Sep 14, 2010

You're Invited: Election Watch Party !

Election Night Watch Party for Teachers, School Personnel and Friends!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

(D.C. Primary Day)

4:30 p.m. – until we go home!

Music Food Festivities Fun

San Antonio Bar & Grill

(formerly known as Ellis Island)

3908-12th Street, NE

Washington, DC 20017

(near the Brookland/Catholic U. metro and Brookland School)

Hosted By Nathan A. Saunders & Candi Peterson

This is an independent event

All candidates and their supporters are invited!


Lindsey said...

Count Me In.....Thank goodness there is no RSVP.

I think its great how you say everyone, no matter your candidate choice, can come.

See you there!

Pat said...

Thanks for the invite! I'll be there after aftercare!

Anonymous said...

This is great and close to where I live. Can't wait to meet you Candi.

ax said...

See you there!

Anonymous said...

Ggreat, enjoyed meeting all incl wellknown experts here. thank you, a

Anonymous said...

It was a blast, great to see you at San Antonio's. It was a wonderful evening.

Anonymous said...

Vincent Gray and Michelle Rhee are already chatting, according to sources with knowledge of the situation.

Anonymous said...

I missed taking a picture with President Obama. I ate and had a margarita without the alcohol. The caricature artist was excellent. This was a fatastic event. Thanks Mr. Sauders and Mrs. Peterson

Willie B. said...

If you missed the DC Election Watch Party hosted by the next President & General Vice President of WTU (Nathan and Candi), let me tell you it was indeed a wonderful evening although Barack Obama did not stop by to cast his vote.

The Wash. Teacher thanks you said...

Thank you all who came out and supported our gathering at the San Antonio Bar & Grill. It was wonderful to see so many teachers, school personnel and friends gathered together. The food was great as well as the caricature artist, and photographer who took our picture with Obama, Vince Gray or just in front of the white house.

The night ended with our candidate, Vincent Gray winning the election which was a great way to end the evening. Again, thank you for stopping by and for your fellowship.

Candi Peterson
Candidate for WTU Vice President
(AKA The Washington Teacher)

Anonymous said...

One down One to Go!!! Vote Saunders and Peterson!!!

Anonymous said...

Great news to hear that Vincent Grey won the primary. Finally DC school system can begin the healing process from Rhee's harmful, detriment reforms.

Strong union shout-out to the DC teachers union for supporting Vincent Grey.

Education for the children and justice for the teachers who work so hard to educate the children will be restored!

Lindsey said...

OMG, I had a blast!. Thanks for the food and the fun. You guys know how to throw a get together.

Next time, we should be celebrating at your WTU victory party!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for a really nice event. I enjoyed myself as I was the first to arrive and "persuaded" to have a caricature done of myself. LOL! The artist was really good and I enjoyed everything.