Dec 20, 2008

Eyes Wide Shut On 90-Day Termination Plan For DC Teachers

Whether our eyes are wide open or shut, there can be no escape from Rhee's 90-day termination plan for DC teachers. I feel compelled to write about this after some blog posts that I read which speculate whether DC teachers should be placed on 90-day termination plans or not. First of all I must admonish anyone who would do such a thing- that is not our role nor our place to make these determinations. Certainly we are not in an administrative capacity, we lack all of the facts and are not in a position to judge anyone else's performance. There before the grace of God go I, go you and all of us. I guess the reason that I am concerned about what is happening is because I know that DCPS has always been a retaliatory system lacking in checks and balances. Early on in my public school career, I was riffed unfairly by a vindictive administrator despite having above average ratings. That experience gave me pause and made me suspect of a public school system that allowed many administrators and principals to go unchecked and regularly wreck havoc on programs and people all the while refusing to follow rules just because they were in charge. Don't get me wrong - I am not saying that some teachers aren't ineffective. However, as former superintendent John Deasey of PG county public schools stated in a recent meeting - it is the role of an administrator and superintendent to give their employees all of the tools they need to be successful before considering termination. I ask you honestly do you have all the tools you need to be successful in what you do?

Let me tell you about my story of a former vindictive DCPS administrator named Dr. Margaret Labat. Old (not wise) and cantankerous she was for lack of more appropriate adjectives to describe her demeanor. A real spirit killer. Please believe me when I say I have always had a fond respect for my elders - I guess due to growing up in an environment with 'very old' grandparents whom I dearly loved and adored (to this day). I do not call Margaret Labat old because I have disdain for my elders or older people- I call her old to paint a picture of what she reminded me of - like the wicked witch in The Wizard of Oz type of old. I hope you get my drift. My colleagues and I had good reasons to detest her disrespectful attitude, and unethical and vindictive practices which ultimately impacted our students.

In the mid nineties, Council woman Kathy Patterson introduced legislation in which DC employees could be riffed (reduction in force) with seniority only being considered one of many factors in a reduction in force. Of course I did not have a lot of experience at that time. However, what I did have going for me was never taken into consideration by Dr. Labat as was required by law. One's performance appraisals, involvement on committee's, awards, veteran status, years of school experience, degrees and other factors were ranked on a competitive level ranking form. Employees could earn up to a maximum of 25 points and competed in a class of employees. Obviously employees who had the lowest rankings were riffed.

As you may suspect, I have always been an advocate for fairness, justice and due process. It is part of the fabric of who I am. After having worked 3 years for Dr. Labat she refused to convert all of our teachers and counseling staff from probationary status to permanent status despite our positive performance appraisals. Her rationale was that nobody told her what to do. Prior to being riffed I had appealed to the Washington Teachers' Union to represent me in getting my permanent status. I was the only employee on Dr. Labat's staff to win my permanent status after a long protracted battle. Of course I was the only employee in my program that she riffed.

Long story short- when the RIF was announced- Dr. Labat called me into her office stating that nobody goes to the union on me.... for this you will pay. And that I did. Labat gave me a big fat zero on my competitive ranking form. The DC Office of Human Resources stated that this was impossible to earn zero points after all you get points for years of experience which I had, points for having a Bachelors degree which I had and even more points for a Master's degree which I had, points for performance appraisals which I had and even more points for above average ratings which I had, and points for being on school wide committees which I had. Needless to say Dr. Labat refused to change my zero rating despite the multiple requests of DCPS. I was riffed the beginning of the summer.

My experience is not unique but more importantly it is germaine to what is happening today to teachers being placed on a 90-day termination plans. My former administrator intentionally failed to follow the law and DC municipal regulations. DC teachers are not at-will employees and can only be fired for 'just cause' by law. The newly PPEP evaluation process created by Rhee's administration has aborted many of our due process rights. Based on 1 structured observation by an administrator without regard to other factors such as performance, awards, test scores, professional development, parental involvement and local school targets, and involvement on committees, etc. a teacher can be placed on a 90-day termination plan. With only the recommendation of a principal and an instructional superintendent- DCPS can decide to terminate you in 90 days or wait till the end of the year. Let's not lose sight of the fact that rightly or wrongly- should any of us ever have to face a termination or RIF - we all should be yelling to the top of our lungs that DCPS adhere to following due process as outlined in our contract, DCMR and the Merit Comprehensive Pay Act.

