Sep 20, 2008

A Call For Justice in The Workplace on Behalf of DCPS Fired Teachers !

You're Invited to a Call for Justice in the Workplace/Prayer Service !

On Friday- September 26, 2008 @ 6:30 pm. a call to action/prayer service will feature the DCPS blind teacher, Denise Hamilton who was fired unjustly by Chancellor Rhee this past June 2008. This story originally aired on Channel 9. This service will facilitate a Call To Action to the DC Labor Community to request that labor and the community assist us in the fight on behalf of DC Teachers. The event will be held at the Covenant Baptist Church located at 3845 South Capitol Street SW, Washington, DC. DCPS Teachers are organizing this social action event. Contact phone number : 202-321-9071. Posted by Candi.

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Anonymous said...

"For everyone who's ever been counted out but refused to be knocked out and for everyone who works hard and never gives up,this one is for you!" HC !We need to have a talk about the 14th Amendment in DC and due process with fair proceedures in all this reform !That NCLB and 10% has gone as sour as a pig foot in a jar !It's like an iceberg we'll sail around ! Support and instructional feedback is critical for growth and development and we are losing up to 50% of our teacher's within five years. GS 115C-325!God Bless ! Read Manufactured Crisis and you'll feel better !