Jul 28, 2009

I Thought We Were Broke ?

I thought that DC was in the middle of a budget deficit. Isn't this the rationale for DC mayor Adrian Fenty's cutting funds for the independent evaluation of DC public schools as well as city services to vulnerable residents? Someone please tell me where are the funds coming from to publicly fund LEA's for new teacher hires and highly qualified veteran teachers to transfer schools ? Is this money being funded by the stimulus money ?

According to a June 23 article on the WTOP website , "Chief Financial Officer Natwar Gandhi's revised revenue projections, Washington faces a $190 million deficit in the fiscal year ending Sept. 30, and a $150 million shortfall in the 2010 budget proposal approved by the Council in May. " That's a total of 340 million dollars.

You tell me what's wrong with this picture. Post here on The Washington Teacher

Subsequent to writing this piece, I wrote Jesse Rauch, Legislative Analyst for the DC City Council. Here's what he said about the source of the funds :

"Terese, my colleague in the Committee of the Whole, says that those are Title II funds coming from the Feds. I CC’d her if you have additional questions on those OSSE grants. Thanks Candi. "

Jesse B Rauch
Senior Legislative Analyst
Committee of the Whole
Council of the District of Columbia
1350 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Room 410
Washington, DC 20004

OSSE link: http://newsroom.dc.gov/show.aspx/agency/seo/section/2/release/17666

OSSE Announces Funds for New Teacher Signing and Transfer Bonuses ( 7/21/09)

"The DC Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) is pleased to announce to all public LEAs the availability of funds for highly qualified new hires and highly qualified veterans that transfer to schools with low numbers of highly qualified teachers and/or schools in NCLB corrective action status. Teachers in the following subject areas may be granted a $3,000 signing or transfer bonus:

English/Language Arts/Reading

Social Studies

For more information on taking advantage of the Highly Qualified New/Transfer Teacher funds, please have your LEA representative contact Valida Walker, Title II-A Coordinator in the Office of Educator Licensure and Quality at valida.walker@dc.gov or hqt.help@dc.gov "

Posted by The Washington Teacher, information courtesy of OSSE website, quote courtesy of WTOP.com

OSSE Says NO AYP Scores For You- DCPS !

Here is an update as posted from the DC Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) website. Sorry but you will have to wait. No AYP Scores for DCPS until August 5 ! Until then, I guess we will have to rely on our anonymous source who has been posting DC public schools scores here on The Washington Teacher. See the comment section under the July 22 post titled: Rhee's Model School Shaw TKO'd By Non-Contender Sousa : Is It True ?

JULY 28 UPDATE: OSSE will be releasing final & public data from the 2009 DC CAS on Wednesday August 5. Originally, preliminary data without AYP determinations was to be released today and final data on August 12. Over the next 8 days, OSSE will be reviewing appeals and petitions from schools and LEAs. Please check back on August 5 to view all final achievement data by school and AYP determinations for 2009.

OSSE website: http://nclb.osse.dc.gov/index.asp

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Jul 26, 2009

The DCPS Stories Project Needs Your Help !

We Need Your Story @ dcstories@gmail.com !

I along with concerned others are involved in the DCPS Stories Project to gather the stories of DCPS teachers and staff , parents, students and other citizens regarding their experiences with DCPS educational reform. I encourage you to write your own personal story and send it to us. We are collecting first hand narratives from students, parents, community members and DCPS staff members to use to tell the full story of DCPS and put a face on it.

We are looking for your triumphs and your heartaches. Initially, these stories will be presented to the DC Council and Chairman Vincent Gray, and then possibly to the US Senate Sub-committee on Government Oversight. We want to hear from you. Your confidentiality is guaranteed.

To be the most effective, we need the following information in your story; your name, age or age range (i.e. over forty), your ward if you live in DC, your contact information and how you are related to DCPS (student, parent, staff or community member). We are only interested in first person accounts at this point in time. You can write your account as an email or as a Microsoft word document and attach it to an email and send it via email. Your confidentiality will be guaranteed. Please email all stories to dcstories@gmail.com You will receive a reply email that will ask to confirm some of your information so that we may maintain validity as much as possible. Please send this link on to other people you know who have a story to tell! We would like to have as many stories by July 31st as possible. We will continue accepting stories after July 31st. Thanks for your help.

