Nov 10, 2008

You Make DC Teachers Promises, Promises !

"You made me promises, promises
you knew you'd never keep
promises, promises
Why do I believe?
All of your promises
you knew you'd never keep
promises, promises
Why do I believe ?
Promises, promises, promises, promises, promises, promises "
(excerpt from Promises, Promises by Byrne, Peter, Fisher & Robert).

Last Saturday at our WTU Executive Board meeting , President George Parker informed board members that he has yet to submit his last and best offer to Chancellor Rhee despite promises he made to DC Teachers earlier this school year. According to Parker, he is still working on his last and best offer with the assistance of the American Federation of Teachers. Apparently this last and best offer will now include an educational plan. Parker was purposely vague when queried about details of our tentative agreement citing confidentiality as a reason for the limited information provided to board members. If you believe Parker, he promises yet another update on our contract negotiations within a week. Stay tuned for more..... (Posted by The Washington Teacher).


mommilan&jr said...

*sigh* He doesn't even call me or reply to my emails, texts, or calls anymore... so I have lost hope! He looked up to me as a voice for the younger, more "supporting the contract" side... now :( nothing... not even a short sentence to say "hang in there" *sigh*

Anonymous said...


You sound like a jilted lover. lol :-)

But for real, now you know the real GP.

Welcome aboard!

Anonymous said...


I wish I could give you a tissue.
Another woman left by side of the road waiting for George Parker to do something he said he would do.
Smooth talking do nothing Parker. Strikes again.

Anonymous said...

Council Irate with Rhee ! Read Washington Post!Rhee's controversial new formula for schools appealed successfully.Disapproval resolution filed temporaily blocking reprogramming.Icebergs ahead ! Hire a supertendent and provide resources !Go Barry !

Anonymous said...

Superintendent !Opps !Reshuffling 100 million for ? Resources needed for teachers and principles ? Anacostia High ? Fight mommilan and get up !"Never throw the first punch but always throw the last !"

Rain check said...

Political interference ! Flag on the play ! Meet all needs for students,teachers and principles.We have behavorial issues going on in the classroom and do we need to call security ? Don't get funny with the money distribution when it comes to the needs for the children ! Somebody better get those rats and roaches out of Anacostia High and go help those teachers and principle !Takes more of a person to walk away from a fight than it does to fight, but pick your battles and get it right ! Constitutional Basis Article 1 Section 6 !Fair balance of interests !

Peace said...

The Phi Delta Kappa & Gallop reports 2 of 10 Americans believe the NCLB legislation should be continued without significant change. DC citizens are not tenants and they are American citizens and that's what Obama told Mayor Fenty.Lack of funding for schools tops the list of biggest problems facing schools .

When you challenge and are a change agent for educational reform, be sure to meet the needs in your school buildings first. Anacostia has issues that need resolved for the principals, teachers and students. When will the issues be fixed ? They need a check from the Council! Looks like the toilets and bathroom doors, heating and air, rodents and other structural concerns need repair. Most certainly, a cleaning team before the City Sanitation and school system is sued. This has been sent to Rhee by teachers and they even asked her to delay for unhealthy working conditions and their efforts were unsuccessful.

Dr. BenZion is a fighter for resources and congratulations ! You're fired but keep fighting for the real interests that determine operational success and resources for children under NCLB . God give school teachers and principals a sense of humor under NCLB. Amen !Has Congress passed the re-authorization bill?