Oct 14, 2008

No Principal for You !

WJLA news featured a story on another principal firing by Chancellor Rhee. This time the Shepherd elementary school principal- Galeet Ben Zion gets the ax after only three months on the job. It seems that this firing has angered parents at Shepherd elementary school. In the words of NYC Educator: "So I gotta wonder this--if Ms. Rhee has no qualms about misleading the taxpayers (who are, after all, adults, whose rights and privileges and priorities deserve to be put aside anyway), what reason do we have to suppose she'd look after our children? Because make no mistake, Ms. Rhee wants the right to fire working people with no due process whatsoever.Don't enough people get fired in this country? Shouldn't we be aiming for fewer, rather than more Americans losing jobs for no reason?And shouldn't our children have rights based on something more secure than the changing whims of Michelle Rhee?" You be the judge ! By the way Ben Zion was the 5th Shepherd principal in 12 months !

Here's the story link: http://www.wjla.com/news/stories/1008/561119.html
Parents Outraged by New Principal's Firing
October 13, 2008

Parents at one D.C. elementary school are demanding to know why the principal was fired just a few months into the school year. Shepherd Elementary School principal Galeet Ben Zion, PhD, was called in to meet with D.C. schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee on Friday and promptly fired. Ben Zion says she remains baffled by her dismissal. "It was maybe a two-minute meeting, and I was told that I failed as a leader," recalled Ben Zion. When asked whether she thought she had failed as a leader, Ben Zion replied, "Not in my opinion."

Ben Zion said she was hired and fired by Rhee after a little more than three months on the job. Ben Zion's replacement will be the school's fifth principal in 12 months."If she thought I made a mistake, I would have liked for her to tell me what that mistake was so that we can fix it," she said. Many parents at Shepherd Elementary in Northwest are asking 'why.' The school listserve is filled reactions ranging from stunned and appalled to confused and ticked off. "I feel sick sick about Dr. Ben Zion being fired," said Carol Mullholland. "There is no other way to describe it. I came very close to pulling my daughter out of the school." "The best way to describe the sentiments of the majority of my parents ranges from being pretty upset to just outraged," said Earl Yates, the PTA president.

Parents are speculating there may have been tension with Rhee after Ben Zion raised issues about the several vacant positions at Shepherd, including spaces for two foreign language teachers and one kindergarten teacher. Mulholland says the vacancies led to students leaving her child's class. "Three of the kids left during the first two weeks of the school year, when we had a mess with the kindergarten teacher," she said.

A spokesperson said personnel laws prevent the city from discussing specifics in regards to this most recent dismissal. Ben Zion says there was no formal review. She says she would gladly go back to work, if Rhee would take her. "I'm there hand in hand to get the job done with her," said Ben Zion. Mayor Fenty's office wrote to one parent, saying he backs Rhee and the her action was is in the best academic interest of students. Rhee has been invited to speak to Shepherd Elementary parents on Thursday. Some parents say they are reserving judgement, and will wait to see what the new principal brings. courtesy wjla.com. Posted by The Washington Teacher.


mommilan&jr said...

Iam furious... I won't say muh more... my daughter attens Shephed and this i their 5th new Principal since last yar this time!

I just found out this morning and didn't tell Milan... and when I saw her this afternoon... she was so upset....

7 year old... what are they potraying at Shepherd???

Adults.... *rolling eyes*

Peace said...

Did Dr.Zion have the budget she needed to meet operational needs in her building ?Did the five other principles ? Yet, all the new teacher's can make up to 132,000? What's the audit % on the systems law suit costs spent, tax payers have paid since Rhee's been in charge ? Relocation % packages and the hiring of new teacher's that came and left as well as principles?

Peace said...

E-mail it to the American Association of School Administrators,American Civil Liberties Union,Education Law Association and the National School Boards Association. Ask them for direction and their review. This story is so shocking, it's like the twilight zone!

Anonymous said...

Tell little Milan to watch the Orginal Hampster dance and cheer up ! Put a great song on and dance with her mom !When you get knocked down,get right back up ! You can do what ever you put your mind to ! Get the PTA to send this to the Re-authorization team! Ice cream ! That'll cheer her up !

The Union Girl said...

And this is the kind of freaking leadership that McCain was all gaga over last night in the debate when HE brought of Rhee?

Please tell me you're doing a story on the outrageous behavior of McCain on DCPS. His kids don't go to school in DC. He hasn't sat in on my kid's classes or been to a PTA meeting with me so how can he tell me anything about the education my kid got?

What's wrong with DCPS has been wrong a long time, but it's not just about teachers or administrators it's also about all of us. It's parents who work two jobs and kids who have no one watching them. It's having to pay security guards to run kids through metal detectors and it's about neglect.

DCPS is the favorite whipping boy of the the Right Wing and I'm sick of it.

Allison said...
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mommilan&jr said...

OMG Allison... that is terrible! Why would you post her personal business!? I know me and my husband have fist faught before...but unless I care to share, none of that is anyone's business!

Peace said...

Allison ! Respect the First Amendment in the United States of America !Many are not affiliated with the establishment clause of fire the teacher's and principle's clause of Rhee's radical reform efforts viewing PL 107-110 and a law not funded ! The political conversation and tone will change with election 08 !Personally believe strongly in the 14th Amendment in the United States of America and fair proceedures of due process !Finding this read viewing Dr. BenZion conscience shocking !