Oct 4, 2009

Wear Black On Monday To Protest Unfair Teacher Layoffs

We will be wearing black this Monday to protest the recent layoffs of DC teachers and school personnel that occurred without due process. Please show your support of our fallen DC teacher colleagues some of whom were denied entrance to their former schools this weekend to collect their personal belongings by wearing all black this Monday. Spread the 
word !

Other efforts are being planned as members of the DC community and others are taking notice of the inept governance of our public schools by the Fenty/Rhee administration.

In struggle,

The Washington Teacher featuring Candi Peterson, blogger in residence


Anonymous said...

You should be sure to urge your readers who received RIF notices to submit a copy of their RIF notices to the WTU, addressed to their Field Representative and listing the name of the school he or she was assigned to. The FAX number is 202-293-8633.
FAX the letter that the RIF'd teacher/counselor received from Rhee and the form that the teacher/counselor was asked to sign acknowledging receipt of the RIF letter.
Since the WTU is initiating legal action to halt the RIF, it needs the documentation of each person who was RIF'd in order for that person to be included in challenges.
Thank you.

Dee Does DC said...

The Union was useless when I was terminated in June. I still have not received my copy of the grievance that they supposedly filed on my behalf. And no one contacted me before or after I was reinstated. Worthless.

scinerd said...

Sadly, I have to agree with Dee. We were both terminated, and we both won our appeals. That we wrote ourselves. But the WTU does need the info for the legal filing.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your support. Also teachers should report how these RIFs have impacted their teaching load--new class, combined classes, etc.

No classroom distruption. With three week left in the first advisory, many are receiving new classes. How are we to evaluate the students? Will we be responsible for the failure or success of these students?

Rhee and Fenty, you have a lot to answer to.

Anonymous said...


Michael said...

"When we betray each other, the path toward recovery is less clear."

DCPS Veteran said...

George Parker's poor leadership was not up to defending the WTU against Rhee.

Anonymous said...

"When spider webs unite, they can tie up lions" -African Proverb

Anonymous said...

When and where will some of these "other efforts" in the works be happening? Anyone know?

Anonymous said...

No one is talking about the unfairness in the teacher evaluations, Extra Value Data.
Will there be more layoffs at the end of next summer after the test scores come out? Will your pink slip come in the same envelope as your evaluation?