Feb 1, 2012

Help Us Expose DC's Equation for Displacement of Our Students

Won't you please join me along with members of Empower DC, parents, teachers and community as we fight the displacement of our students and the privatization of our public schools. I have featured a guest post by Liane Scott which outlines the plan to expose DC's Equation for Displacement. Hope to see you this Saturday @ 11 am. Details listed below. Spread the word.
Candi Peterson

The Displacement Equation

Guest post By Liane Scott

What do DC’s proposed school closings have to do with the loss of affordable housing in the District of Columbia? Could it have something to do with the fact that many schools are being closed down in neighborhoods that are of interest to for-profit developers? What about the loss of community services like affordable child care? Has the government of the District of Columbia come to the conclusion that running the city is a lot cheaper if they have fewer children to educate, especially if those children have parents who are not so well off?

Come to Empower DC’s Info and Action Summit this Saturday, and explore these questions further. We believe that…


Help Us Expose DC’s Equation for Displacement

Saturday, February 4th, 2012
11:00 AM – 1:30 PM

@ Empower DC – 1419 V Street, NW

U Street Metro (Green Line) street parking available.
Lunch Provided & Childcare Available

This Saturday, Empower DC will make plans to MAKE OUR DEMANDS KNOWN at Mayor Gray’s ONE City Citizen’s Summit, the following Saturday, February 11th at the Washington Convention Center. The city may not be investing in certain communities because they have plans for those neighborhoods that don’t include the current residents. Let’s let them know that we know what’s up and that we’re not going to stand for it. Please contact Daniel at (202) 234-1991 ext. 104 or Daniel@empowerdc.org to RSVP and request childcare.


five to go said...

Candi, what is going on in this city? I applaud you for bringing this information to the citizens of this city. Our city council/school board are out to get rid of as many minorities and poor children/families as they can. Guess what, they can not get rid of me and my family. I support your efforts and hard work on behalf of teachers/students/families, and stakeholders. Keep up the good fight!

Anonymous said...

Great event at Empower DC. That conference room was packed. Thanks for keeping me posted.

Michele said...

Candi it was good to see you at Empower DC's meeting on Saturday. Keep fighting. What I like about you is you never let anyone steal your joy. Thanks for being our warrior