Apr 13, 2011

WTU Call To Action: Furlough Protest Rally on Friday, April 15



WHAT: WTU Furlough Day Rally

WHEN: April 15, 2011, 10:30 am

WHERE: Washington Post Building, 1150 15th Street, NW, Washington, DC


  • The Washington Post has buried the truth about education reform in DC!
  • The Washington Post endorses IMPACT (test score centered teacher evaluation) at any cost!
  • The Washington Post's ownership of Kaplan Higher Education, the U.S. premiere education profiteers, creates a conflict of interest on education policies.


The Washington Post has consistently discounted the credentials, abilities and performance of hard working DC public school teachers. Kaplan's revenues, which are generated primarily by federal student loans, fuel their Editorial Board. The education stories have been uniquely biased against traditional public education creating a worse situation. Their national agenda has been about profit, not the people of Washington, DC or their children.

CALL TO ACTION: The WTU is asking for all those who care about public education in the District to:

  • Join forces to let the Washington Post know that we will not stand by while they continue with unfair and biased reporting.
  • Boycott the Washington Post newspaper until they stop lying!
  • Support community newspapers that report fairly and care about teachers, students and real education reform in the District.

Click here to view the detailed flyer.





Anonymous said...

I will be there with my new union t-shirt.

Anonymous said...

I didn't make it to this week's union meeting, but I heard there was about 1/3 of the attendees from the previous meeting.

This does not bode well for Friday's rally. I talked to several teachers at my school who had not even heard about it.

Is the WTU just relying on e-mails? Does it have e-mails for all of its members?

I really hope there is a good showing, otherwise it will really hurt us.

Candi Peterson said...

No the WTU isn't just relying on emails. We have phone banks, utilizing board members, volunteers and been delivering flyers to schools as well as our WTU Rep. Assembly meeting. We have also received a great deal of support from other unions and community organizations.

We had more than a quorum at our WTU Rep assembly and it went to 7 pm. Sorry you didn't make it.

Rather than looking at the glass as half full- why not spread the word and I welcome you to come down to the WTU office this evening at 6:30 pm to help out our committee. The address is 1825 K Street NW
Suite 1050, phone:202-293-8600

Anonymous said...

Candi, any updates about the case of the probationary teachers?

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but again nothing at my high school, no one seemed to know anything about it. We did use to get more information last year, so not are sure what is happening now but nothing is ever put it in our boxes or posted in the break room.

lodesterre said...

Candi, I hope all goes well today. I had made travel plans long before this and am now out of town. I wish I had known with enough time to change my plans. Be that as it may, please know I am with all of you in spirit. Take it to them and speak truth to power!

Candi Peterson said...

Anonymous @ 10:40

If you send me your email address c/o my email @ thewashingtonteacher@gmail.com I will make sure you get added to our WTU data base. That way you will receive information directly from WTU. We sent the flyers out electronically to members in our data base.I also sent out information to many people personally from my own email account.

Ask your colleagues to call into our office 202-293-8600 and leave their updated email and phone numbers as well so that they can receive robo calls from the WTU as well.

Anonymous said...

Hmm. Shouldn't WTU be protesting the furloughs and not the WPO? We are losing 5 days of pay and the WTU is choosing to draw attention to the old news of the Kaplan/WPO connection. What?

Candi Peterson said...

Moderated Reply To Anonymous at 2:38

Have you heard of a strategic campaign and building momentum? We discussed this in our WTU meetings that other protests and actions are on the horizon building up to June. We are just getting started and hope you will be supportive of all upcoming events.

__________________________________________________ A post from Anonymous @ 2:38 PM
Hmm. Shouldn't WTU be protesting the furloughs and not the WPO? We are losing 5 days of pay and the WTU is choosing to draw attention to the old news of the Kaplan/WPO connection. What?
By Anonymous on WTU Call To Action: Furlough Protest Rally on Frid...

Candi Peterson said...

Thanks Lodesterre for your support!

Candi Peterson said...

Reply to anonymous @ 3:41

In response to your question, I don't know what group you are specifically referencing. We have several groups of probationary teachers. The 2008 probationary teachers arbitration ruling is being appealed. If you have specific questions, email helpdesk@wtulocal6.net Thanks,


Anonymous said...

How many Local Six members attended the Friday rally?
What news coverage was generated?
Just asking.

Candi Peterson said...

Approximately a little over 300 people attended yesterday's rally. There were a number of reporters there including Dorothy Brizill, Pete Tucker, the Post, Bill Turque, Examiner and some news and radio stations.

Anonymous said...

Great rally Candi. Keep up the good job.