May 24, 2012

It's Principal Firing Season in DC Public Schools!

Written By Candi Peterson

Recently letters were sent out to DC Public Schools principals notifying them whether their yearly contract as a principal will be renewed or not for another go round. As was the case with Michelle Rhee, DC Chancellor Kaya Henderson and her minions are following suit. Henderson is no different in many ways than her predecessor, Michelle Rhee. Of course as Rhee's former deputy, one wouldn't expect the apple to fall far from the tree.

Typically, DC Principals aren't told why their contracts are not being renewed, they are just given their walking papers. Of course we could a venture an all time guess. Firing is what this administration does well and of course "covering up cheating" on standardized tests. But I'll save the cheating dialogue for another day or at least until we get closer to the results of the investigation into the DCPS Erasure Gate scandal.

I'm really interested in hearing about the status of DC's principals. No matter whether your local school principal is getting the boot or not, drop me an email @ or so we can keep a tally of how many of our DC principals will be departing this year.   

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Anonymous said...

It is amazing how quiet administrators are regarding this subject. John Davis paid a visit to one high school and now the principal is in meeting with some neighborhood leaders to save his job. This is the same person who was an agent for John Davis and saw several other principals fired.

What goes around, comes around.

It is reported that the APs are also looking like lost puppies at the same school. One has been particularly vile in dealing with staff members and is probably hoping to become a principal again. Let's hope not.

Teachers get fired for being labelled ineffective by poor administrators and administrators get shuffled from one school to another. They go from AP to principal and when they screw up; it is principal back to AP.

Anonymous said...

It is sad and the constant movement leads to poor morale and the overriding thought that those in charge do NOT know what they are doing. What this system needs is stability and leadership that is really trusted. Being trusted doesn't mean that you like every thing that they do. But it does mean that they really have the best interest of students and staff at heart and they are not trying to please corporations and foundations.

Candi Peterson said...

I couldn't have said it better Anonymous May 30 @ 4:07 am

Anonymous said...

What happens when the principal of a high performing school that is not west of the park is let go? It tells me that this administration believes that Poor Black CHILDREN CAN NOT DO WELL ON A TEST UNLESS THE TEACHERS AND ADMINISTRATORS CHEAT!

Anonymous said...

Bill Turque is following up on your story lead. He didn't give The Washington Teacher blog credit and it looks like you had the story on principal firings last week.

Sorry Washington Post!

Anonymous said...

If Rhee had been held accountable for her wrongful firings, Kaya would not be so out of control, although we all know she was behind Rhee's nonsense too. I think Kaya should spend less time at lunch, dinner and appearing drunk in public. If she spent more time working and learning she could be a better leader. Aside from being black and overweight, she is no different than her girl Rhee.

DCNeverSleeps said...

So when does it become public? When will we know which principals are staying? Which ones are leaving? And which principals were fired?
I am so interested because the press always has great coverage on how teachers are fired yet little news on principals being fired.
And DCPS does not admit to bad principals being fired.
So when will we know?

Candi Peterson said...

Who knows when DCPS will release the non reappointments of principals through their spokesperson. Covering up the truth is what they do best. Your guess is as good as mine. My inside sources say the 18 principal departures is way higher than quoted by Lisa Gartner of DC Examiner. By the way, all principal departures are not bad principals for the record.

Anonymous said...

Question any information on Wanda Young she was the principal of a charter called Sela it's a Hebrew immersion school. Now she is not what happened?