Feb 11, 2009

You Are Invited To Be An Active Member Of Our Union: The WTU

This post is prompted by all the b****ing, complaining and constant criticizing that I regularly hear from some teachers and providers about our union. In a word.. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired of the critics. Get involved and make a difference if you are that unhappy about the goings-on of your union and leadership. If you are not willing to get involved then I hope you will acknowledge like the age 'old adage states if you are not willing to be a part of the solution then you are most certainly part of the problem.

Encourage your WTU Building Representative or BR Alternate to attend this week's WTU Representative Assembly meeting. Request that your BR attend and provide monthly updates to teachers about the representative assembly meetings. According to the email sent out by the WTU, there will be a contract proposal update informational session for all WTU Representative Assembly members this Thursday, February 12th, from 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm at McKinley SHS. American Federation of Teachers (AFT) President Randi Weingarten will be the guest speaker. Also, a contract negotiations informational session for all WTU members is being planned for February 25th. Save the date. Randi Weingarten will also be the guest speaker at this session. Union members who do not receive emails from the WTU, please email Monique Lenoir @ mlenoir@wtulocal6.org or call 202-293-8600 and request that your personal email address be added to the WTU data base.

I encourage all WTU members to attend our executive board meetings on the 2nd Saturdays and the 4th Thursdays of every month. I am extending this invitation to all WTU members as I have done in the past to this Saturday's WTU Executive Board meeting at 9 am at the WTU office located at 490 L'Enfant Plaza SW, Suite 7200, phone # 202-293-8600. I hope to see you there. (Posted By The Washington Teacher).

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