Nov 7, 2008

Don't Miss This Meeting !

The Washington Teachers' Union Executive Board 2nd Saturday meeting will be held this Saturday on November 8, 2008 @ 9 AM. The meeting will be held at the WTU Office located @ 490 L'Enfant Plaza SW, Suite 7200 Washington, DC. 202-293-8600. Directions: Take 7th street south, take a right on Independence Avenue, take a left on L'Enfant Plaza SW and the union office is midway up on your left next to the L'Enfant Plaza Hotel. Please email President George Parker if you plan to attend @ Hope to see you there !

I encourage all WTU members to attend and request that your elected teacher representatives address your concerns. In this meeting the union president will provide a Contract Negotiations update. Saturday's agenda includes the following:

90-Day Plan
Summary of WTU President and Field Staff meeting with DCPS Representatives regarding 90-Day plan

Staffing and Teacher Placement
Status Report by Clay White on Teacher Placement

Grievance Update
Status Report on resolving backlog of Grievances
Key grievance and arbitration cases

Vending Machine
Status of resolving Vending Machine disbursement of funds to SCAC's

Open Season
Health Providers

Executive Board Training
Dates for Executive Board Training

Building Rep and Representative Assembly
Status of Elections
Building Rep Training
Representative Assembly Meetings

Contract Negotiations Update
Status of collaboration on education component with AFT
General Status of Negotiation

(Posted by The Washington Teacher)


Anonymous said...

About the 90 day plan: I have heard that Rhee all but expects principals from schools that didn't make AYP last school year to put at least 2 teachers per school if not more on the plan. Any thoughts out this out there in DCPS-land?

Anonymous said...

Is there no administrative remedy in the real world ? "It's A New Day!"Hope this meeting will be productive. Rectify anomalies !Title IX !Academic affairs and administrative proceedures viewing educational reform ! Are the provisions and needs met in all school buildings with support and resources ?

Anonymous said...

Excuse me,due process on Rhee's contract is not available and alleged, appears questionably she's trying with the Mayor to re-writen the 14th Amendment as she goes along with her viewing radical reform efforts in the United States of America !Is the Supreme Court and the re-authorization team and Congress with our US senate aware ? God's speed and go fast to help find solutions ! They are and have a meeting with everyone getting together. What happened at the meeting ? Is there another fuss ? No self-governance in DC ? Oh no and don't let this happen in the United States of America ! That's not what our founding father's believed in and we have a democratic system! We will come by the millions and there are more cracks in the ceiling !

DC Teacher Chic said...

Candi, I know this isn't your fault or your doing, but don't you think they should take internet access away from the patients at St. Elizabeths? This "anon" posted 6 incomprehensible postings in a little more than 1 hour, and that's just on this blog! Who IS this person?

Anonymous said...

DC Chic ! Do you know what a 90 day action plan in education is all about ? We'll a shot for transmissible spongiform encephalopathy for rudeness if nothing else and see Academic Field Studies!"I know that we can institute the most radical reform minded teachers contract in the country."A quote by Rhee !Icebergs ahead ! Has OCR been notified ?

The Tin Man said...

Not interested in enhancing visibility ? Do you know that the rate of doctorates has fallen since 1970 in education ? It has been more important for schools to identify deficiences than to cultivate gifts.In a NCLB conception of public education,lifting everyone up to a minimum level is more important than allowing students to excell to their limit. Stifling creativity and conforming methods of instruction efforts are failing.If you are creative, it's viewed non- compliance and unconventional.It's no wonder gifted students drop out at the same rates as non-gifted kids, about 5% of both populations leave the school early.Complacency built into the system ? NCLB is radically egalitarian! You'll find as many gifted minds in poverty as wealthy.Accommodate rare gifts with resources provided !Federal spending declined from $11.3 million in 2002 to $7.6 million.It has forced schools to subsidize the education of the least gifted,and gifted programs have suffered. What is gifted and that's God's mission and not determined always by IQ test designs or bubble multiple choice exams.They dropped out to be found and so are our public school teachers.Viewing Rhee's approach to educational reform failing and don't care for the stigmatization and demoralized approach her executive directive brings to principles. Put at least two teachers on a 90 day plan if principles don't meet AYP.That's what is incomprehensible without resourses provided.There is a homely old adage which runs:"Speak softly and carry and big stick;you will go far."Roosevelt !"About the 90 day Rhee plan ?" "Get up!" School builings rocking,don't bother knocking, just come on in ! Hope those principles call the radio stations and you all walk into music blasting!Respect by Aretha to ya ! Go sister, flo sister go !Look out for the lightening, cause it strikes back!Rhee report to the Dean of Education !Heeha ! It's a rodeo,send in the clowns !

The Washington Teacher said...

As much as I hate to delete comments, I have deleted some of the duplicate comments which are incoherent and rambling. I encourage any posters to just make your point because you are giving me and my readers a headache ! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

We find the Washington Teacher blog admirable and efforts comendable to identify problems from teachers within the DC system.However, the solutions for a call to action of discussion in response is missing. BC's work great !Keep up the great work for teachers and schools in DC.See Obama.Gov for an active grassroots movement with action and direction to problems identified educationally.Identify the problem and fix it.BC's work great for head aches !

Anonymous said...

Do your DC teachers have the money to afford their own lawyers ?

Anonymous said...

The answer to affording lawyers is NO. Your in legal bind because the WTU has authority to represent you and they and their leadership is crap. Lawyers don't want union cases. Most teachers who were represented by WTU have a horror story to share.