Sep 29, 2009

Wednesday And Thursday: Pink Slip Day For DC Teachers ?

This post is courtesy of a anonymous source who raises some critical questions for all of us to ponder .

Is this the face of Ms. Rhee's Plan B ?
- teacher RIFs,
- teacher IMPACT evaluations,
-TLF framework and (inflexible) rubrics,
-Master Educators told to evaluate harshly

Pink slip day is supposed to be Wednesday and Thursday. Will DCPS be able to hold to that schedule? One rumor suggests that processing all the CDLF forms would take longer than anticipated especially since litigation is expected.

DCPS Fact Checking:

Quoting Mayor Fenty From News Channel 8 and WJLA from Monday- 9/28/09:
See Video below

Students chants were targeted at Rhee who hasn't publicly disclosed how many teachers will lose their jobs after the city council froze the school's budget forcing the cuts. The students also rallied against Mayor Fenty, who said he was impressed by their show of civic action and said their classrooms will remain untouched.

"What the chancellor's proposal does is it doesn't take any teachers out of the classroom," he said. Fenty said in order to run a school system you have to over-hire in the case of over-enrollment. He said in past years, the system could afford excess teachers on the payroll but can no longer do that with the cuts. The layoffs are expected to be announced on Sept. 30.

Is it true that "classrooms will remain untouched" per Mayor Fenty above?

Is the Mayor and Ms. Rhee on the same ("PR") page here? Why haven't we heard more?

Is it true that McKinley is RIFing a large number of teachers? Rumor was 40 to 60?

How can that not affect the classroom?

I read elsewhere that Mayor Fenty said the RIF will only affect "excessed" teachers. Is that true? Or is that mis-information or only part of the truth where the rest is withheld from the public or poorly communicated?

If we always over hire during the summer (for "over enrollment"), why are we always short of teachers?
Is this anyway to run a school district?
Isn't this a very expensive way to do it?
Don't most school districts vet prospects but don't offer contracts until the need if verified?
If we've "always" over hired in the past, is this pretty bad management?

Someone on The Washington Teacher blog said new hires were interviewed over the phone to not yet graduated college students and before the current teacher pool had a chance to interview for open positions. Is this true? Don't most districts add recent graduates to a common pool, but let all teachers vie for positions? How did DCPS do it?

Michelle Rhee and Mayor Fenty said the budget shortfall was between $30 million and $40million. Is that true? How much of that will be recouped through teacher RIFs? 150 excessed teachers (estimate) at $81,150 will recoup $12.1 million. The other $20 million to $30million is "left over right sizing expenses from closing schools". So how will that be recouped? (See equalization press release).

Where in the budget are the funds to support a new teacher and administration labor contract? Is the above budget balancing supposed to address this looming expense? Some have suggested so.

Where are the federal stimulus dollars being spent within the DCPS budget? Some transparency would appreciated! Can that be expected from this administration ?

We still have too many schools with too few students where the per pupil funding cannot support an adequate program? When will DCPS set school size guidelines and minimums? Isn't this a better way to manage the budget and the teacher pool ? For example, middle schools need at least 375 students to support a five period day properly. Ask this true or not?...Is DCPS meeting this minimum? What is it costing us to have so many small schools? Is Ms. Rhee afraid to close more schools ?

Posted by The Washington Teacher featuring Candi Peterson, blogger in residence


Anonymous said...

How on earth can McKinley lose "40-60 teachers"!? That will leave the custodians teaching classes!

Old School DCPS said...

It most definetely is Plan B, uglier than we had imagined.

Anonymous said...

No RIF today - at least that was the case in one DC high school, where rumor had it that pink skips would be distributed last period. When teachers reconnoitered and saw none of them were fired, one asked an assistant Principal and learned today was not the day after all - the suspense is continued to an undisclosed day.

I predict Friday - the usual day for firing - so it won't attract so much attention and everyone has the week-end to forget about it -- and the RIFd teachers have the week-end to get all their stuff out by monday, so it will look like they've never been there at all.

Anonymous said...

So Fenty says they always over-hire in anticipation of over-enrollment. When was the last time DCPS had more than the expected number of students? The official count has not even taken place yet, but there is this urgent need to fire teachers.

Students have been leaving the system at the rate of approximately 3,000 per year, but by some miracle, they were expected to return in droves this year? As rhee would say, what a bunch of crap!

Anonymous said...

Plan B was a federal takeover, dropped after Turque published an email discussion about it between Rhee and Fenty.

Anonymous said...

It is disgusting,, disrespectful, and annoying to see Michel Rhee and Adrian Fenty causing disruption in our students education. The bottom line of what they are doing is that, they are taking jobs from African-Americans and they are giving the jobs to Whites especially young Whites with no experience, lack of qualifications to teach our children. Fenty and Rhee are satisfying Whites at the expense of African Americans. Our children are coming home from college after their four years of college with their degree and they cannot get a decent job but you can create jobs for Whites from other states. Its unfair, and it should stop or else you are creating problems in our city and some people will pay for the consequences. I really regret voting for you, Adrian Fenty because you have failed us. Your report card should read a JUMBO FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFenty.