Nov 5, 2008

We Baracked The Vote !

In the words of my 19 year old son JB who texted me in the wee hours this morning- we Baracked the vote Mom-my. The sweet victory of change is a coming and I can't wait ! I watched on last night while many had tears in their eyes including my family. My Dad called me several times from L.A. at a watch party no doubt. I am happy for both of my parents to be able to experience the election of an African American president in their lifetime. What really captured my attention was how in another far away land- Africa the motherland many Kenyans celebrated President elect Barack Obama's victory too. It was an awesome and inspiring evening for all.

Today my students can hold their heads a little higher a little taller. When we tell them to shoot for the stars - it has real meaning. Wow ! Picture courtesy of Yahoo. (Posted by The Washington Teacher).


mommilan&jr said...

Tell your dad thanks for those 55 electoral votes we needed at 11 O'Clock... it shut the election down!!! LOL!

Anonymous said...

It's all good and we have our worry with concerns but so excited ! Mrs. Obama can't pack fast enough !Call the moving companies ! In the words of Joe Biden,"Get Up !" It wasn't a land slide and we need to work on unite !