Sep 9, 2008

Campaign for DC Special Education Teachers !

SOS: Another Plea For Help- It seems there is a serious problem with hiring certified teachers in many of the District's public school programs. Many teachers are currently working out side of their area of certification area. Attached is a list that I received from an insider via email regarding many of the problems DCPS still faces. posted by Candi.

See Forever (Oak Hill Academy) – certification issues, unable to implement IEP's
Mary Church Terrell (MTC Center) certification issues
Luke C. Moore – program issues
Ron Brown Middle School –program issues
Sousa Middle School – ED Cluster program, certification issues
City Lights Public Charter School -(ED program), certification issues, no program
Web Wheatly ES – certification issues
Walker-Jones – certification issues
Ballou Senior HS (not implementing IEP's – (Sped students issued Gen. Ed. schedules)
Johnson Junior High -certification issues
Dunbar Senior High School – offering inclusive environments only
High Road Academy (using restraint techniques, truancy not filed on kids with more than 10 absences)
Sunrise Academy (showing movies most of the day, using restraints)
Rock Creek Academy -off-the-hook
Spingarn Center - certification issues, no program
Spingarn SHS - students not receiving services

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