Aug 21, 2008

Happy Birthday to Ya - JBL !

Happy Birthday To Ya -Happy Birthday To Ya -Happy Birthday ! My son turned nineteen on August 21st. I thought about him all day. Reflecting back to all the times I told him - you are a man yet to be. Well the time is now upon me and its a bittersweet pill of ambivalence. Good ambivalence of knowing its time to let go but wanting to hold on all the same. JBL called me today. I smiled as he made a request for my annual happy birthday song. I asked- you want me to sing the birthday song ? He replied emphatically a baritone yes- sing it to me mom---my. I did, he laughed and I laughed. Nineteen year old birthdays aren't so bad. I have much love for you JB. Happy Birthday ! Posted By Candi Peterson

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Anonymous said...

THANK YOU MOMMY. that was really sweet of you... I know I am just now reading it but it still means a lot to me.

Love you,