Feb 27, 2009

Knock, Knock WTU President George Parker - Anybody There ?

Union transparency is important because it allows workers to make informed decisions about the value of union representation. It also encourages union officials to do the right thing like spend union monies appropriately on union members interests such as grievance issues, member services, bargaining, benefits, and professional development, etc. As a union official whose role involves financial oversight- I have come up against some stumbling blocks with our union president that I am just not willing to remain silent about. I am adamant that the WTU adhere to the necessary 'check and balances' when it comes to financial matters so that we don't repeat the mistakes of our biggest scandal ever- the Bullock administration. Maybe you can help me ?

Knock, knock Washington Teachers Union Prez George Parker, anybody there ? Well I guess not because I have sent numerous emails to you and have yet to hear even a whisper. Can anybody, pleeez encourage Mr. Parker to answer my emails. In the advent that any of you should accidentally run into him- could you share my latest email and ask him to respond to me ? After all I am an elected official to the WTU Board of Trustees. Here's my most recent email:


Dear George:

As a WTU Board of Trustee member, I have requested information from you in your official role within the WTU. To date I still have not received an answer or any acknowledgement from the WTU president which is troubling to say the least. Failure to respond to an official written request from an elected union officer is at the very least unethical and may be perceived by our constituents at some later date as an 'intentional desire' on your part to refuse to comply with legitimate requests as well as a failure to adhere to our WTU Constitution and By-Laws.

Be that as it may, I am requesting again that the subject of the 'wire transfer' be placed on the February 26th WTU board agenda. I also would like to request that copies of my four emails be made part of the official record of the WTU. As I have previously requested, I still would like to get answers to the questions that I've posed . I would also like to formally request any and all documents concerning what is being referred to as the 'AFT grant' at the February 24th WTU representative assembly.


The Washington Teacher (posted by The Washington Teacher)

*some portions of this email were removed


Jeff Canady said...


I don't understand after the last President of WTU stole 5 million and union members knew she was stealing. How Prez Parker thinks he's going to spend $400,000 without authorization and know body is going to ask questions? Prez Parker thinks we are all "schnooks" as my yiddish friends say.

Seasoned DC teacher said...

All of those who know George Parker from back in the day know he is a liar and unwilling to take a stand on anything. I am not surprised that you and others are having problems with his leadership. Let's get a recall going- he's gotta go.

The Washington Teacher said...

Often there are only a small percentage of those in most organizations who will stand up to leaders to challenge them when they are wrong or unwilling to follow established checks and balances.

Many of our executive board members are remaining silent on this issue for reasons unclear to me when in fact we all have a fiduciary responsibility to our union. So far Nathan Saunders- WTU VP, Thom O'Rourke, BR @ Roosevelt and Jeff Canady, Alternate BR @ Emery have stood in support with me asking that our union president adhere to WTU board motions, provide appropriate requested documentation and clarify information re the AFT grant of over $400,000 to the WTU Executive Board, Board of Trustees and Representative Assembly.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Mr. parker should make everything transparent if there is nothing to hide. I would like to give Mr. Parker benefit of doubt, that is I would like to give him 3 days from today to respond to our board of trustee, Candi.
To Whom It May Concern: It was a disgrace to WTU to see our former Prez going to jail. Pls. tell Mr. Parker to share the requested information because members have the right to know. Can someone advise him to respond to Candi's request, afterall she is one of the Board member.

Macy said...

I guess the rest of the executive board is ducking their heads in the sand. What a pity. If you won't stand for something then you will fall for anything.

Anonymous said...

What's the top secret $400,000 all about during an economic crisis ? We keep checking the mail for Obama's Public Educational stimulus package but it didn't come today.Maybe Parker knows something we don't know !Where is office ? Go knock on his door !

The Washington Teacher said...

Reply to anonymous question re $400,000 dollars. The approximately $400,000 is a grant from AFT for radio and media ads. Presently as a WTU Board of Trustee, I have requested to review all of the documentation on the $400,00 disbursement that must be kept by the union on all financial transactions. Herein lies the problem. All financial disbursements must adhere to our union guidelines and good accounting principles but it seems that for reasons unclear- the WTU does not have the needed documentation in this case. I have no proof of any wrong doing but this lack of transparency is suspect and failure to get the WTU executive board's approval as required by a January 2009 motion to approve this expenditure is suspicious at best.

Anonymous said...

Media and radio grant ? Do the school buildings have the resources needed ? I don't know and it just seems like we need to focus the money where the kids are and make it count.Scary economic times !Sounds like you're looking for the transparancy and good! We have 9000 ear marks and one of them was for Pig Odor Research.Push for the transparancy and don't stop until ya know !

Anonymous said...

To each his own but think Obama is moving out on his plan and his team is impressive. We've got a ways to go on this darn NCLB and reauthorization but not giving up they'll finally end the mandates.It's not working ! See Joe in Washington if you think someone is not using tax dollars wisely.Hello Joe ! Could you imagine being on his team in this economic crisis ? Get your calulators out and the kind that runs a tape !

Anonymous said...

Candi... come on! At first you make it seem like you don't know what the money was used for and then in a later post, you state that is was for radio and media ads! What the heck? You just like getting things going! Those radio ads just started to air. Give the man a chance. And as for the Three Stooges... Nathan, Thom and Jeff... please give me a break. They are part of the problem, not the solution! You will go to any heights to make this union seem worse than it already is.

The Washington Teacher said...

Anonymous (AKA 3 Strikes You're Out Steve) apparently you did not read my entire entry concerning the 413,000 grant or perhaps what I said is just way over your head. Given your shallow comments, I don't expect you to understand what it means to have a fiduciary responsibility, as well as an ethical responsibility to follow the WTU Constitution, follow executive board motions or adhere to accounting principles and WTU procedures. It seems to me that it is you who is attempting to put a negative twist on what I am saying.

Your comment leaves me wondering why you read my blog at all since in your words - "I like to get things going." You put me in the mindset of a true coward, one who likes to criticize others while remaining undercover. What you seek is not a dialogue but rather a "hit and run". Criticizing others face to face requires some guts because it requires one to accept whatever comes next like an unflattering response, or maybe even a good ole' fashioned but whipping from some.

I don't know for 100% certain if you are 3 Strikes You're Out Steve or Little Man John but what I will say is that since you have an issue with Nathan, Tom and Jeff- tell them directly what your beef really is. My blog rules state don't say anything here that you are unwilling to say to a person face to face Mr. A. Happy Trails !