Sep 24, 2009

Today's The Day: Rally For Teachers At DCPS Central Office

I hope you will come out in full force to our rank & file rally to protest DC teacher layoffs and the IMPACT evaluation. Some DC teachers have reported that they have been notified that they will be laid off. Many believe that layoffs will begin prior to the end of the month.
The rally will start today @ 4:30 p.m. We are gathering at the DCPS Central office. The beauty of our rank and file protest is that the WTU and AFT will follow our lead and will host a rally next month in October.
Location: 825 North Capitol Street NE.
Posted by The Washington Teacher


save our teachers said...

We will be there! Thanks.

Mikethelawstudent said...

Good luck with the rally! What is the reason for all the lay offs?



Kings said...

Great rally, Candi - THANK YOU for all your hard work.

The speakers were energetic and on target, the media was there, including Bill Turque, and just holding the rally is getting the union off its backside to hold an "offical" rally in a couple of weeks -- after the RIF, but better late than never.

meaningful change said...

I'm sorry I could not make it to the rally but I was there in spirit. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Kings---you are so right. We have been begging the union for a rally since March. Parker agreed, in some meeting, that if we did not have a contract by the end of this past school year, we would rally.....well, you see that did not happen.

Interestingly enough, after word spread about this one, and a PArker WTU email was sent out "officially" distancing the union from the rank and file rally=----we now have a rally!

OMG, does it really take this long to get something done in the WTU!

Thanks, Candi and all for organizing!

Anonymous said...

when will there be another ralley??