I have posted on The Washington Teacher a story in which a veteran teacher who had an exceeds rating for the last 5 years was targeted by a new principal who wasn't even aware of her stellar performance. There is another story of a veteran teacher of 18 years who has the highest test scores in his building. He was only targeted for a 90-day termination plan after speaking to Chancellor Rhee about the lack of internet accessibility in his NE school. It has been reported that the Ron Brown principal threatened to place all of his teachers on a 90-day termination plan. The Malcolm X principal placed 6 veteran teachers on a 90-day termination plan after the December deadline.

It isn't just coincidence that many of the teachers who are being targeted for 90 day termination plans are veteran teachers of a minority group and over 40. Let's not lose sight of Rhee's Plan B which she promised to impose with us or to us after teacher contract talks stalled. Of course there are younger teachers being targeted as well. Let's not keep our eyes wide shut. If you know of a story involving a DC teacher who has been targeted unfairly or due process has been violated please send it to me c/o my email @ (Posted by The Washington Teacher).


Anonymous said...

Thank you for bringing up those painful memories of a very unjust situtation with a principal. No matter how in favor of reform we may be, there will surely be abuses of the 90 day plan, not unlike what you described.

Anonymous said...

One fire truck and a marching band ! Will race you to the Washington Monument for fair contractual terms of agreement under NCLB and a law unfunded ! Don't like that abolishment statute ! We don't do capricious and arbitrary well ! We don't allow discriminatory intent in Public Education pushing a political agenda and contractual terms of agreement ! We most certainly,do not allow unethical proceedures ! It's not working and end the mandates on NCLB !We will identify with a new generation and fight for them !

Anonymous said...

Readers of this blog are trying to have a discussion on what is happening with the 90 day plan. But there is someone who consistently adds incoherent, strange and rambling posts, making a rational discusion almost impossible. What is the purpose of it and could that individual exercise self-control?

Anonymous said...

Self-regulation and exerting self-control through the executive functions in decision making is thought to deplete a resource in the ego.Perhaps a question to direct, viewing Rhee's impulsivity to fire all the teachers and place them on 90 day plans.This is creating an environment of alleged discriminatory intent effects and a principle resigns in view of unethical practices.When is the rally to oppose the Abolishment Statute and contractual terms of agreement ? To bring about awareness with the 1.4 million teachers viewing the whole and read, Rhee wants her agenda implemented on a national level.Call damage control if that happens !

Anonymous said...

A little birdie told us WEEKS AGO that the union was working on a NEW proposal!! Did that birdie fly south for the winter? Nothing is done and no word on the new proposal... hmmm?? Thought this was a time to gather stones?? Did you run out of rocks? We haven't heard a word from the union and again have no idea what they are doing!!! Yet, everyone is ready to protest 1% of the teachers in the district on a 90 day plan!!! Ahhhh!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #4 :I won't respond to your negativity about the birdie who flew south but what I will suggest is that you attend a union meeting, WTU executive board meetings which are open to members or get more involved if you want the information you are seeking about the work that is being done with AFT.

It is easy to throw darts like the coward you are when you hide behind an anonymous name.

Anonymous said...

Will the union ever admit that there are ineffective teachers in DCPS who NEED to be on some kind of plan instead of constantly supporting them?

Anonymous said...

Birdie flying south for the winter isn't negativity, but humor or perhaps saracasm. And it's not throwing darts, just one person's opinion that may be shared by hundreds of teachers. Many of us are not too interested in what's going on with those on the 90 day plan because no one is talking about it in our schools and we aren't on it and don't know anyone who is. But we are all interested in the contract. So can't the union walk and chew gum at the same time?

Anonymous said...

* “The cycle of poverty is too difficult to break.”
* “Children only spend one-third of tcheir day in school.”
* “The deplorable state of our facilities makes it difficult for teachers or students to concentrate.”
* “Collective bargaining agreements limit creativity.”
* “Parents don’t do enough to support their children.”
* “The central office is too bloated.”
* “Charter schools are draining limited resources.”
* “The government under-funds public education”

Anonymous said... darling... I DO attend union meetings and my friend.. you must NOT because you obviously don't know that NOTHING gets accomplished at union meetings!! No one can hear anything, ask anything or understand anything because there are screaming, crazy nuts trying tell their stories about NOTHING! And yes, don't respond to my birdie flying south comment... Or did you already?? Oh... and the AFT is doing nothing to help us... they suggested writing a NEW PROPOSAL... which will have no money attached to it because the city has none!! Way to go AFT!! They are here to save their union!! I told you that before... they don't care about our 4,000 members.. it took them a year to respond to the WTU's request for a meeting and when they finally realized that Rhee meant business they jumped in! They want to save their union!! People... don't let them make us look like fools! Don't fall for that stuff!

