Jul 28, 2009

OSSE Says NO AYP Scores For You- DCPS !

Here is an update as posted from the DC Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) website. Sorry but you will have to wait. No AYP Scores for DCPS until August 5 ! Until then, I guess we will have to rely on our anonymous source who has been posting DC public schools scores here on The Washington Teacher. See the comment section under the July 22 post titled: Rhee's Model School Shaw TKO'd By Non-Contender Sousa : Is It True ?

JULY 28 UPDATE: OSSE will be releasing final & public data from the 2009 DC CAS on Wednesday August 5. Originally, preliminary data without AYP determinations was to be released today and final data on August 12. Over the next 8 days, OSSE will be reviewing appeals and petitions from schools and LEAs. Please check back on August 5 to view all final achievement data by school and AYP determinations for 2009.

OSSE website: http://nclb.osse.dc.gov/index.asp

Posted by The Washington Teacher


Anonymous said...



This new flash was given on Channel 7 this morning as the reporters gushed over the success of Rhee. Of course they failed to mention that the poll was conducted by the “Kool Aid” drinkers at DC for School Reform and others that have long advocated the destruction of public schools. On the web, many sites picked up this story as an accurate view of how DC residents feel about Rhee and Fenty.

If this 62% had a chance to review the AYP for most schools, perhaps the “Reformers for Rhee” would have held their poll next year.

Also, the scores at some of the schools appear to be a little suspect. I hope they reflect the truth but you can never tell these days.

Kings said...

that's the group with the secret petition supporting rhee - they claim 600 singers, but none of them are listed - you just have to believe.

Also, their PR guy does campaign work for conservative Republican candidates.

Interesting that she releases this poll, but not the one her office did with teachers, students and parents. (as noted in the GAO report)

Anonymous said...

WOW! I'm actually supportive of some of Rhee's stuff (more so then most on here at least), but this smells a LOT like some data is being manipulated.

I suspect that there is some behind the scenes rebubbling going on at 825.

Plato said...

It's not the test scores that are the problem, it's the relentless focus on scores that is preventing us from offering a high quality educational opportunity to all students. So stop with all this obsession on the test scores. They are not a measure of the chancellor's success or failure. They are a distraction from the work we need to do.

The Washington Teacher said...

Does anyone know if there is a website that we can see this new poll with specifics ? I am interested in getting more information about it.

Kings you make a good point about the previous poll. I would loved to see all the data compiled as a result of that poll. I know that when the WTU had a poll, it was quite expensive. Members were given the results of the survey in the form of a booklet that outlined all the details with graphs/charts. What's the point of commisioning a poll if you really don't want to share the results and learn from your mistakes.

I also was concerned that all DCPS surveys were not all returned by some principals. It seems this should have been handled by an independent source other than DC administrators. Some say it was a conflict of interest.

Anonymous said...

There is a page on Facebook called "Anybody But Fenty." In this situation if Fenty isn't in office, she'll be gone. Conversely, he has staked his entire career on her and if she goes, then his career is even more dead in the water.

The Benevolent Dictator's fan club did get out too soon. Channel 7's gushing over her could not have been based on data.

Taxpayers have the right to accurate data. As for any surveys put out by her regime, they can be cooked exactly as the data has been.

Anonymous said...

Would our anonymous informant post the scores for Maury, please?

Anonymous said...

and for Janney...test scores,please!

Anonymous said...

The anyone but fenty group has 10 members... not exactly a large movement. Ignoring Rhee, from a residents perspective, city services have become much, much easier to deal with. IE, calling 311 gets the illegal ally dumping cleared and a vacant house fined before rats and more trash move in. Unfortunately, from many people I talk to, the WTU appears to be incompetent at best, malicious at worst, and not giving $.02 about the students. The latest appearance of inaction regarding the contract hasn't exactly helped either.