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Jul 24, 2009

Rhee's Undercover Hiring Practices of DC Teachers

As early as March 2009, there were record numbers of prospective teachers who had not even finished their bachelor degrees but were hired anyway by some DC principals for teaching positions. These interviews were conducted via telephone in many instances. Unfortunately, DC teachers were not given the same opportunity to interview for these positions because interviews were conducted on the DL (down low) before job fairs were even held or vacancy positions had been announced. I have posted the email below just to give you a glimpse of what's still going on in DCPS with deceptive hiring practices. This doesn't sound like the transparency we were promised under the Fenty administration. Many questions that need to be answered are posed in this email from a DC insider:

Dear Candi:

"It appears that principals are still interviewing new teachers for vacant positions. Friendship personnel has been in Anacostia SHS interviewing new teachers behind locked doors. This was happening as late as yesterday.

Also, under the new Friendship program, Anacostia SHS will have 4 principals including two new principals and an Assistant Principal who was once demoted from a principal position. They are still seeking a fourth principal. Check out the school profiles listed on the DCPS website. In addition, four deans of students who will not only work with students but will work with teachers in the classroom providing instructional support. This is a new approach for deans. What are their qualifications? Where is the WTU? What happened to the July 15 cutoff date ? Rhee and her partners cannot be trusted to keep their word. Many people are waiting to be placed and yet, principals are still interviewing new teachers.
" Signed DC insider

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Jul 22, 2009

Rhee's Gaming The NCLB System

She's Got Game !
"Gaming the System means, simply, using the rules, policies and procedures of a system against itself for purposes outside what these rules were intended for. Most of the time, a set of rules will be put in place towards a simple goal. People who study the rules closely can then use this massive (often contradictory) ruleset to play the "game" their own, unexpected way."

On paper, DCPS has showed gains in improving its standardized test scores. But WaPo staff writer Bill Turque's article on July 17 as well as a July 20 WaPo letter to the editor by James Crawford support that Chancellor Michell Rhee is manipulating statistics to make DC Schools appear better than they really are. A review of the literature reveals that it isn't uncommon practice for jurisdictions to game the system under NCLB by finding loopholes in the 2002 law that measures annual progress of all students' reading and math at grade level by the year 2014.

A few of the common tactics used to game the system include:

1. limiting the number of test scores used to chart progress in closing the achievement gap between minority and white students. The higher a jurisdiction sets a subgroup size, the more groups such as disabled students and other subgroups are excluded. For instance setting a group to a size of 40 may exclude disabled students if the school does not have a population of of 40 disabled students.

2. Another commonly used tactic is using the performance index which gives jurisdictions half the credit for students who aren't proficient. This tactic makes it easier for local jurisdictions to make annual progress. In 2005-06, the state of Alabama used this tactic. Since they had up to 85% of their students at the basic level, almost half of their students were counted as proficient using this tactic even though they weren't proficient.

Both the recent Bill Turque article and the Crawford letter (listed below) both underscore the need for an independent evaluation of Chancellor Rhee's reform. This independent evaluation would provide us with an objective overall measure of progress that looks at a many variables other than just DC-CAS score which can be manipulated. Some of the other variables that would probably be considered include high school graduation rate , National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) a test taken by a cross-section of students in each jurisdiction as well as a number of other critical factors. The editorial titled Education Chicanery in the District by James Crawford from the Institute on Language and Education Policy delves into what Crawford characterizes as deceptive testing tactics by the Rhee administration that provides misleading results. Here it is in its entirety:

Educational Chicanery in the District

"Bill Turque provided some valuable insights into the manipulation of student test scores for political advantage [
"Testing Tactics Helped Fuel D.C. School Gains," Metro, July 17]. Removing low scorers from the testing pool is an effortless way to raise average scores and create the illusion of progress for D.C. schools. But it prevents any fair comparison with test results from prior years.

Intensive teaching to the test, especially for students on the cusp of "proficiency," is even more pernicious. It destroys the validity of academic assessments, which are designed to sample a broad range of skills and knowledge. Narrowing instruction to items expected to be on the test is like holding a match under the thermostat. It produces misleading results, not to mention an impoverished curriculum.

Mayor Adrian M. Fenty and Chancellor Michelle A. Rhee have taken credit for what they call "steady gains" by students. But pumping up test scores by artificial means tells us nothing about whether children are learning. It's too bad The Post relied on a euphemism -- "improved statistical housekeeping" -- to characterize these deceptive tactics. A more accurate description would be "gaming the system."

Institute for Language and Education Policy

Posted by The Washington Teacher

editorial courtesy of WaPo, definition courtesy of wiktruth

Jul 21, 2009

Rhee's Model School Shaw TKO'd By Non-Contender Sousa : Is It True ?

