Sep 29, 2009

Second Day of DC Students Protests Of Teacher Layoffs

Two days of protests by DC students in response to unfair teacher layoffs. Students held protests on September 28 at the DCPS central office and at Duke Ellington High School for the arts on September 29 at lunch time. These videos say it all. Our students are following the lead of the rank and file teacher rally held on last Thursday, September 24. What a tribute to DC teachers. You have taught them well !

Video courtesy of Fox channel five news and WJLA.

Posted by The Washington Teacher featuring Candi Peterson, Blogger in residence


Anonymous said...

This is great!

I understand that the students are seeking the support of teachers at their Rally planned for this Thursday at DCPS.

We should all go done right after school!

Let's support them as they are supporting us!

Lindsey said...


I agree, let's spread the word in school today to all of our colleagues to leave school immediately at 3:30 and head down to 825 to support the children!

All agreed?

DatinginDC said...

Thanks for the clip - the Mayor's response was priceless (as expected) lol.

I applaud your many efforts in keeping everyone informed.

May God bless you and those who are impacted by these series of events. Win the War!!!

Anonymous said...

I really think another hastily scheduled rally is too much. We should wait until the official rally on the 8th (next Thursday) and shut down Pennsylvania Avenue, (students, parents, community activists, and teachers)!

Glenn Watson said...

"Oh no! Won't teachers go!"


Well I guess his heart is in the right place.

Kings said...

Funny how this is reported on TV and there's no mention of it in the Post.(unless I'm missing something) It's often the other way around - the Post reports something, and TV channels, looking for news, but too lazy to find it themselves, just pick up on it.

AVParodi said...

The Post owns Kaplan Testing Services. They make more money from Kaplan than they do their newspaper (over 60% of their income). The Post has a huge dog in this fight. That is why there isn't much in the way of investigative journalism in regards to Rhee and reform and why their editorials are always saying "Rhee and Fenty need to be left alone to do what they need to do."
The Post has yet to publish a disclaimer in any article on education acknowledging this conflict of interest. Until they do their motives and reportage are both suspect.

Anonymous said...

The WaPo has some sick type of love fest for Rhee and Fenty. They are dishonest and can't seem to report anything that puts DC Public Schools in a positive light. Rhee acts like a liar and it is amazing how no one confronts her. A lot of questionable, dishonest things are going on and they need to be brought out. I am excited about the rally on October 8th. I hope people come out in droves, shut city business down and inconvenience everyone with orderly civil disobedience. It is only when ALL UNIONS, their members and brother/sister union chapters from out of town assemble that a victory against Rhee will bring out her lies and cheap propaganda.