Oct 27, 2009

Chancellor Michelle Rhee's Hit List

Rhee's Hit List of DC public School employees : Coming soon to a school near you !

1. WTU Executive Board members

2. DC Teachers

3. School Counselors

4. Custodians

5. Principals

6. Vice principals

7. 90 day plan teachers

8. Registrars

9. Attendance clerks

10. Administrative assistants

11. Librarians

12. Music and art teachers

13. Service Providers

14. Central Office staff

Who will be next?

Posted by The Washington Teacher, featuring Candi Peterson - blogger in residence, Celeste Jones - graphics


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the main person who needs to go -- rhee -- won't be.

Anonymous said...

Someone I know just got accepted into the DC Teach program and has been guaranteed a slot in the classroom in January of next year. How is this possible if there's not enough money in the budget?

Alexia said...

Her most recent exit plan was thwarted, read on...

San Fran says Wham, Bam, No Thank You, M’am!
MR, in a bid to escape the hotbed of chaos or “one hot mess”, used her frequent flier miles to venture once again to Cali.
Not just for a hook-up with fiancĂ© Kevin “our mommy is dating a black man and we don’t like it” Johnson, but a job interview with San Francisco Public Schools.
Too bad – they wanted a “real” superintendent and not just one who had a title manufactured to support her illegitimate assumption of the throne, oops the position.
As the panel stated, “Simply madam, you are not qualified to lead”.
MR and her deputy KH do even qualify to become principals in their own school system.(No masters or doctorate in Education Leadership, a provision strictly enforced upon "some" applicants.)

Stay with your own ship they advised, and we’ll watch as you ……exit quickly….

Anonymous said...

If that person just got into the DC Teach program and has a guaranteed slot then that means someone else is going to have to be fired/terminated/riffed to make space for them.

I wish someone else would take the woman. Just get her off of our hands. She comes equipped with her own broom and she could be with Kevin.

Kings said...

Alexia - if this is a spoof? If not, please provide the link for the source of this information.

Anonymous said...

Alexia can you post a link to that article please? If it's legitimate, it's hilarious!

Anonymous said...

The principals and assistant principals filed their class action lawsuit on October 23. We will suppport all teachers as they file theirs as well. The time has come and must not go.


Anonymous said...

E-mails are being received by job seekers. The emails are encouraging them to continue with their teacher applications because DCPS is STILL hiring classroom teachers.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand how can DCPS
still be hiring when they just
let go of 275 teachers in June
and 229 beginning of October.
Makes no sense. Where is the
City Council on this? Mayor
Fenty? Why is this being even
allowed to occur when so many
teachers have been let go of?
Where are the 900 teachers that
Rhee hired over the summer?
What is the WTU doing to help
us especially those who just
lost their job in June and in
October? What did we pay dues
for? For the WTU to do nothing
for us? Montgomery County
Education Assoication
(Montgomery County Public
Schools Teachers Union) would
never have allowed someone
like Rhee to get away with
what she is doing...being
manipulative, mean, and

just me talkin' said...

The article about Rhee interviewing in SF must be in the same newspaper as the article about Obama intervening, because I can't find either one.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous,11:34 a.m., isn't it crazy? How does anyone have the cojones to do the things rhee and fenty are doing? Is there no man or woman on city council who will stand up to them? They keep letting those two punk them without fail. When will it end?

Anonymous said...

I am a RIF'd teacher and with every passing day I just fell more and more depressed. The Union has given up on us and I just don't have any faith in the legal system. How did we allow this to happen to us? There was a meeting tonight for the Union Rep's and they spent more time on the Impact than on the teachers that were RIF'd I see we know were we stand with George Parker

The Wash. teacher said...

Response to ANonymous at 12:30

Part of the problem is that there is an assault on DC employees in Wash DC. It is not just the schools in DC that are facing this problem. Mayor Fenty is part of the problem as he seeks to privatize city agencies and lodge his assault on citywide workers. Under his helm, we have seen massive terminations of mental health workers, MSS management employees, day care workers, attorneys out of the attorney general's office, central office DCPS staff, principals, vice principals, teachers and school personnel.

