Oct 5, 2009

Why Must DC Students Pay 4 Rhee And Fenty's Mistake?

Picture and videos (below) from DC student protest at McKinley Technology Senior High School. Students left McKinley and marched to 825 North Capitol St NE, the DCPS Central office and were advised that Chancellor Michelle Rhee was out of town. From the DCPS central office students marched to the Wilson Building where they met with members of the DC City Council.

Posted by The Washington Teacher featuring Candi Peterson, blogger in residence
video clips courtesy of channel 7 news and The WaPo online site


TFT said...

Kids are not jaded, yet. Kids know bullsh#t when they see or hear it.

These kids deserve a real school system. Look! They're fighting for it!

Rock on, D.C. Youth!!!

Anonymous said...

While the schools are in a crisis and laid off people are wondering how will they survive where is Rhee? Out of town and out of touch!! She is at Cornell University speaking at her alma mater. After making a huge blunder that should cost her her job, she is out of town basking in her own glow!! Enough is enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

Go DC students. You all are awesome ! Thanks Candi for this clip. Here's to you too.

Anonymous said...

Are we sure where Rhee is ? Some say there was a Rhee sighting in Sacramento with Kevin. Let's get her plane ticket ready so she can be in California full time.

Anonymous said...

Am hearing rumors about another round of lay offs in November, do you know anything about this?

natturner said...

Nothing enrages some like the sight of gifted and strong children and youth of color having their say on an issue. In the putrid cesspool of their minds they cry out, "How dare they! Haven't we murdered and imprisoned enough of them to terrify them into quiet acceptance? How dare they! Haven't we destroyed enough of their sense of self-worth and the knowledge of their history to silence them. How dare they confront our Chancellor! We must go back to work, call them more names, heap more scorn and abuse on them, step down harder on their necks, tighten the noose."

What galls me are the men in seats of power who cower while children are destroyed right before their eyes. I mean Fenty is pathetic and lost but Gray, Thomas, Barry, Parker, Obama you lived Dr. King and Malcolm and you saw a man stand up for his children and his people. Yet it's children at McKinley who never knew these great men who march against Rhee . Both Martin and Malcolm would recoil in horror to see your timidity today. Shame on you if Rhee gets away with this.

Anonymous said...

You cannot put an inexperienced person to run a complex school system. Rhee might have the degrees but lack education experience. Just because she created the New Teacher Project does not qualify her to run a school system. That's like asking Tolsoy, who wrote War and Peace, to run a country. Mayor Fenty chose Rhee knowing full well the tremendous risk he took by employing her. Rhee should be fired and Mayor Fenty should not be re-elected. I am very proud of the students for taking a stand in being proactive about their education and by demonstrating against Rhee's social injustice against teachers. They are the future of America and Rhee cut down their future by firing their teachers. But what do you expect from Rhee when she removed her daughter's principal (an experienced administrator). It seems like Rhee has an inferiority complex against experienced educators. Once again Kudos to the DC students!! You make the teachers proud.

The Wash. Teacher responds to Anonymous said...

The Wash Teacher responds:

I as well as other adults did encourage these students to protest after school hours. This decision was made independently of us and many of them had the support of their parents to protest during school hours. Although the media didn't show it, many of their parents were at McKinley in support and even held a PTA meeting after the early morning protest.

Anonymous said:
We should be encouraging these students to be in classes -- not running through the streets during school hours. Protest during Non-School hours