Jul 2, 2013

Washington Teachers' Union President Nathan Saunders Loses Run Off Election to Davis

Davis Slate wins WTU 2013 Run Off Election 
By Candi Peterson

Washington Teachers Union President, Nathan A. Saunders loses to Elizabeth Davis (known as Liz) in the July 1, 2013 WTU Run Off Election. With Saunders defeat by a margin of 459 to 380, Saunders was forced from his union post. Saunders narrowly defeated Davis in a first round balloting of the WTU election last month, but failed to win a 51% majority which led to a run off election between the two top candidates.

 In addition, Candi Peterson, WTU General Vice Preisdent who was summarily dismissed by Saunders in 2011 before her term expired paired up with the Davis slate, in a bid for election to her former post. Peterson defeated her opposition, Keith Spinner by a margin of 470 to 360 in the WTU Run Off.

According to the WTU Constitution and by-Laws, the winners are due to take office on July 1st. More details will be forthcoming.


Anonymous said...

God is awsome! He removed the crook! Now, its time to clear the Rif'd teacher's name!

Anonymous said...


I corrected the typos.


"Congradulations, Liz and Candi! Pay back is a mother. Nathan should have never sat around and let the teachers lose their jobs in masses! Please change the locks! Now, its time to fire incompent Kaya!"

Anonymous said...

Buh Bye, Nathan! Now you can go back to the classroom and deal with IMPACT like the rest of us educators. That is, unless your "cut buddy" Kaya has a position waiting for you in Central Office. After all, I'm sure you didn't sell out teachers for nothing, right? :)

Let's go, Liz and Candi!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is great news Candi.


Zulma, Bx, NY said...

From a retired math teacher and former UFT chapter leader,


It took 3 years, but you persevered and you prevailed.

Finally, the members will have a union leader that defends, protects and FIGHTS for them and the children of DC.

Good Luck to you and Liz.

Anonymous said...

Praise God! Liz and Candi please continue to stand up for children first and fairness to teachers! Dont change!!!
We are counting on you!

Linda/RetiredTeacher said...

Congratulations! I know you will fight for justice for children and teachers.

My advice: Find out where all the tax money is going and publicize it. Citizens need to know about the waste in bloated and incompetent administration. This money, almost as much as for each child at Sidwell Friends, should be going to the classroom.

Anonymous said...

It is evident DCPS educators are tired of inviting the wolf to the hen house, especially at the WTU dinner dances. Accountability is imperative, Kaya keeps receiving passes from the Mayor and DC City Council members!! Enough is Enough, DCPS needs a real Superintendent with credentials!!! Congratulations Liz and Candi!!!

Anonymous said...


When is the swearing in ceremony?

DCNeverSleeps said...

Congratulations Candi. You have more support than you think. You really represent our interests. Wishing you all the best.

Candi Peterson said...

The swearing in is scheduled July 15.

Thanks for all the support!

Anonymous said...

"Karma's a bitch! What goes around, comes around Candi. Please keep an honest, kind and positive demeanor as much as possible. Congratulations and see you soon at the WTU offices!"

Anonymous said...

congrats candi with an i.

whats the plan to build a coalition to defend our right to high quality public education? we need to unite teachers, parents, students, churches, community groups, unions... we all have a shared interest in this.

-capitol hill parent

Candi Peterson said...

Anonymous @ 620

That's our plan. You hit the nail on the head. ;-D

Anonymous said...

Can u represent the union if you were excessed and not placed.

Candi Peterson said...

Anonymous @312
Yes you can assume the union leadership role if you were excessed. Our members have 60 days to find a position within DCPS and after that they can choose 3 options as long as they are Effective or Higher. In my case, I was elected prior to the 60 day timeline and will be on a leave of absence from DCPS to work for the union.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Liz & Candi, looking forward to strong leadership!