This deserves front page billing. Many of you asked in response to an anonymous post on The Washington Teacher whether Sousa middle school TKO'd Shaw middle school on the 2009 DC-CAS scores. ( I did a story on Sousa on June 23 titled: Chancellor Terminator Rhee Fires 8 DC Teachers At Sousa Middle School).

Well now, wouldn't it be funny if Sousa MS out ranked Shaw MS on their standardized tests ? Wasn't Shaw MS the 'pride and joy' model school of Chancellor Rhee ? Isn't Sousa MS the school where 8 DC teachers were terminated by the Rhee administration ? Wouldn't it be a travesty if we learned that Rhee acted too hastily and signed off on teacher terminations at Sousa MS before checking test results ?

I guess we all have to wait and see until the official school by school standardized test results are posted on OSSE's website. It is my understanding that principals already have this information. Suffice it to say for now, here's the low-down as reported by Anonymous:

"I came back to give ya'll the overall numbers for Shaw and Sousa so you can see I am being truthful. Shaw's reading scores for those who passed in 2008 was 38.52% this year those reading scores dropped to 29.65% The reading scores for Sousa in 2008 was 22.84% and in 2009 they went up to 39.42% The math scores for Shaw in 2008 was 33.33% in 2009, they went down to 29.46% The math scores for Sousa in 2008 was 16.75% and they went up in 2009 to 41.83%. Now none of these scores are worthy of bragging rights but this gives those on the outside of the system cold hard facts not propaganda. If you have any request for other schools let me know. The general public will be able to see these scores July 28th. " Signed Anonymous

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No Accountability Mayor Adrian Fenty: Fears Independent Evaluation of Chancellor Rhee

In the latest saga of DC schools- here comes Mayor Adrian Fenty's latest dastardly deed. Fenty has eliminated funding for an independent evaluator assigned to assess the progress of school reform under Chancellor Michelle A. Rhee. Are you surprised ? Well I'm not. Isn't this typical of life under Fenty ? So it seems that General Greenhorn (AKA Adrian Fenty) is afraid of a little accountability. Well afterall accounability is reserved only for us peons (i.e. teachers, principals, vice principals & central office workers). Right ?

General Greenhorn is the title bestowed upon Adrian Fenty by certain journalists early on in his mayoral career.

My email is all ablaze this morning about what should we do next in this latest 'mayhem madness' we call DCPS. You tell me ! Here's the story in its entirety as reported by Wash. Post Staff Writer, Bill Turque and might I add buried back on page B 4.

Latest Fenty Budget Cuts Funds for Schools Evaluation

"Mayor Adrian M. Fenty has eliminated funding for an independent evaluator assigned to assess the progress of public school reform under Chancellor Michelle A. Rhee, according to the revised 2010 budget he submitted to the D.C. Council late Friday.

Fenty (D) also reversed a series of other budget measures, approved by the council in May, that sought to divert some of the mayor's control of education to other agencies. They include the shift of staff and funds from Deputy Mayor for Education Victor Reinoso to the D.C. State Board of Education, which would be established as an independent agency. The board would house the office of the ombudsman for public education, which is responsible for investigating complaints and answering questions from parents.

The proposed moves reflect the council's discontent with what some members see as a lack of transparency and accountability in the mayor's efforts to transform the District's struggling public school system. The ombudsman's office, for example, is supposed to file monthly reports but has not done so since March. The ombudsman, Tonya Vidal Kinlow, resigned in December and has yet to be permanently replaced.

Chairman Vincent C. Gray (D) and the council are free to restore the funding cut when they vote on the revised budget July 31. But speaking to the council Monday at a hearing on Fenty's plan to close a two-year, $666 million revenue shortfall, city administrator Neil Albert urged that the governance structure established in 2007 remain intact.

"Our education reform efforts are demonstrating real results," Albert said, "and we strongly believe that, rather than changing course with the established structure, we should maintain momentum forward." Albert did not directly address the school evaluation, which Fenty is required to submit annually under the law that established mayoral control. He also has the option to skip the yearly reports and deliver a five-year independent assessment by September 2012.

In May 2008, Reinoso recommended two prominent education scholars for the project, Frederick Hess of the American Enterprise Institute and Kenneth Wong of Brown University. But the plan stalled when Gray raised questions about their independence. Hess wrote an op-ed piece for The Washington Post in 2007 praising Rhee. Wong testified in favor of the mayoral takeover.

