the lawsuit.

m said...

Well Anonymous
It was the Teachers that help the new Mayor win the Race whats the right thing to do is Right the Wrong it was Rhee/Hendson that made the great Lie about it was a budget short fall again it was a LIE .so it is time for them to do the right thang get them that was RIFED back in the system .The Mayor needs to step up like Kwame Brown did when he sent the letter to Henderson.It would be the right thing for Mayor Gray to do it was him that sat and heard from the RIFED teachers when he was the Chairman until 4am so he what's going on so PLEASE Mayor Gray We calling out for you to Step up and do the right aThing

Betty Williams said...

I think it was the first meeting where we were actually heard, a system was put in place for the procedures that are to come and how we should respond. We will be able to go forward in an intelligent manner instead of a presumably disgruntled group of protestors. We now know that we have a case with some type of timeline as to how long this case will be. We know the task will be arduous but we are willing and determined to be made whole. There was not bantering, badgering, or confusion. We are finally on the right track. If you didn't mean business then you really had no business there because we mean business. Nathan and Candi mean business. They are a relentless team who were deeply involved in the way school personnel (teachers, principals, paraprofessionals, counselors, and staff) have been treated in the most recent past. They were teachers they know good teachers so they are fighting for good teachers - us! So guess what! we are gonna fight for them. I confess. I was a die hard George Parker supporter. My heart was broken when I saw he and Saunders go separate ways, because I voted for the team. But as they separated so did the issues that needed to be weighed. I have said this to him - what I respect about Saunders is that he stayed with us all the way. He attended everything we attended and some. When we werent' being heard he attempted to speak on our behalf and was quieted. He said several times at the meeting that before he could not do or say what he wanted but that has changed so appeared relieved that he was now able to inform us on protocol, how to go about dealing with our situation, provide us with representation we can respect and who respects us, and most of all even though we are not union members "at this time" considers us as such in that we paid our dues and were wrongfully treated while members so it is a fight for the Union vs. DCPS. This makes us stronger, stable, and more unified. However long it takes we are in it to win it. Our next step is arbitration sooner than later...but guess what...at least we now know what our next steps are! Betty Williams

Anonymous said...

The meeting was very productive and I really appreciate the presence of the Union leadership and the attorneys. People are asking - When is the next meeting of the 266 wrongfully terminated teachers.

Kristie M. said...

I was one of the teachers terminated in 2009. Can anyone tell me who to talk to about what's going on?