Anonymous said...

Your contract is in appeals and see the "Abolishment Statute". Not sure that's going to make ya happy and be praying for the judge to implement the declaratory relief. We're all trying to understand Rhee's disorganized administrative strategic flight of agenda and intent. Your contract went from collective bargaining to crisis bargaining. There is an update from the Union attorney on this blog.

Anonymous said...

BOTTOM LINE ! THAT CONTRACT CAN'T FLY ! Don't chew up the ones in to find out what's going on frustrated. They have a class full of students and don't have time to read all this and keep up with the details and that's respected. Appreciate the projection of frustration and stress over this contract for the whole in concern. 1.4 million teachers across the US on watch with this contract and it can't fly !It's on a national union level !Fair enough ?

Anonymous said...

Bird dog... where is the update from the attorney on this blog?

Anonymous said...

Under legal ! His phone number is 202-896-1707. They have several responses of reference in discussion of contractual terms of agreemnet. Lew W.Jackson of O'Donnell,Schwartz & Anderson. Legal... "on seniority rights of DCPS teachers." Then there is information about the legal aspects the WTU is engaged. Oppose Abolishment Statute ! Pray declaratory relief !Skunk sprayed that contract judge !

Anonymous said...

We don't know where the birds are headed but let's be clear on the details and issues all identified on this blog and get real on the facts. The little birds are flying into the union with honest issues and problems that aren't being handled by the big bird at the top (Parker). Just not sure there are enough hawks and eagles at the top. The big birds at the top that see it, don't have the budget and resources to fix it while Rhee is placing all the blame on the little working birds. It's all their fault and we have special interest money in on this deal to open charters and these schools failing under NCLB.

Must be bad teachers and we'll get rid of them on 90 day termination plans, hire a new communication team to sell the proposed contract . Now enter alleged discriminatory intent and already one principal that resigns because she has an administration degree and knows exactly what's going on and not going to risk her license on the line and be forced to implement Rhee's mandates or be a part of unethical procedures. It's all documented for the judge on the Abolishment Statute and contractual terms of agreement. Hope it doesn't turn into a class action law suit. Rhee doesn't want tenured teachers and her intent is to get rid of tenured teachers who are making more money. She can hire new teachers with smaller starting salaries and save on the operational budget. Have a nice day !

Anonymous said...

There is a lot of confusion with many unaware of this situation. It has been taken to a national watch level with teachers across the country. It is critical that they are informed and kind of sad the union isn't taking a more active way to organize other teachers and that could be done. It would increase awareness in opposition to Rhee's contract. Will tell you, I read that idea else where on other blogs in discussion. Not a strike but a national teacher's rally.

Teachers have the right to organize and gather to oppose. public education has been hit with high impact media reports that have seriously misinformed the general public. It's politically driven by Rhee. Don't be fooled. It's like the educational reformers vs. public education to implement Charter schools and reinforce NCLB. There are many special interests connected. Therefore a rally just might bring about awareness! Lobby against the contract. Take it to a public forum debate, so that the general public is aware. Maybe the teachers should! Support Anon. #2.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #3: What part of the post #2, didn't you identify and clearly get after reading the Washington Teacher's personal experience of discriminatory intent of which is a legal term. It may be unclear with your research and level of experience and perspective. In other words, do something about the current situation and fight it by making a difference in court. Bring about an awareness level in view of state laws and the Constitution when seeing unethical practices and procedural educational violations and disorganization with capricious and arbitrary administrators. What part of that don't you understand to engage in conversation and discussion or perhaps debate ?

Some sit back and talk about it, some write about it while others are active making changes to bring about awareness with the general public misinformed. Try reading: Developing A New Taxonomy of Educational Objectives for perspective by Guskey and Marzano. Will welcome the debate and your perspective if you think the Abolishment Statute under Rhee's contractual proposal ( currently in crisis bargaining) is one of which you are supportive. Personally see it unfair viewing resources.

