Oct 14, 2009

The WTU Throws In The Towel On DC's Laid Off Teachers And School Counselors

A WTU Executive board member, Sheila Gill wrote to the WTU President George Parker and members of the WTU Executive Board and Board of Trustees expressing concerns about the direction the Washington Teachers Union is taking by scheduling a meeting with laid off teachers to discuss retirement benefits (see email from M Lenoir below). What is concerning is that the decision to host a retirement seminar was done so without even notifying members of the executive board and board of trustees. I too am disappointed that the WTU under the helm of Parker is ready to throw in the towel on DC laid off teachers. It seems that we are in desperately in need of a strategy to combat these teacher and staff lay-offs. Don't you agree ?

 Most of you have written what's next ? Your guess is as good as mine. From where I sit- it looks like the WTU's strategy after the rally for respect is to encourage laid off teachers to go ahead and retire.

Good morning Mr. Parker and WTU Executive Board members:

"I'm confused. What are you doing about getting the RIF'd employees their jobs back ASAP? Who doesn't know how to retire? We are educators, we can read or do research on how to retire. The question to you again, "What are you doing about getting the RIF'd employees jobs back today ? I'm disappointed in your direction of resolving the reduction in force issue,if your intent is to discuss retirement benefits/process. Please be a part of the solution and not the problem. I am very concerned about the purpose of the meeting scheduled for Thursday, October 15 from 
10:00 AM- 12:00 Noon at the Peoples' Congressional United Church of Christ."

Sheila H. Gill
Laid Off School Counselor
Date: Tue, 13 Oct 2009
From: M Lenoir
To: WTU Members
Subject: Personal Emails, Emergency Meeting-RIF'd Teachers

WTU Members:
The Washington Teachers' Union will be holding an emergency meeting for all RIF'd teachers on Thursday, October 15th from 10 am-12pm. The purpose of this meeting is to provide information on the retirement benefits of DCPS Benefits/Process and also the AFT Benefits/Process. Representatives from the Washington Teachers' Union, the American Federation of Teachers and DC Public Schools will be in attendance.

Monique LeNoir
Director of Communications
The Washington Teachers' Union
1825 K Street, NW #1050
Washington, DC 20006

Posted by The Washington Teacher featuring Candi Peterson, blogger in residence


Sharon B. said...

In facebook jargon: OMG, OMG, WT%#&*@
Parker really needs to be impeached. What in the world is going on???? My Lord!!! We're being buffeted on every side!!! Can it get any worse? The nation is watching all of this unfold and a precedent is being set. Once again, ALL OF THESE PEOPLE NEED TO BE STOPPED!!!!!! When are we going to start taking things into our own hands since NO ONE ELSE is helping us? All of this mess should be a CALL TO ACTION, by WHATEVER MEANS NECESSARY!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking
NLRB Form 508 - Charge/complaint against Labor Organization or Its Agents. Sad to see and hear this.
Time for Parker and crew to go.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, RIF'd teachers returning to the schools at this point would just cause more chaos. It's time to move on and let dead dogs lay.

Take the money and go - it's best for the students...and isn't that what it's all about?

Sharon B. said...

I got a clearer picture of original post regarding RIF'D teachers and counselors, so I'm posting to set the record straight. This does come from a respected source and not a spin on the truth. I am very transparent and a straight shooter and believe that we all should operate from a well informed fantage point: so here it is; the advise for rif'd teachers and counselors to attend meetings pertaining to retirement is in fact TRUE. However, ther is a method to the madness. Please don't be alarmed, as I understand that it is so that teachers and counselors can get the maximum benefit. I totally support the advise that will be given or that has already been given. It is by no means a SURRENDER. Be encouraged!!! on this issue only.

Anonymous said...

I am a DCPS teacher who was terminated unjustly in June 2009.
I was not on a 90 day plan.
I read Ms. Gill's message on Ms.
Peterson's website. I too want to know what the WTU is doing to get my job back as well. I spoke with Ms. Rachel Hicks, and was informed that I should have received a letter indicating where I should have been placed since I was excessed in late April 2009. I NEVER received such a letter.
In addition, I should have been placed along with all other excessed teachers before ANY new hires were hired over the summer. Rhee needs to be terminated, and let someone else come in who can do the job with competence,
integrity, and fairness. She is
a manipulative individual who is
heartless. Rhee only knows how to hire teachers then turns around and fires them. She needs to be played around in the same way.
I am disgusted with the WTU.
They ALL need to go as well.
Right hand does not know what
the left hand is doing over
at the WTU. Any union who
allows such things to take place
without supporting it's teachers
and allows a Chancellor to get
away with what she has been is not a union FOR teachers. It is a
union that is only interested in
getting a nice pay check every
other Friday.

Sharon B. said...

To response to Anonymous who stated that RIF'D teachers should move on, take the money, and let sleeping dogs lie. No doubt you are a Rhee supporter. How can overcrowded classes, not enough staff, and other atrosities, be in the best interest of the children (kids are baby goats). You are indeed a fool.

Anonymous said...

How long does the WTU represent RIF'ed teachers and counselors? Until they are no longer on DCPS payroll? Until the end of the academic year? As long as they continue paying dues?

Just curious.

Anonymous said...

What would happen if the RIF teachers get jobs back? Would they then fire the newest teachers instead?

just me talking said...

Sharon B, "kid" is a homonym - one of those words that have more than one meaning. It also means "child," "younger," and "glove."

Back to the topic:
Teachers returning to their jobs at this point could be almost seamless. They've only been gone about 2 weeks. Teachers have taken leave for longer than this and re-entered the classroom just fine. The schedules need to be changed back and whatever new grades they've earned should transfer with them.

DC VOICE said...

The Washington Teacher’s Union must speak out about more than just jobs. http://www.dcvoiceostrich.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...


You need to talk to the WTU President. Maybe he will listen to you. He surely does not listen to the teachers.