Aug 15, 2008

Legal Opinion of WTU Proposed Contract

Attached is a copy of the email that I sent to Mr. George Bordenave, AFT/WTU National Representative on behalf of WTU members. This email was copied to WTU President Parker, General Vice President Saunders, and members of the WTU Executive Board and Board of Trustees. Six WTU E Board members have joined along with me in this request.

August 15 , 2008

Dear Mr. Bordenave: I am writing to you in your official capacity as an AFT/WTU National Representative. It is my request that the 'legal opinion' secured by the American Federation of Teachers on behalf of the WTU be released to all WTU members via mail as soon as possible. In addition, I would like to request that the letters sent to President George Parker also be released to our WTU members as well.

Given that President Parker has advised local news sources that the tentative agreement will be provided to our membership by mid September for ratification, it is WTU's obligation to provide our WTU members with all of the information necessary to make an informed decision as possible. It is my request that your office provide me with an answer within 48 business hours and by no later than next Tuesday. Thanks for your attention to this matter and I await your timely response.

Candi Peterson
WTU Board of Trustee member, WTU Delegate, WTU Member


Anonymous said...

thanks for the information!

Anonymous said...

I'll assume there has been no response to this request. Can't wait to see your take on the 8-23-08 Newsweek article. George got punked.

mommilan&jr said...

What about that legal document we got tonight in our folders about that 1996 court case about senority huh Candi??? Would you like to elaborate?? Don't worry, I will... I plan o send it out to all that I can tomorrow, Tuesday, and every day until I can get out the word!!! STOP BEING IN DENAIL OR HIDING THE FACTS!!! It was nice to see you and sit behind you tonight!!! You and your side of the table are going to be in some deep lies it seems like very soon!!!

Anonymous said...

Politically correct and pointillistic !Don't forget, Mr. Parker is in the middle of crisis bargaining and that's involved legally for fair contractual results !Great letter and good luck !

Anonymous said...

Could that document be in reference to Reilly $ Brown 1996 ? Department of Educational Administration,University of Nebraska,Lincoln ? In discussion of Educational Leadership ? It's an interesting case study and you guys may enjoy reading that.Coincidential connection, if not.Do you think this teacher contract will make national news ? Kinda think so and hope for the best interests of public education it's fair and doesn't violate any constitutional laws or re-write educational laws.Could this contractual agreement end with the a Supreme Court ruling ? What will other teachers' across the US think about this contract ?