"ANON 2" makes sense and taking an active approach to bring about awareness. Try hitting the educational law books and review the legal perspective identified on the ‘Washington Teacher’ of which 1.4 million teachers are on watch per the AFT nationally . The word is going around to read this blog site. It may be happening to DC but open your eyes politically to the direction of educational reformers. Don't be incoherent and close your eyes to the realities of discrimination and educational laws being interpreted in this situation, of which could effect teachers across the country. Teachers across the US are viewing Rhee’s reform an ineffective approach and operationally and procedurally out of control. Even the general public is more aware and calling this uncalled for. Not a very popular reform with public education. If you find that rambling I would encourage you to research outside the beltway to view what other teachers across the country are saying about this contract. Not very positive. Personally, calling my state and Washington elected officials to oppose Rhee's approach and contract and would encourage you to do the same. In fact, I have heard many are organizing in support around the country to support DC teachers in this unfair situation and Rhee’s approach. We have the right to organize to oppose and that’s where ANON 2 is headed.

Anonymous said...

I sympathize with the situation that you faced; however, your story serves as further proof of the need for accountability. From your description of Dr. Labat, I would venture to say that she was not an effective administrator. Yet under past administrations, her job was secure. Would you say that student outcomes at your school were made worse by Dr. Labat’s presence? If yes, then why was she allowed to keep her job? If we recruit highly qualified principals who are held accountable for the results at their schools, as Chancellor Rhee wants to do, then we can avoid problems like your unfair treatment by an unqualified administrator.

Anonymous said...

ProReform: Thanks for your comment. There is a strong need for checks and balances in our school system even today. Even though newer principals may be fired under a 1 year contract- there still are no real checks and balances. Leaving the decision only to one person is troubling to me and should be subject to some type of review.

I would have to disagree with your comment that we could avoid unfair treatment altogether. The ole saying power corrupts rings true and there is always a need for checks and balances of even a superintendent or chancellor.

This past year we have had some competent highly qualified administrators with proven results that were let go. We have also had other HQ administators threatened to be let go. While I am also aware that some that should be let go still remain in our system - perhaps due to politics or connectedness to those in power.

Adding another layer of checks and balances outside of the purview of the mayor and chancellor- could ensure fairness, another set of eyes that would be more objective and ensure that due process occured. DCPS still remains a retaliatory system.We still have a long way to go.

Anonymous said...

At the heart of Rhee's plan is a privatization scheme for creating a market in public education and the dismantling of democratically elected local school officials. "Subcontracted for profit companies."

The hidden agenda is that testing be used as a ploy to de-skill teachers. Miss the cut off by one point under NCLB but spend your money to take the test again and where is the public accountability oversight? I personally think they need to enter HOUSSE evaluations and be effective with support and on the job training. They cut resources with a reason! Right wing efforts to disinvest and govern them with corporate interests.

Can't stand to see people treated unfairly and the inequality of NCLB needs to end. We see the Rhee political agenda being sold and pushed in a Gestapo fashion and see the business connections behind her administrative efforts.

Now what do we do? We want to make sure 1.4 million teachers know and have a rally to oppose this contract. I'm not with a union and a US citizen that believes in democracy and fair procedures and this contract has a skunk on the loose. I don't work for Rhee and she can't fire me because I oppose the approach.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Washington Teacher, Thank you for responding. I would not assert that we stop unfair treatment altogether by hiring competent administrators. However, by hiring professional people with proven track records to oversee our schools, we change administrative culture to focus on student achievement. By then empowering those administrators to control their own staff, principals have an important tool in building a school focused on the bottom line: our children’s education.

In the past, the system has protected every teacher’s job, regardless of performance, which has contributed a great deal to the 10% student proficiency levels in our city. A plan that allows bad teachers to more easily loose their jobs certainly comes with risks of abuse; however, moderate reform attempts over the past 50 years have failed to dramatically impact future prospects for our kids. True reform hinges on the worst educators leaving the classroom. Overcoming the challenges facing our students requires a heroic effort. The sad truth is: some teachers are not up to the task.

To illustrate our difference of opinion, I point to a past discussion on your site. An anonymous post on your December 15th entry, “Collaborative Planning for Student Success,” claimed, “The teachers I know of on the plan may not be stellar educators, but are not teachers who need to be removed from the classroom.” You replied, “I agree with your post.” and went on to cite troubling reports of “90 day plan” abuse. I argue; if the educators put on “90 day plans” were accurately described as less than stellar educators, then “Plan B” is working effectively.

