Jan 10, 2010

No Quorum For You WTU, Again !

Not surprisingly, that a quorum COULD NOT BE established again at Saturday's WTU Executive Board meeting on January 9, 2010.

Here's the names of WTU Executive Board members MIA (missing in action ) :

Joyce Armoo, Secretary
Deborah Hines
Jackie Hines (Board of Trustees)
Andre' Taylor
Lorraine Smith
Rashida Young

Given that the Washington Teachers' Union parliamentarian, Mr. John Tatum has now rendered an opinion that laid off WTU Executive Board members (Agnes Dyson, Willie Brewer, Sheila Gill, Robert Willis) cannot finish out their respective terms to June 2010 despite no written language in our union constitution which speaks to laid off teacher board members .... looks like Chancellor Rhee's layoffs have effective immediately incapacitated our union of course with the help of WTU prez' George Parker.
Despite not being able to conduct official business of the WTU, I would like to give a shout out to all RIF'ed teachers who came out to our WTU Executive Board meeting to get answers from our union attorney Lee Jackson who presented on WTU legal matters.

Posted by The Washington Teacher, featuring Candi Peterson, blogger in residence


laid off teacher said...

I came to the meeting to hear the presentation by our lawyer. The secretary for the board was not there to even take notes. Unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

Even if there is a tentative agreement and even if it gets voted in as a new contract, I still don't see DC teachers voting to reelect George Parker. Despite the fact that he'll say he "delivered" a contract, there are so many other areas of gross mismanagement and horrible union leadership under Parker that I doubt if he's going to be reelected. Any vote for a new contract isn't to be seen as a vote of confidence in Parker. I want both a new contract and Parker replaced.

Anonymous said...

Did Parker discuss anything about the upcoming contract ? I guess not or you would have mentioned it. Right?

Anonymous said...

It is not the role of the parliamentarian to render that kind of decision. The parliamentarian provides recommendations and if it is not in the bylaws or Roberts Rule of Order then there should
be a vote! Most often persons are allowed to complete their term of office under the circumstances. I cannot believe that there has not been a move to sit him down for his failure to follow guidelines and represent the members appropriately.

Anonymous said...

Parker's gotta go !!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

it's all being orchestrated. george parker has paralyzed the union and dug his own grave. let's hope he jumps in it - never to return!

I_educ8 said...

If people don't want to serve in their "elected" positions, they should not have run in the first place. It seems to me that the same people are repeatedly absent from meetings. I hope the membership is taking notes.

Anonymous said...

CONTRACT IN...PARKER OUT! I don't care what he does in the next 4 months...nothing will change my mind to ever VOTE him in again!! No way, no how!

The Wash Teacher said...

No mention of the WTU contract proposal at this meeting that wasn't really a meeting.

You are right members should take note of attendance of elected board members as well as how they vote on issues that impact teachers and school staff. If elected members do not regularly attend meetings, then they can't possibly represent our constituents.

Sheila H. Gill said...

WTU Colleagues I Need Your Support

Please contact George Parker and other Executive Board members in requesting that the elected Rif'd EB members complete their term of office.

Rhee will succeed if there is "No Quorum" for the WTU Executive Board meetings. Everyone needs to be held accountable. You are the Washington Teachers Union and your voice counts.

Again, I need your support TODAY and I personally thank you in advance!!

I teach DC said...

As usual, this does not surprise me. When will the teachers of DCPS wake up and smell the coffee? Once they are issued a pink slip? This is an absolute SHAME!

Anonymous said...

With these events following the AC 360 performance, is it a wonder why Rhee has the only voice. I'm all for unions, but when you have this level of incompetency at the top for years it appears to be doing more harm than good.

Anonymous said...

No quorum- sounds like what Barbara Bullock used to do. She would actually instruct her peeps to leave the auditorium when it was close to quorum time if it looked like we might have a quorum. We now know why she was so interested in any kind of accountability. What is Parker's reason.

Anonymous said...

This whole contract and lack thereof is trifling. What happened to the protests and "sick out" days? Last october it was 266 fired ; how many will it be in the Spring? Lets not get too comfortable and think it cannot happen again. The WTU is full of crap. I don't know who to vote for? The evil or the lesser of the two? I mean how much worse can it get? Impact, incompetence, disrespect, firings, low-moral, depression, hopelessness, and diviseness amongst our teachers. This is disheartening.

scinerd said...

Well I think it is obvious that we need to have a slate of candidates ready for the elections in May at all levels, and then tell our colleagues why they should support new blood. Unions (as well as any group of any size) are only as effective and representative as we make them. Not happy with how things are being done? Then step up to the plate to do something about it. Put up or shut up time folks.

edharris said...

Here's what I posted at Anderson Cooper's site, but has not been posted: As you listen to Mrs. Rhee, remember that she made false claims on her resume. She claimed that during her 2nd and 3rd years of teaching (the only she did), she took her students at Harlem Park ES in Baltimore from the 13th percentile in 2nd grade to 90% of them scoring at the 90th percentile.

There is no evidence for her claim and her success story is not repeated by Teaching For America, the group that had trained her. (Harlem Park was being run by a private company whose contract was revoked by Baltimore City the December after Mrs. Rhee left because there was no sign of improvement.) She also said she received "acclaim" from the Hartford Courant, Good Morning America, the Home Show and the Wall Street Journal.
None of the "acclaim" can be found.


What exactly are Mrs. Rhee's plans for classroom instruction? None, because she doesn't know. She said her "success" came in part from having the students sit in a U shape. She fits the description from the 1980 republican primary of "blue smoke and mirrors."

Mike said...

Reply to Anonymous Jan. 12 @ 10:31

Anonymous, You may not know who to vote for in the next WTU election but I know who NOT to vote for: George Parker. You can bet he will never get my vote again. The teachers at my school are fed up with him too. His time is up.

Anonymous said...

sincerd 1/12/09 11:06 pm

You put up or shut up!. What will your contribution be?

Topic Change

* After reading several blogs as to what is happening in some DCP schools, how many teachers have resigned and/or retired or are considering either.

How will schools continue to operate with fewer teachers? How will this impact DCAS results (some schools will cheat so we know the answer)?

*Budget shortage. How will DCPS continue programs such as STEM, etc? We know jobs will be lost. Who will be effected?

So much to consider. People need to start developing plans. I am sure that MR is just waiting for March to get here, before implementing her next step(s).

Good luck to all!

scinerd said...

Anonymous @ 11:06

I am having my membership status verified so that I can run in WTU elections. You?

In the meantime I am working with others in the community to help organize parents around education issues and working to get Fenty out in the next election. He goes, Rhee goes.

Anonymous said...

From Anonymous to sincerd......

Your put up: Great to hear that you are running for office and working in the community.

My shut up: I will shut up!

Good luck to everyones efforts

Anonymous said...

This forum is alive? If yes, please remove this topic and my account.

Anonymous said...

This forum is alive? If yes, please remove this topic and my account.