Oct 23, 2009

Mayor Fenty/Chancellor Rhee: AKA The Gate Keepers Of Terminated Workers

In the Fenty/Rhee graveyard lies the bones of many terminated employees including competent DC teachers. Will you be next ?

Posted by The Washington Teacher featuring Candi Peterson, blogger in residence, Picture courtesy of Celeste Jones


Anonymous said...

Graveyard Markers Should read

School Counselors
Veteran Classroom Teachers
Related Service Providers
DCPS Attendance Counselors

any other categories??????

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I forgot.....

WTU Executive Board Members

any more????

Sharon B. said...

How do we stop this train that has already left the station? Are we all just doomed? We need DIVINE INTERVENTION, and VISITATION

Anonymous said...

R.I.P. certified teachers/teachers with a university background in education

Anonymous said...

Yes, here are three more:

Ineffective and/or obsolete teachers
Obnoxious toxic personnel
Staff intent on keeping DCPS an abomination of education

Anonymous said...

Probationary teachers should be added to the list. There were
100 of us that were terminated
in June 2009 along with 175
tenured teachers.

Anonymous said...

Sahron B, we need Obama!

Anonymous said...

Obama is part of the problem. He admires Michelle Rhee.

Rhee, Fenty, Duncan, Obama.

They're all bad on education.

Anonymous said...

Already wrote to President Obama
in July shortly after I was one
of 275 who were let go of, and
unjustly terminated/evaluated
by my principal. Shared in
detail in a very lengthy letter
all of what has happened to
the President.
Spoke with Ms. Hicks with the
WTU. Probationary teachers have
no rights, and the WTU filed
the class action suit on our
behalfs. It went to arbitration.

kings said...

there is no evidence that Obam admires Rhee. He has not mentioned her name since the debates. If you know differently, please provide the evidence here.


The Wash. Teacher said...

Anonymous @ 1:51 pm

Rhee would have you believe that probationary teachers have no rights. Listening to Peter Nickles, gets Fenty and Rhee in trouble. WTU went to DC superior Court and Judge Emmitt Sullivan ruled that probationary teachers have a right to go to arbitration to contest illegal termination just like tenured teachers. Judge Emmitt Sullivan ruled that the WTU should aproceed to arbitration forthwith.

Anonymous said...

To Anon at 6:01am,

You're still drinking from the kool-aid, I see

Do you really believe that students would have marched down to 825 and Wilson Bldg to protect incompetence?

Do you really believe that people would have waited 18 hours to testify before City Council on television, to protect incompetence.

That is just dumb!

Ineffective, obsolete and toxic personnel are easy to get rid of, just use the ninety day plan. It worked before, but oh no, you have to document their ineffectiveness and their obsolete and toxic ways. Too much work! This way, you can just get rid of who you don't like.......gays, africans, old people, young people still wet behind the ears, fat people, people with bad skin...now, this list is ineffective, obsolete and toxic.

Anonymous said...

Rhee, Fenty, Duncan, Obama

-blaming teachers
-linking teacher salary to test scores

Obama chose Duncan, who know zilch about education, talks in platitudes, cites bogus data.

Obama and Duncan aren't any better on education than Bush and Spellings.

Anonymous said...

I agree wholeheartedly concerning President Obama and Sec of Ed Duncan. Meet the new boss same as the old boss. Duncan has publicly spoken twice lambasting teacher education programs at colleges. This in turn legitimizes programs such as TOA.
In addition this Administration will only give Federal money such as race to the top for states that do not have a limit on charter schools. Education should be acted on a local level, citizens in DC or small town Alaska know what is needed more than bureaucrats who do not send their children to these schools. If you think President Obama's policies are in the best interest of education I would suggest one do some independent research.

Anonymous said...

Please add principals and assistant principals to the graveyard markers. Many of us were terminated because we wouldn't cheat on tests, mistreat teachers and would speak up to Rhee. We all need to stick together.

Anonymous said...

ALL affected employees must file OEA, EEOC and get attorneys. The only way to stop this train wreck is to stand up. While some people might have been incompetent, everyone was not. This has to stop. The people who need to be fired -- Rhee, Lanier, Fenty, etc. -- are still in power. We need to stand up together. Every union and employee group needs to plan sick outs and peaceful demonstrations. Our children have led the way. We need to finish the work. We can do this -- together.

Call The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. He will stand up. We need to get the communities across the nation involved because if this experiment works here everyone will be affected. Let's STOP IT NOW!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous at 12:14. Call The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and some Latino leaders. We don't have anyone else because Al Sharpton backs Rhee. He was wrong about Twana Briley and he's wrong about Rhee too.

We need to contact 20/20, Dateline, Primetime, Nightline, Dateline and Sixty Minutes. What about Michael Moore? He could expose them too. Something has to give.

Anonymous said...

If the experiment works, isn't that good for the children?