Aug 27, 2008

Reminder of Thursday WTU E Board mtg. !

Just a reminder - WTU will hold its second bi-monthly meeting in on Thursday,
August 28th @ 5:30 p.m. at the WTU Office. The office is located at 490 L'Enfant Plaza SW Suite 7200 - Washington, DC 20024. WTU members are welcome to attend. Please notify the WTU President Mr. George Parker via email @ Bring your WTU card if you plan to attend. Hope to see you there ! Posted by Candi


mommilan&jr said...

yes, your right, it isn't about the money... that's what you all keep thinking its about and its not... it is about making a difference and that is why we need to start with the difference in teacher morale to build student an comunittee morale... see you tomorrow!!!

Anonymous said...

Actually, Ms. Peterson, I completely disagree with you.

In order for our profession to be sustainable, and to attract high-quality talent to undo the damage that has been done in DCPS, we must offer potential teachers a competitive salary.

Teachers wouldn't teachers if it wasn't about the kids -- of course it's about the kids. But who do we want in front of the kids? We need good teachers -- we need to transform society's view of the teaching profession. In our society, attaching a more sustainable wage to the profession is one way to do that.

I am hoping that you will come up with better arguments for why the contract shouldn't go through, other than patronizing those who support education reform and improvement in our great city but subtly, or not so subtly, suggesting that they care about money more than children.

DC Teacher Chic said...

I am certain that if Michelle Rhee was trying to cut our salaries in half, you owuldn't be saying, "It's not about the salary, it's about making a difference." Obviously, we would not show up to our jobs if we were not compensated. That does NOT mean we are teaching just for the money.

I work 10.5 hours a day, and I deserve to be making a six-figure salary. I'm voting yes on this contract proposal.

By the way, can you explain how teachers on the red tier would be "fired en masse" as you said on the WJLA news recently? The red tier offers full tenure protection.

Anonymous said...

By the way, could someone please update the WTU website so that all the meeting information, including updated calendars, are available to members?

Anonymous said...

Like DC Teacher Chic, I too am wondering how you explain your comment that teachers will be "fired en masse" if they choose the red tier. You seem to be doing an awful lot of squawking but giving very little information.

mommilan&jr said...

What about that legal document we got tonight in our folders about that 1996 court case about senority huh Candi??? Would you like to elaborate?? Don't worry, I will... I plan o send it out to all that I can tomorrow, Tuesday, and every day until I can get out the word!!! STOP BEING IN DENAIL OR HIDING THE FACTS!!! It was nice to see you and sit behind you tonight!!! You and your side of the table are going to be in some deep lies it seems like very soon!!!

Anonymous said...

Seniority still exists. The legal document that was provided to WTU Board members involves cases of teachers who were RIF'D. This is why it is important for members to have ALL of the information and not just some of the information. I direct you to the WTU legal opinion which is now posted on the DC Watch site.