Nov 2, 2009

Beginning Of The End For DC's RIF'd Teachers And Staff

November 2 is the beginning of the end for DC's RIF'd teachers and staff. Effective today, they are no longer on the DCPS payroll. Unfortunately, the court date to contest these terminations is not scheduled until Thursday, November 5. 

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Sharon B. said...

Tis true; however, the judge could still order them back. Therefore, it is not a done deal. Ms. Rhee has not won!!1

Anonymous said...

As of today I am unemployed. I watched the hearing again last night and I just got angry. The blatant disregard to people and their livelihood by Rhee and her supporters continues to piss me off. If there had been a REAL budget crisis then they I would just have to live with the fact that my principal no longer wanted me in her building. But for this to be something that was created in a conference room has to be criminal, at the very least she has no morals, no conscience. She better hope that her children never have a boss like her. To go to school, to have the degrees, to be highly qualified and to be told you are not relevant is a hard pill to swallow.

Anonymous said...

Interesting little story at the hearing on Thursday. I got into a conversation with one of the "green shirts", those were the Rhee supporters. I told her my qualifications and that I was not a "bad teacher" as I have been protrayed in the press and she told me that if I was a good teacher I would get my job back that it would all work out for me .. Is she living in LA LA LAND or what? By the way she does not have any children in DCPS and she lives in the ward where I taught and when I asked her if she ever volunteered at her neighborhood school since she is so concerned she said no. She never did just reads the paper and believes what she reads.

Anonymous said...

Some of the people who attended on Misrhee's behalf were paid!!

Check this out from the Examiner:

put kids first
Oct 30, 2009
I am a parent with children in DCPS. I was offered money to attend the DC City Council hearing in support of Ms.Rhee. I attended for this reason only. I do not support Ms.Rhee but I did wear a lime green shirt saying put kids first.

I_educ8 said...

To Anonymous @ 10:51 a.m.,

Having previously lost a job without cause myself and despite having been highly qualified and credentialed, I empathize with your feelings. I do know, however, it's always darkest before dawn. Please don't throw in the towel. There is something brighter on the other side (whether it be back in DCPS or with an even greater opportunity, maybe entrepreneurial in nature). For me, there always has been.

To Anonymous @ 11:13 a.m.,

It's called the dumbing down of America. We saw it in last year's presidential campaign with the Palin supporters and even currently with followers of limbaugh, beck, and their ilk. People believe what they want to believe. It doesn't matter whether something has merit or not. Some people have no lives and want to attach themselves to some cause to make themselves feel relevant. That's why it's so important for those of us "in the know" to stay on message and apply pressure to our elected officials. Remember, they work for us. If they don't stand up for us in our jobs, we should return the favor in the next election!

Anonymous said...

Rhee also just hired a new person on her staff as well, Josh Edelman out of Chicago, to serve as Head of The Office of School Innovation. Josh Edelman is the son of Marian Wright Edelman, founder of the Children's Defense Fund. Here's a quote from the article and below it is the link to the article:

"Edelman, an outsider to Chicago, was hired by former district chief Arne Duncan, now the U.S. Secretary of Education. He arrived from Washington, D.C., where he served for four years as the principal of The SEED School, the nation’s oldest and most successful urban boarding school. He’s the son of Marian Wright Edelman, founder of the Children’s Defense Fund. Josh Edelman went to Harvard University."


Anonymous said...

Well I received my comprehensive level document and ranking form. It is amazing how you are demoted from an instructional leadership position (an outstanding leader ), put into the classroom and then receive a ranking that is so ridicules. Let alone the bogus lies noted under needs of the school.

No need of me going back to DCPS. Regardless how hard I work, how prepared I am or how well I execute my lessons I am a marked person (blacklisted, blackballed, scarlet letter, etc). Nothing will be good enough.

I really feel sorry for the principal. This stuff was fabricated. It is amazing how one can easily slander and defame someone. But I believe in the saying "what goes around comes around."

I wish all of these principals luck. Hopefully they will remain on MR's good side.

Good luck to all of you who were rif'd right along with me.

Anonymous at 10:51 a.m. Stop watching that hearing. You need your peace and mind and health to move forward.

Zack said...

To the anonymous on November 2, 2009 at 9:02 pm. I know Josh Edelman very well because my children attended SEED Public Charter School when he was there. SEED PCS was not that great, they are engaged in using public funds and sharing each among each other and lying about raising funds on behalf of SEED PCS. As a parent and non DCPS teacher, I am not sure of what number they are playing with the children of DCPS because Josh Edelman knows DC council Tommy Wells and Jack Evans very well. Is this an old boy network getting each other to get some of the piece of pie in DCPS money?