After saying all of this, I do not discount the need for recourse in cases of wrongful termination. The legal system already provides avenues of recourse for discriminated and wrongly terminated professionals in any industry. Providing an independent appeals process for DCPS teachers would waste time and resources that should be spent securing the best teachers and resources for our schools.

You have mentioned many troubling cases of abuse, in several posts, citing anonymous sources and speaking generally. For example, you say that this past year, “some competent, highly qualified administrators with proven results” were let go. Could you clarify? Definition of the terms, “highly qualified,” and, “proven results,” varies greatly.

I have recently contacted the Chancellor by email with questions generated by your claims. I received an initial reply and am waiting for a full response. I definitely want to hear both sides of this argument.

Anonymous said...

From public investment to a private good,answerable not to the demands and values of a democratic society but to the imperatives of the market place. Pro reformer, do you think maybe Rhee needs to publish a school system audit ? She and the mayor seem to be in charge as they please.Selling off Public School buildings in the name of restructure under NCLB an underfunded law in reauthorization. 15 states currently with law suits pending and now Rhee reform. At the heart of the plan is a privitization scheme for creating a market in public education. Sell the Public School buildings to subcontractors and developers closing them down under NCLB and less than 10%. We see the financial improprieties of Rhee reforms efforts.Now Rhee is running to the Obama team asking for support to implement the federal emergency agenda while the preasure is on administrators to place teachers on 90 day plans.Do you see intent ? Who asked the American citizens across the US if they wanted to sell Public Education to corporatism? Dismantling of democratically elected local officials and Rhee along with the mayor in charge.Where is Rhee's school system audit published for Public accountability ? We see what's happening under NCLB and 10% and so will millions in America.How aware and informed is the general public ? They will be pro reformer and see the legal on this blog. There is an abolishment statute and it's in appeals per Rhee's contractual terms of agreement. The agenda Rhee is pushing is creating an alleged discriminatory intent educational environment and attorneys are evaluating.Call me rain check on reform.Are you with the Heritage Foundation,Cato Institution,Fordham Foundation,Teach For America or the Enterprise Institute ? Public Education is not for sale ! We don't need to be closing school buildings and selling them to developers. We need to be funding them and will end the mandates of NCLB. Buzzer blew Pro Reformers and game is over under NCLB and 10% .Perhaps opening your own autonomus schools and come back with results. We can't even find a school system audit published on reformers for Public Accountability..It's as if Rhee is writing educational laws as goes along in her reform efforts, to push an agenda which is tracked and seen on her trail. We have federal laws and proceedual violations viewing these reports that will be evaluated.It's egregiously unacceptable,outrageous and conscience shocking that such an environment under Rhee reform would some how be justified in the name of educational reform.We will pray declarotary relief per contractual terms of agreement and an effort to rectify anomalies.Title 7 retaliation prohibition and administrative remedy but ask the lawyer and his updates are on this blog sight.How dare you reformers think that it is acceptable to link a teachers bonuses to student test scores and other incentive pay provisions under Pl 107-110 a law unfunded. NCLB is a punitive law that uses flawed standardized tests to label schools failures and punish them with counter productive sanctions,assessment and accountability.Equalize fair balance of interests,centrally funded and see John F. Kennedy executive order 10925 Affirmative action. Justice for both the advantage and disadvantage. Equal opportunity and this is Public Education and do not allow a created environment of discrimination and it appears that Rhee's hostile take over to push agenda has done so.Further more,there is very little over sight with the testing corporations and data in with facts clearly noted. Alleged unethical practices and discriminatory intent effects.Doesn't seem to be a happy environment and school climate created under reformer Rhee to push terms of agreement and a contract in crisis bargaining. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 may be of interest for Rhee to review in her reform efforts. That law prohibits discrimination in Public Education and have no idea what the educational reformes follow. Certainly not the decentralization and transformation of governance with a democratic spirit for the distribution of decision making authority between different levels and actors in educational management.Viewing systemic conditions and strategic steering concerns of administrative disorganization with Rhee reform.Go figure and shocked !See the judge and two attorneys on the Special education. See the medicaid and millions paid back to federal government.We'll put it to the lemmon test under NCLB and 10%. What is this reform ? Right wing efforts to disinvest and govern them with corporate interests ?Public Education is not for sale to close school buildings and sell to subcontracted for profit companies and developers under a law unfunded.The American public will be informed pro reformer and good luck in this debate.Hope you'll reconsider for democracy and Public Education.Read Manufactured Crisis !We see you reformer and millions will for what it is !End the mandates on NCLB and it's not working ! Haven't we all seen in the current economic crisis enough golden parachutes and now they want Public Education. Educational tax credits and philanthropy tax credits have anything to do with that cause we sure don't see the support and resources in the school buildings.