Montgomery County does not have mayoral control of its schools. The city council only has oversight of school governance and there are no real checks and balances of Fenty.The council also lacks the educational expertise to have this oversight. Like Montgomery County, we would have done better to stay with the school board. At least there would have been more people minding the store. The city council perhaps in hindsight should have crafted the Iaw granting mayoral control differently or some say not at all.

All government needs checks and balances so this abuse of power does not occur. Of course blame lies at the feet of our Washington Teachers Union president george Parker who has not wanted to be pro-active in tackling this assault on DC teachers beginning 2 years ago.

Even though I am a board of trustee member of our union and attend almost all of the rep. assembly meetings, our union is not transparent with our members. I have criticized Parker for this as a board member to no avail. My understanding is that Parker will pursue grievances for teachers fired in June 2009. The wheels of justice move very slow and it is unfortunate that Parker did not want to get on the front end of this fight before teachers got fired and laid off.

Now we are looking at IMPACT which will negatively impact most of us due to its design.

WTU members need to inisit on taking our union back by first getting the building reps to attend the meetings and insisting on conducting the union's business on behalf of teachers/school personnel they were elected to represent for starters. Our meetings have become nothing but lecture sessions where very little gets accomplished. We need to have at a minimum a quorum of schools to conduct business.

If you have ideas about what should be done for other teachers who were terminated- shoot me an email @ saveourcounselors@gmail.com

sick and tired said...

Anonymous We allowed this to happen because many got comfortable with our middle class lives. We sit back and expect someone to take care of us while we go off with our heads in the sand. In order for us to have schools that work we all have to be involved from parents who are involved to teachers who exercise the processes in place that help make up great schools. Somebody has got to be on LSRTs and SCACs & challenge the status quo and stand up for better schools, demand more funding and better learning and working conditions.

We elect many times at our local schools people we know who don't want the job and are not able to represent us. If we don't enforce our own contract at the local level, why do we expect anything more from our elected leaders ?

Anonymous said...

I hear you all, I was schocked to find out how many schools do not have a building rep, Scac team or LSRT team. I put that at the feet or our Union.. The Union President should make sure that every school has representation. If people in those buildings are not willing to serve than that should be a clear indication that there is a problem. The field Reps should be in those schools monthly to conduct meetings. Maybe I am just living in LA LA Land but I have not been very happy with my Field REp either in her attitue towards teacher concerns.

Alexia said...

The interview note was from an insider in DCPS who related that MR had a job interview in Frisco.

The unfortunate view of her fiance was clearly stated by her offspring to school staffers.

Their nanny works on the 9th floor. I will try to check in with her later.

And excuse the typo – MR and KH DON’T qualify for principal positions

Anonymous said...

@Alexia: you are knowledgeable!! I wonder how the offspring's father feels about Kevin Johnson given his history of sexual misconduct with young girls. Look at this:

Can't someone take her off of our hands? I mean really ...

Anonymous said...

MR and KH don't qualify to be classroom teachers if you consider NCLB and highly qualified status. They could never survive as principals and they are certainly not even qualified for their current positions.

Anonymous said...

The hit list will increase with more veterans teacher if the union doesn't multi-task.

While working on behalf of the rif'd, the union must focus on what is not occurring in the school house.

As indicated before, SCAC must be up and running in each and every school building.

Other aspects of the so call budget shortage, must be having an impact on other than personal. Lack of materials and supplies to include textbooks, level readers, classroom libraries, science kits, manipulative, games, listening stations, overhead projectors, cd player, operable computers for students. How do you expect differentiation when teacher lack what they need to teach. The expectation is for teachers to purchase these items out of there own pockets. Time to investigate individual school budgets for budgeted items such as material and supplies, professional development, etc.

Put those field reps to work. This is a simple task that they should be able to handle, if not may be it is time to rif them.

Something to think about.