Jan 6, 2010

What Has The WTU Done For RIF'ed Teachers Lately ?

I have received emails and calls, too numerous to mention about a recent WTU mailing citing all that the Washington Teachers' union under the helm of George Parker has done for teachers lately. Do tell. While I have not personally received this mailing as I guess my name may have been dropped from the WTU mailing list again, it troubles me to hear that our union members who are in need of support the most..... somehow always get left hanging. Recently I heard from several laid off colleagues who have said in so many words....they are up to here with Parker's public relations campaign of lies, distortions and half-truths. Today Crystal Proctor, laid off DC social studies teacher reported that she initiated an email to Mr. Parker, about her concerns about the WTU's false claims of support to DC's RIF'ed teachers. Sheila Gill, WTU Executive Board member and laid off school counselor is in support of Proctor's email and has written an email to advise other laid off teacher colleagues to write President Parker challenging his false claims of support. Willie Brewer, WTU Executive Board member and now RIF'ed teacher has signed on to Proctor's email as well. After all they say they are disgusted and enough is enough. Here's why this fighting trio for RIF'ed teachers and school staff are demanding answers from the Wash. Teachers' Union. My only hope is that they can get finally get an answer from our union prez' to their legitimate concerns. Here's their email:

January 6, 2010
Dear George,
There was a recent mailing sent out to teacher union members that outlined all that you have done for wrongfully terminated teachers. In this mailing you give an inaccurate impression that you are helping teachers who have been unfairly laid off in November 2009. We are troubled that we have not received a phone call or any correspondence from the Washington Teachers' Union in weeks. In your recent mailing, you indicate that there is a full time WTU staff person assigned to assist laid-off teachers. We would like to be made aware of who the WTU staff person assigned to laid off teachers because we have not been provided this information, to date. Additionally, what will the assigned staff person's responsibilities include?
Secondly, we would like to be apprised of what type of legal assistance will be provided to laid off teachers with their Office of Employee Appeals hearings? At our last meeting with RIFe'd teachers you indicated that the union did not have the money to provide legal assistance. While we know that Johnnie Landon gave legal advice to laid off teachers, it was concerning that he admitted that he is not a member of the DC bar. We can only hope that this meeting with him would not substitute for legal advice. If there are types of legal assistance that the Washington Teachers' Union is willing to provide, then please provide that information to us in a timely manner. To date, a number of teachers who have been laid off have received their responses from DCPS regarding their Office of Employee Appeals and are in the process of preparing for their hearings. We desperately are in need of financial assistance to pay for legal services to handle our Office of Employee Appeals hearings.

Crystal Proctor
Sheila Gill
Willie Brewer

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Linda/RetiredTeacher said...

It is troubling to me that laid-off DC teachers have to beg the union for legal representation. This is what your dues is supposed to be for!

Organize your RID'ed teachers and hire an attorney among yourselves. Call the bar association to ask for suggestions. Call the national union and ask for their advice. Call the Department of Labor and see if they can help. It is the legal duty of the union to represent you!

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Other unions in the local area make sure their members get represented through the entire process. Amazing that Parker is taking the position.Keep fighting for your rights.

Anonymous said...


I am sorry that this is off topic but there wass a rumor going around the last few meetings I had to attend for my position that the new contract is ready to be voted on? Do you know anything about this?

The Wash, Teacher said...

Anonymous @ 7:46 I have not heard that a contract is ready to be voted on. According to a WTU robo call, WTU is meeting with Rhee's team and Schmoke, the mediator. No other details have been provided to my knowledge.

DC parent said...

Some of the school staff have put over 30 years into union dues, why don't they have adequate resources to represent the illegally laid off staff? As a outsider, speaking out, I am amazed at the emperors with no clothes, who call themselves city leaders.

Anonymous said...

The latest union mailing said that there was a "productive" contract meeting between "Rhee's camp" and the union but that does NOT mean a thing! We have heard that for two years now! A productive meeting to George could mean that the donuts showed up on time and the coffee was hot. Don't believe a word George Parker tells you!

usereason said...

Parker also said in the letter that "I am hopeful that the WTU negotiations team and DCPS will reach a tentative agreement in the next 30 days" for members to "review" and "vote on."

Anonymous said...

I am "hopeful" that George Parker is gathering his stuff from his office because May is only 4 months away... na na na nah....hey, hey, heeeeyyyyy...goodbye!

Sheila H. Gill said...

Food for Thought.....

Be very aware that 266 DCPS certified educators were riffed under the Rhee Administraton during the 2.5 years of WTU tentative agreement (TA) negotiation process.

What do you think will happen to others, if a new WTU tentative agreement is voted on under the Rhee administration in 2010?

Will you be next?

Rif'd Certified Educator - Nov. 2, 2009

Anonymous said...

Georgie, porgie president pie, kiss this union stuff goodbye. We, the members come out to say, Georgie, porgie go away!!!

Crystal Proctor said...

It's funny how George sent out an email today about the LSRT and budget process for next year but he still has not responded to my email.....hmmmmmmm

classic said...

I urge my former co-workers don't be fooled with this new contract. I fear that George will pull out this MIRACLE of a new contract right before the elections. I fear that people will go for the money (we know that Rhee thinks she can buy anything with enough money). The new contrat will surely give you a nice raise but what will you be giving away in the process. Please read the WHOLE contract and make sure it is fair to you and your co-workers. I am confident that George will deliver a new contract before the election in the hopes that you guys jump for the money and then re-elect him. Don't fall for the okie doke!!!

Anonymous said...

Even if there is a tentative agreement and even if it gets voted in as a new contract, I still don't see DC teachers voting to reelect George Parker. Despite the fact that he'll say he "delivered" a contract, there are so many other areas of gross mismanagement and horrible union leadership under Parker that that I doubt if he's going to be reelected.
Any vote for a new contract isn't to be seen as a vote of confidence in Parker. I want both a new contract and Parker replaced.