When Reinoso didn't offer other candidates, Gray decided to move on his own. This past May, he included $325,000 to hire the National Research Council, one of four nonprofit organizations that operate under the National Academies umbrella, to conduct the evaluation. The money would cover about 20 percent of the total cost, with the NRC raising the rest from private sources. Fenty spokeswoman Mafara Hobson said Monday that the mayor was still committed to an independent evaluation but did not elaborate.

The council also has attempted to bolster the power of the state board, which does not run school operations but formulates standards for academic programs and teacher qualifications and oversees the school system's standardized tests. Although state board members are elected, the panel is under the control of the state superintendent, who reports to Reinoso.

"We don't believe a set of elected officials should report to a set of appointed officials," Gray said Monday. When Fenty's original budget cut the board's $1 million in funding in half this spring, the council restored the money and added money for two staff members who would answer directly to the panel. D.C. State Board President Lisa Raymond said the group is simply trying to do its job. "We understand this is a very tough time for the entire city, and if we have to reduce our budget to help the city, we are willing to do that," she said. "Cutting it in half is not acceptable. It wasn't acceptable three months ago, and it's not acceptable now."

Posted by The Washington Teacher, story courtesy of The WaPo

Jul 19, 2009

Pushed Out: Rhee's Gentrification of DC Schools

Here's to you Dr. Elliott & Luke C. Moore students, parents and staff !

In the words of a fellow education blogger known as NYC Educator: "So.... if Ms. Rhee has no qualms about misleading the tax payers, what reason do we have to suppose she'd look after our children? Because make no mistake Ms. Rhee wants the right to fire working people with no due process whatsoever. Don't enough people get fired in this country? Shouldn't we be aiming for fewer, rather than more Americans losing jobs for no reason? And shouldn't our children have rights based on something more secure than the changing whims of Michelle Rhee?"

Another great principal has been fired in the Michelle ‘Terminator’ Rhee’s saga of slash and burn school reform. Chancellor Rhee decided not to renew the contract of Dr. Reginald B. Elliott, principal of Luke C. Moore Academy, which is an alternative high school and formally known as the DC Street Academy. Rhee’s decision was made subsequent to Dr. Elliott receiving the Middle States National Accreditation for Colleges and High Schools in May 2009. Dr. Elliott’s last day was June 30. Gone also is the school’s vice principal, Gloria Tisdale. Many argue that the elimination of Ms.Tisdale from her position was just another indiscriminate termination by Chancellor Rhee.

Saved for now is Luke C. Moore Academy which is a historic building. The school boasts a newly modernized and renovated addition and global classrooms on a desirable campus near the Brookland metro thanks to the personal fundraising efforts by Dr. Eliott of over half a million dollars. Moore Academy parents complain that Rhee has revealed that she has plans to make this alternative high school into a ‘model school.’ What worries most of them is that if Rhee has her way the school may give many of its current students the boot in exchange for a more affluent student body. Luke C. Moore Academy students for the most part have been kicked out of regular DC public high schools due to a host of reasons and prior to entering the school; many have been described as students on the fringe of society.

Parents, students, as well as community residents have demanded that Rhee explain why their highly regarded principal was fired, to no avail. Despite their well-intended writing campaigns, they have yet to be provided with an acceptable answer or face-to-face meeting with Chancellor Rhee. Efforts to lobby the DC City Council resulted in some discussion about placing the school under the administration of UDC where it once was in an effort to save Dr. Elliott’s position. Luke C. Moore students set up a special meeting with Chancellor Rhee and went to appeal to her face to face in order to save the job of Dr. Reginald Elliott. As sophomore, Timothy Hill said in a recent July gathering of concerned residents “I got the feeling that while we talked, she (Rhee) wasn’t even listening to us. ”

It is important to note that Dr. Reginald Elliott has worked tirelessly for 30 years in DC Schools. In 2001, the National Association of Secondary School Principals awarded Dr. Elliott, Principal of the year. The school is now named after the honorable late Judge Luke C. Moore. The school’s executive board includes superior court judges and local ministers. WUSA news anchor J.C. Hayward works closely with J.C.'s Friends at the school. Principal Elliott established a wealth of community partnerships with companies like Xerox Corporation, the U.S. Marshall's program and many others. He created paid internships for his students and sponsored trips to China, Egypt, and Costa Rica. This summer another sponsored trip is planned for students to visit Zambia.