Anonymous said...

Equalizers, thank you for your comments and advice. I have seen the book, Manufactured Crisis referenced many times in comments on this site. I ordered it last week and am currently on chapter 2. You made quite a few points, and I want to address as many of them as possible. As to the question of who I am with, I was a Teach for America teacher, and now I am a concerned citizen.

For the record, Teach for America differs quite a bit from the think tanks that you mentioned. Cato, AEI, etc. want to abolish publicly run schools completely because they believe that on principle the market would run them better. That is a dangerous idea for many reasons, and I completely disagree. I am “ProReform” because the status quo has failed DC’s kids for years. The charter schools, public schools, private schools debate means nothing until we ask the question, which of these schools best serve students and why? If we then figure out what works, we can serve all students better. All schools need to adapt to student needs. For the first time, I see that happening in DCPS.

This debate goes far beyond firing a few ineffective teachers. Michelle Rhee has done more in a year to clean up a corrupt, ineffective system than many so called reformers have in their whole careers. Plus, her five year plan outlines smart, incremental next steps to keep improving. I point you to a list of accomplishments that Rhee achieved in her first year:

The argument that you make about funding rings true in many cases. I taught in one of the lowest funded school districts in the country and spent thousands of additional dollars, both in grant money and personal funds, to meet student needs. However, for years Washington DC has spent more per pupil than any other school district in the country. Funding only helps if correctly allocated. Under enrolled schools and underutilized buildings are examples of this waste. Selling school properties to save money that could be better spent on student needs is a good idea.

I am learning a lot from this debate and encourage others to join in. I have no doubt that all of us want what is best for students. Hearing challenges to our points of view encourages both of us to consider new ideas. Please, keep the comments coming!

Anonymous said...

Professional development programs in place ? Courses,workshops,presentations and training ?
Continuous frames that promote improvements in teaching and learning ?
Is there an increase use with data in decision making ? Where is the DC Rhee systems audit ?
Are there inconsistant policies and lack of coordinated planning contributing to a system of unequal resources at the school level ? No doubt !NCLB and 10% !
How's curriculum planning? What is this reform doing to the positive learning environment ?
"The world changes according to the way people see it,and if you alter,even by a milimeter,the way people look at reality,then you can change it." James Baldwin
"There is nothing stable but heaven and the Constitution." James Buchanan. Personally,like the noise of democracy.Don't touch that and it's hot under Rhee reform. Constitution,Article 1 Section 6 ! Old Motown back to ya..."Say It's Alright" Have a good time,clap your hands.." Evaluations are for professional development and not for firing teachers.The intent is not to argue Rhee's accomplishments but to oppose approach and agenda under NCLB and 10%.Pro citizen Reformer,have you seen the video and the protests in the streets going on in all this ? Have you seen the young Americans in front of their schools, upset about not having paper,pencils and books? As they justify NCLB, "restructure penalities" to close down Public School buildings for sell to developers or subcontractors for profit ? It's wrong !CNN just announced Obama's moving out on a bailout package for Public Education crumbling school buildings. "Go Tell It On The Mountian"! We want a National Teacher's rally ! Get up off that thing Capital Hill,dance and you'll feel better. We need a firetruck DJ,to control the jam box that connects to the speakers.We'll all have sunshine on a cloudy day when the mandates on NCLB end. Go get some heart and soul.It's free in America and Public Education is not for sale! Kick it in Aretha! Three R's to the tune !Find out what it means ! You're running out of fools !Not to mention, we're losing 50% of teachers under NCLB within five years ! We'll be back for the spirit rally.Who's got us hooked up with the DC baseball stadium in strategic event planning ? Public Education rises from ashes and makes a come back ! Red Rover,Red Rover send the reformers right over. Hold tight Public Education!