Jun 21, 2009

This One's For You Dad ! Here's To Clif !

My Dad inspired in me an appreciation for higher education as well as an appreciation for the best life has to offer. He has always had a profound influence and impact on my life. My Dad named me Candi with an i. Thank God for him, otherwise you would be calling me Markie. What was my Mom thinking, love her anyway.

Dad is the coolest guy ever. He has emerald green eyes to die for. He is and has been one of my best teachers (second only to Mom). One of the greatest gifts he gave me were his words to live by: never let others define you. Because of his influence, I am living my life with a sense of purpose and committment to help others and making the most out of my life. This one's for Clif ! Believe that I love you Dad- Always

I would be remiss if I failed to mention the man and young man in my life- Keith and Blair. I love you too and Happy Father's day !


(AKA The Washington Teacher)

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Keith said...

Thanks for the acknowledgement, true, your Dad is super (Uber in German) cool!
Always, Keith