Sep 1, 2008


to bring to an end or conclusion as conflicts between people or groups usually with the implication of restoring former amity; settle; reconcile.

Today's topic on WPFW 89.3 FM at 10: a.m. Check out this labor day special aptly titled: Heal- Public Employees Under Attack. Union leaders, George T. Johnson, Executive Director of AFSCME Council 20 and Eric Bunn, President of AFGE Local 2725 who represent the majority of District government workers will discuss how the rights and dignity of DC government workers are being eroded under the Fenty administration. I know I'll be listening. Posted by Candi.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for alerting us about the show. I listented to it and thought it was great! It is clear that Labor is under attack from this current administration and it is a shame.

Barack Obama, our next president, has committed himself to focus on all aspects currently affecting student achievement, teacher accountability, increased teacher pay and equal access to teacher union membership. Wonder why our local leaders in DC can't do the same? They seem to support multi-tasking on their blackberrys