Jun 5, 2010

No WTU Elections For You: If President George Parker Has Anything To Do With It !

The Washington Teachers' Union (WTU) is looking a bit iffy these days in terms of election preparedness thanks to teachers' union prez' George Parker. And with less than three weeks to go until school is out, things just keep getting stickier. It seems that there will be no WTU elections for officers- not yet if George Parker has his way. First the elections committee was bungled and AFT President Randi Weingarten had to intervene and oversee a secret ballot for the elections committee. After the elections committee was elected last week, I received a courtesy copy of an email from the WTU Elections Committee Chairperson, Claudette Carson since I am running as a candidate for the WTU General Vice President. Carson asserts that when the WTU election committee asked union president George Parker to provide copies of the most current membership list, two most recent union dues report and all nominating petitions for all elected positions submitted by April 30, 2010- George Parker REFUSED to provide the necessary information so that the elections committee could proceed with union elections. Now that's a way for Parker to stay in office.

Each week until our union elections move forward as required by our WTU constitution, I plan to publish a roundup of the week’s big news related to 'election bungles' courtesy of George Parker. If you’ve got news or opinions to share on our elections of union officers, please add them in the comments section below or send me an email c/o saveourcounselors@gmail.com In the spirit of transparency, here is a copy of WTU Elections Committee Chairperson, Claudette Carson's email titled: President's refusal to comply with WTU Elections Committee's request for information :

June 2, 2010

George Parker
Washington Teachers’ Union
1825 K Street, NW Suite 1050
Washington, DC 20005
Ref: President’s refusal to comply with WTU Elections Committee’s request for Information
President Parker,

This letter verifies your denial of the WTU Elections Committee’s request for information and documents necessary to hold an election as required by the WTU Constitution and the Labor Management Reporting and Disclosure Act. For the record, the Elections Committee Chairperson Claudette Carson, and its members Thomas O’Rourke and Darlene Nelson verbally requested said information after you refused to address the elections committee. General Vice President Saunders supplied you with the written notice of the Election Committee Chairperson election including the document request and the Elections committee desire to speak with you immediately. Previously, you denied the same request when made via email by General Vice President Saunders on our behalf allegedly for technical reasons. You asserted he did not have the right to ask. Prior to that, you denied the request of a former elections committee for the same material. Our committee, whose AFT supervised election was certified May 28, 2010 by the American Arbitration Association, is duly authorized and empowered by the WTU Constitution, Article VII and By-Laws Article VII (e).

Your previous and current dilatory actions do not allow the WTU to have elections as required. Your refusal to comply with the Elections Committee, WTU Constitution and law, unilaterally could bring, if left unchecked, the Elections Committee’s work to a halt. Although the Election Committee has no legal questions of Lee Jackson, Esq., any pertinent information you believe he has, should be provided in writing immediately. The Elections Committee views your refusal as a violation of WTU By-Laws Article III, Section 3 (A,C,I,and K) among others. We are, therefore, forced to secure legal counsel to fulfill our constitutional responsibilities for what amounts to your serious misconduct.


Claudette Carson, Chairperson
WTU Elections Committee

cc: Candi Peterson


Anonymous said...

Kick Parker out on his RUMP Now. that chump sold us out and needs to go yesterday!

Anonymous said...

Does this mean that we are stuck with George-I'll sell out my own union members-Parker? This does not seem fair. Is this Parker's way of breaking our union? What a Sell-out!

Sick and Tired said...

I'm sick and tired......

Please George Parker,
"Let My People Vote (mean Go)"!!!!

If you win, you'll have three more years with Rheeform. The rest of your union membership may not survive your leadership for another three years, but you will be in hog heaven.

If you lose, I know you will have a fat, cushy job just waiting for you.

See George......either way, you come out on top!

Besides, do you really want this kind of publicity?????

Anonymous said...

This is horrible. He is stealing our right to vote. 1 man is selfishly standing in the way of our right to decide our future. I don't get the right not to follow the rules at work or home. I want the elections committee to take the most serious action against him. He should be thrown into jail for this stunt. I always believed he would come to a no good end. He has always been sneaky and shady. His last contract deal was over the top for me. His history does not show him being any sort of legitimate politician. Everybody running in the race worked with him extensively. A lot of teachers stood in line waiting to vote for the elections committee members. We now have to support them doing their job. Who knew this would happen?

topryder1 said...

Is there a consideration to change national organizations? Perhaps the NEA would be bettere for DC teachers.

Peter said...

If this is what it takes to get someone in and out of office, we better be careful who we vote for in the next election....no matter when it takes place.

Could it be that King George plans to be President for Life-no matter what the people think?

Anonymous said...

George is not only a liar but he is now dangerous.

Perhaps the members should sue him.

PhillipMarlowe said...

What's the consequence of leaving WTU, if you are allowed to do so?
Can you change your dues such you only pay a membership fee, and nothing goes to political activities? (That will get Randi's attention.)

lodesterre said...

Is it possible to consider what rent strikers do? In a rent strike the rent is collected and placed in an escrow account to be handed over once the strike is over. I, for one, am tired of my dues going towards George's salary and the many uses he puts our money to - such as those lovely flyers during the contract vote.

Anonymous said...

Throw the bum out! Where is Randi's meddling a** when we REALLY need her?!

Anonymous said...

Can George be impeached?

scinerd said...

PhillipMarlowe, the consequence of people changing from full dues paying members to agency fee only members is that as soon as the percentage of full dues paying members drops below 65% of bargaining unit eligible members, DCPS would move to decertify the WTU as a bargaining unit. This would make all contracts null and void. And I can only imagine the nasty things to come down the pipeline in that case. This is what is meant by "breaking the union". Very dangerous situation.

This is why we must reform the union from within and make it serve the membership in better ways. It is still OUR union. We just need to make it act that way. Correct me if I am wrong Candi, but I think those are still the membership targets.

Sheila H. Gill said...

It's time to hold GP accountable.

The deadline was the last day of April to submit the petitions for the upcoming WTU elections 2010 according to the WTU By-Laws/Constitution.
GP is desperate, done and needs to be dealt with immediately. GP has not been transparent, truthful or trustworthy. GP has been hiding the facts.

Enough is Enough!!!
No More Excuses!!!
It's time to move on with the WTU Elections 2010!!! Parker must go.

Classic said...

I don't even know that to say at this point. George is playing with fire and tip-toeing around the law. He better watch out or he is going to be brought up on ethics charges like his new best friend Michelle Rhee.

PhillipMarlowe said...

Thank you scinerd.

Anonymous said...

Hope you saw the article in the city paper about teachers livid about union debacle. Great quote Washington Teacher. Keep up the great work on this blog. As a teacher, I read your blog regularly.

Anonymous said...

Here's the link to the City Paper article.


It's obvious George is stalling to keep his job over the summer. I say he is forced out by the June 30 deadline and we have the previous administrator (or anyone but Randi) come in on an interim basis until the elections are held. Beat Chicken George at his own game.

Janet said...

Thanks for posting the article for all of us.

It gets worse and worse. How is this possible? I hate to see WTU's name in the paper again and again (and not in a good way).

George should gain some dignity about himself and give the information up like he is supposed to.

What's up with that? And how do the elected officers keep getting paid without the members saying its okay? Do they think they can go on like this until they decide to step aside?