Oct 20, 2008

Excessed DC Teacher Comes Up Short !

I received this email from a parent about a DC teacher who was excessed and is yet to be paid. While I don't know all of the details of this case- it certainly should be investigated by the Washington Teachers' Union (WTU) . I have posted her email here because I think it is noteworthy for all to read. It is important to note that the WTU General Vice President, Mr. Saunders wrote to Chancellor Rhee at the end of last school year ( as directed by the WTU Executive Board) requesting that all DC teachers active on the payroll be placed prior to the hiring of any new teachers. Unfortunately this did not occur and many excessed teachers have been illegally placed by Human Resources outside of their area of certification, and some are still awaiting job placement even though newly hired teachers are already in teaching positions. This school year has been fraught with many problems for DC teachers as many predicted due to the simultaneous closing of 23 schools and restructuring of 27 schools and lack of an educational plan . The President of the educational aides' union reports that educational aides have been unfairly denied unemployment compensation which by the way is being contested by their union. If you know of an excessing horror story for DC teachers, feel free to write me c/o saveourcounselors@gmail.com

Hi Candi:
How are you - it was great seeing and speaking with a couple of weeks ago . Here's an account for you: I just got off the phone with a teacher who was "excessed" due to the Shaw-Garnett Patterson consolidation - although he was excessed, he has NOT received a paycheck . This is not how the policy was supposed to unfold - he was under the impression that he would remain on the payroll since he is willing and able to work within DCPS, but DCPS refuses to place him at a school. He has just filed an unemployment claim and is waiting to hear if it has been accepted. I have heard that some teachers and other personnel (aides)are being denied unemployment. Do you know if this is true? Anonymous parent/community activist. Posted by The
Washington Teacher.

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