When asked what the reasons were for his termination, Dr. Elliott explained that Rhee had compared Moore Academy to Banneker Senior High School. According to Elliott, Moores’ attendance rates did not measure up with Banneker, a premier DC school where students are selected to attend based on their GPA’s and other selective criteria. Dr. Elliott also revealed that Rhee stated that his school lacked academic rigor despite the schools’ recent national accreditation by the Middle States Association in 2009. Elliott indicated that the Rhee administration seemed unfamiliar with middle states accreditation and was not phased that Moore is one of four DC public high schools to receive this distinction. Further, a recent press release from the Ward 5 Council on Education confirms that Moores' students met or exceeded mandated academic targets for years 2001-2008 despite information listed on the OSSE - NCLB website.

I am sure a Rhee spokesperson will soon report that personnel laws prevent the city from discussing specifics in regards to Elliott’s recent dismissal, blah blah, blah. Certainly, Rhee’s actions are not in the best interest of Luke C. Moore academy students and their citywide parents. If you are interested in joining forces with parents, students and community residents who support quality education for all DC students send your name, email and contact telephone number c/o saveourcounselors@gmail.com

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Jul 14, 2009

DCPS In Search Of 24 New Principals !

The Rhee administration will replace twenty-four principals this school year. Some principals RESIGNED, some RETIRED and some WERE FIRED by the Rhee administration. Some panel interviews for principal selections were held at the School Without Walls beginning last week.

*According to the DCPS website 24 of the principals listed below, with the exception of Luke C. Moore Academy are To Be Determined (TBD) . Ironically Dr. Reginald Elliot is still listed as of 7/15/09 even though he reports he was not re-instated by Rhee.

Here's the list of schools (below) awaiting new principals officially or have principals yet to be determined. *This to be determined (TBD) list was identified on the DCPS website on 7/15/09 and not by The Washington Teacher. Any concerns about certain principals not being listed officially should be directed to DCPS.

Anacostia SHS
Bancroft ES
Barnard EC
Browne EC
Garfield ES- principal resigned
Garrison ES
Hamilton EC
Hearst ES
Janney ES
Johnson MS
Kelly Miller MS
Leckie ES- principal retired
Luke C. Moore Academy
Mamie D. Lee School - principal retired
Mcfarland MS
Maury ES
Murch ES - principal resigned
Patterson ES- principal resigned
Powell ES
Proscpect Learning Center- principal retired
Roosevelt STAY
Smothers ES
Spingarn SHS
Stoddert ES

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Jul 11, 2009

Mister Fry Is Coming To Town !

Jack Freiberger, or "Mister Fry," will be performing his one-man show titled: "They Call Me Mister Fry" at the Capital Fringe Festival on Friday July 17 @ 5pm; Saturday July 18 @ 4:30pm; Sunday July 19 @ 6pm; Saturday July 25 @ 4pm; Sunday July 26 @ 5pm This is a poignant story about a first year, fifth grade teacher in South central Los Angeles. Jack has received excellent reviews and his show gets two thumbs up.

Visit the
Capital Fringe Festival's website for tickets which are $15 and only available through pre-sales. The performance will be held at the Goethe Institute, 812 7th Street, NW. Hurry tickets are going fast ! I hope you all will support our L.A. teacher colleague.

Break a leg, Jack ! Hope to see you all there.

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Jul 10, 2009

Rhee Fires More DC Principals !

A very reliable source contacted me and confirmed that the principal of Kelly Miller middle school located at 301 49th Street, NE was terminated on Thursday. Other principals were alleged to have been terminated by the Rhee administration at a recent principals meeting as well.

You're Fired !

Got a tip about principal terminations, email saveourcounselors@gmail.com

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Jul 7, 2009

Where Have All The Teachers Gone ?

Answer: Rhee has fired everyone

I received the email below from a concerned insider about Sousa Middle School's high turnover rate of teachers and staff under the helm of Principal Dwan Jordan. Sousa is located at 3650 Ely Place, SE Washington, DC. Little has been reported by the mainstream media about the impact DC teacher/principal firings and high staff attrition rates will have on returning students come August. The Washington Post has limited coverage on teacher terminations and no reports to date on the recent principal terminations and staff attrition rates. Little wonder why given that The Washington Post has a proclivity for covering up the news rather than reporting the news.

Soon I imagine that we will be singing the song - Where have all the teachers gone ? (to the music of Pete Seeger's -Where have all the flowers gone ?)

Where have all the teachers gone ?
Long time passing
Where have all the teachers gone ?
long time ago
Rhee has fired everyone.
When will she ever learn ?
When will she ever learn ?

