Oct 7, 2009

Spingarn Students Protest Chancellor Michelle Rhee's Unfair Teacher Layoffs At The DC City Council

Images of Spingarn High School District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS) student protesters take their protest of unfair teacher terminations to the DC City Council chambers on October 6, 2009.
Posted by The Washington Teacher featuring Candi Peterson, blogger in residence


Anonymous said...

Go DC teachers, go DCPS students. You all have made an impact. Your story has been all over the news on channel 4 and 5 this morning and the radio stations. Rhee's days are short-lived. Keep telling your story as it is getting the attention it rightly deserves. Hang-on relief is coming from the Wicked Witch of the East (Chancellor Rhee).

Anonymous said...

People, this is what a budget cut looks like!!!! do not overloook to see whos is behind it!

Chancellor Rhee, your cause is a good one! and there are parents in this neighborhood who support your actions! You are working hard to make DC schools better and I support you!

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of the teachers, students, and parents who are in total support of DCPS teachers
(the ones who recently were let
go of, and in addition the ones
who were terminated unjustly in June 2009). It puts happiness back in my heart that has been taken away since 275 DCPS
teachers were terminated in
June, that so many are coming forth on our behalf.
I am also proud of the City Council memebers who are going to
do an investigation on why the
ineffective Chancellor Rhee
is getting away with this behavior.
It is essential that her booty
get the ax just like she has done
so many of us. I hope she gets
hers, then she will have a good
and complete understanding what
it is like to be on unemployment
and without a job to support
herself and kids. Hmmm...not
to have that 275K income.
I also hope that the citizens of DC DO NOT re-elect Fenty since
he allows Rhee to get away with
what she is doing. He as well MUST GO. Not that he has done that much for Washington, DC.
I hope that this nightmare comes
to an end, and that many of us
who have been terminated/let go
of get our jobs back that WE
rightfully deserve. I hope
that the WTU goes full force
after DCPS and the manipulative

Anonymous said...

These kids need to be in school!! Shame on the adults for propagating this chaos. It's time to move on

DST1913 said...

Good for them! Now all the high schools need to collaborate and have their voices heard!

Kings said...

To supportive anonymous - I'd be curious to know what neighborhood supports Rhee and exacly what you think she has done to make schools better.

Sharon B. said...

To Anonymous that thinks that adults are propagating chaos; take a look around you!!! How blind can you be? DCPS is in chaos. My smart black children are taking matters into their own hands. This is their education not yours. You are not interested in what is important to them. They are standing for what is owed them.

To supportive Anonymous:What is the Chancellors cause? What does a budget cut look like exactly? We know the ppl who are behind it all. Ms. Rhee was brought here to create ALL this MESS !!

Anonymous student said...

Being at McKinley Tech Mr. Pinder made it the worst school ever. We might have high test scores but it is not by him or his vision plan. Pinder never thinks about the students just about how much money is coming in and the publicity the school gets. You may think that he did not have a choice but he did in teacher layoffs. He fired people who weren't up under him or who weren't going along with everything he said. You may think he is trying to better by improving students’ education but really he is not.The classes that are at Tech really doesn’t prepare you for college. They give you an idea of the work load but that’s it. We had many unnecessary classes.

In SAT Prep we did not have books for that class or even a teacher until later on in the semester. Tech is not what it is perceived to be, it’s all a big show that Pinder puts on during open house and meetings.

Firing Ms. Gill was the worst thing Pinder could do and the registrar personnel and the other staff. Tech is going down as we speak. The new Tech only has been open for five years and this year you can see it is decreasing with this principal. Dr. Gohl was good and his assistant principal Mr. Brandon and Mr. Demarke but not Mr. Pinder.