Oct 13, 2009

DC Teachers Request Your Personnel File Today !

Let a word to the wise be sufficient. This is an email that I received that I think is important and worth sharing especially for recently laid off teachers. 

Dear Candi:
"A note to other recently terminated individuals.  Using a reduction-in-force  (RIF) event and a CDLF procedure gives the employer practically all the options and impression of fairness in the process but with such wide latitude in assigning scores to the categories,  much capriciousness could be involved.  The veil of privacy in invoked by employer.  However, every terminated or RIF'ed employee is entitled to a complete copy of their own personnel record including all of the CLDF forms just recently used to "justify" each termination.  This should includes all evaluations and all paperwork regarding employment even including everything associated with a "90 day improvement plan".  

Terminated employees should ask for a copy of their complete file when terminated or as soon thereafter as possible.  The individual can then decide what to do with this information.  Possibilities include an individual lawsuit, joining others in a combined law suit,  sharing some or all of the documents outright to the public or news media, writing up a paraphrased versions for larger consumption or none of these possibilities and just file it away for when one decides to write one's memoirs.  Possibly some parts could be used to apply for other positions.  At any rate, the paramount action is to ask and get this file to preserve one's options.  Without it, the options are greatly limited.  I know!  I have mine! "

Posted by The Washington Teacher featuring Candi Peterson, blogger in residence

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