Dear Candi

"Sousa Middle School has experienced the highest teacher and staff turnover rate in its' history, under one year of leadership with Principal Dwan Jordon. Dwan Jordon terminated 8 teachers that he placed on the 90-Day Plan; however, more than 30 additional staff members have either transferred, resigned, or left in the past 10 months Principal Jordon has been on the job. To have more than 30 people (including janitors) voluntarily leave a brand-new, 20 million dollar plus, state-of-the-art- middle school should be very telling about Mr. Jordon's treatment of teachers and staff.

Students, parents and community leaders are outraged at this high turn-over rate as it will effect the human ecology of their neighborhood. As such, they have signed petitions, and have called for Principal Dwan Jordon's termination to Chancellor Rhee. On Wednesday, July 1, 2009 at 3:00 p.m., students, parents, and community members met at headquarters with CHANCELLOR RHEE and presented compelling evidence as to why Principal Dwan Jordon is not a good fit for Sousa. They presented CHANCELLOR RHEE with all the names of the teachers and staff members who were no longer at Sousa. Also, they provided personal testimony regarding their experiences at Sousa.

"Well, I will investigate the various allegations that you have brought against Mr. Jordon. However, I feel that Mr. Jordon is an awesome, awesome, principal who sets very high standards for his teachers and staff. Therefore, I do not agree with terminating Mr. Jordon. At the very least, Mr. Jordon deserves another school year as Sousa Middle School's principal."

Can all the teachers and staff-members be wrong? Can all the teachers and staff-members who accuse Principal Jordon of being mean-spirited, uncaring and a tyrant be incorrect? What is going to happen to all the students who are returning to Sousa in August when they realize that only 5 teachers out of the original 24 will be back? Also, how will the students respond to 19 new teachers who don't know anything about the neighborhood or its' student body ?

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Jul 2, 2009

Rhee Gives More Pink Slips To DC Principals

It's Official - Chancellor Rhee Fires Stoddert Principal !

June 30th is typically the day when Chancellor Rhee sounds her trumpet of doom as she gives some DC principals their pink slips. Remember last year ? A little central office birdie told me that as many as 60 DC administrators including principals and other managers are likely to be terminated this summer by the Rhee administration.

I received a post on my blog inquiring if Stoddert's principal, Dr. Andriana Kalapothakos (known as Dr. K) had been terminated. Stoddert Elementary School is located at 4001 Calvert Street, NW. Prior to the end of this school year, some Stoddert parents had expressed concerns that Dr. K may possibly be terminated by Chancellor Rhee effective June 30. It was reported that Chancellor Rhee stated in a small meeting with some of Stoddert's parents that as soon as she finds a 'rock star' she had plans to replace Dr. K. Hmmmm very interesting. Well this morning I confirmed, it's official Dr. K is no longer the principal of Stoddert elementary school after a 3 year term. Interviews will begin sources state as early as next week possibly.

Stoddert elementary school met AYP in 2008 in both reading and math according to the OSSE website and students were 88.10 % proficient in reading and 78.57% proficient in math in the white and non-hispanic grouping. No available data was available for other minorities or special education students as they had less than 25 students tested in these categories.

These draconian tactics of firing even principals whose schools do well begs the question, why would termination even be a consideration. Of course in an at-will environment, anything and everything is possible. What we have seen is that this current administration throws the good out with the bad often in exchange for a not so great replacement. For what its worth, here's what a Stoddert ES parent said about Stoddert and the leadership under Dr. K on the great schools website. By the way Stoddert parents gave the school a 10 out of 10 rating.

"Stoddert is an excellent school and they are doing great work with the kids. It is a very small school (less than 250 kids I think) so everyone knows each other. The Principal Dr. K is wonderful and highly experienced. She has a great personal touch with the kids and so far, the teachers are great. There is a great librarian and computer lab teacher and solid services for non-native English speakers. Special ed services are uneven (as they are in all of DC). There is also a great before and after care program run by the PTA and staffed by current and former Stoddert parents as well as some of the teaching staff. They offer a homework club and extra activities like basketball, languages, knitting, etc. There is also a highly active PTA. The parents are in the school all the time and take an very active role." Submitted by a parent

Stay tuned for updates on this unfolding story.

visit OSSE website for latest AYP scores: http://www.nclb.osse.dc.gov/aypreports.asp

Posted by The Washington Teacher. Quote courtesy of Great Schools website.