Sep 28, 2008

DC's Shadd Principal Gets The Boot?

Believe It Or Not ?

This email came in from a confidential source on Friday:
Hi Candi: "Did you hear they terminated the Shadd Transition Academy principal on Thursday ? I don't know if she's still in the system or not, but it's very wrong and another example of how administration is steamrollering over people. She's not the problem with this program, she was just trying to keep the disaster afloat. Very sad. The staff gave her two standing ovations, it's going to kill morale and the kids are going to be off the chain today." Posted by Candi.


Peace said...

This wouldn't have anything to do with the fact the situation is under federal investigation would it ? GS 94-142 IDEA ! They've got a judge and two lawyers on that situation if my notes are correct on research.Uh oh !Blackman Jones=Shadd Center."It'll be done with teacher's or to teacher's."Rhee's quote from the news.Balance of interests ?

Anonymous said...

"The proper deployment of special education and related service staff resources(including funds) to meet IEP services and timely assessments needs of students." Amy Totenberg Esq.404-622-6970. Under staffed due to buget administrative oversight of which caused difficulties to carry out proceedual safe guards. Audit of IEP's ? We have a staffing issue and the principle is fired because why ? The Rhee administration blames it on her and she's fired ? To bad we don't get to see the budget details on how the balance of funding is alloted to meet needs viewing GS 94-142 and IDEA !Just fire the principle and she's not doing her job as she's doing the job of many and under staffed due to lack of administrative failed operational proceedures and funding.Can we call a few Dr's of psychology in that may be of support in private practice to help a week or two ? Has anybody gone to ask ? What's going on with the HR department and have they hired more help ?

Anonymous said...

Reflective opinion unrelated to examination but may call 404-622-6970 !This is unreal and shocking!These are our American School buildings and our children.