Oct 13, 2008

Statement of Facts

DC Federal Court Monitors for Special Education
Attorney Amy Totenberg ( email: atotenberg@aol.com) and Attorney Clarence Sundram are the federally appointed court monitors for the Blackman/Jones lawsuit in DC involving special education students. Although Attorney Totenberg resides in Atlanta, Georgia - she has been appointed by Judge Paul Friedman. None of the information supplied here is bogus and actually represents accurate information.

The information listed on this blog has been provided in order that parents, teachers, service providers and concerned citizens could provide information to the court monitors and their staff in the event that they are uncomfortable revealing their identity. It is my hope that if you have concerns about missed services, teacher shortages, service providers shortages in the area of special education and other egregious concerns such as the overcrowding of special education students in classrooms as has been regularly reported on my blog - please feel free to contact Ms. Totenberg . Thanks for your attention. Posted by The Washington Teacher.


Anonymous said...

Dear Washington Teacher,
The correct email address for Amy Totenberg, Esq., Blackman/Jones court appointed monitor is:



Candi said...

Thanks for the correction !