Jun 18, 2009

News Update About DC Teacher Terminations

15 DC Teacher Terminations @ CHEC Now Reported

Read it and weep. This just came in. There are now fifteen (15) confirmed DC teacher terminations at Columbia Heights Education Campus (CHEC) located on 16th Street in D.C. It is reported that 13 of these terminations were probationary teachers, 1 teacher was as a result of a 90-day plan termination, and 1 not yet known. (Posted by The Washington Teacher).


Anonymous said...

Not surprising at all.

What's really interesting is that Tukeva (Principal) has been able to get away with her bullying/intimidating tactics for so long and no one has really taken a close look at the program and wondered why all students (i.e., special education, ELL and so on) are REQUIRED to take AP courses. All students are required to take AP English because it soars a school and a program to the top of national list.

Oh! discipline -- how does Tukeva deal with unruly/disruptive children because she inherited a school full with the merger of Lincoln/Bell. Why did Tukeva move her offices from the Lincoln side back over to Bell after she found that she couldn't escape the discipline issues and had no real solutions. Why don't they take a look at the daycare. Filled to capacity, can't take anymore children. Too many babies at Lincoln/Bell having babies (way 2 many). Oh! and the girls more than likely are getting pregnant right in the same building where they should be learning. Some people (administrators and teachers) think the gangs are cute but they are real amongst the children and there's nothing done to discourage activity. Let's not even talk about how many children show up high to school, spending their days eating candy and running the halls. How does she meet AYP, the eraser becomes her friend. She really shouldn't be an administrator. She's corrupt and she's Rhee's tennis partner.

How does she get money for running both Rosario's Charter school and the Lincoln/Bell school? When the neighborhood is a true mix and the school should represent that --- how is she able to move out the black children to other wards when it's their neighborhood school? Take a look at the suspension rate for the black children vs. the hispanic children. She creates a very divisive environment for the students and teachers and you've got to decide early whether or not you're gonna play her game. If you don't decide to play, your out. Even if your the best teacher. She doesn't care about good teachers and she really doesn't care about educating black children.

Anonymous said...

OMG, above, you said it all. It's about time someone blows the whistle on this principal. As my students say, I been knew this (I've known this for a long time) about Tukeva, but this is REALLY.OUT.OF.CONTROL, OVER.THE.TOP.