Dec 5, 2010

Installation of WTU Officers -December 1, 2010

The installation of WTU officers was held last Tuesday, December 1 at AFT's headquarters. Today marks a new beginning for our union. Thanks for all of your calls, emails and kind words of support.


Pogue said...

Congratulations again. We wish you all the best from NY.

P.S. Where's Randi?

Candi Peterson said...

Randi Weingarten was out of the country at the time of the WTU officers installation.

Girma said...

"Congratulations again! You both have well demonstrated the qualities of tenacity, determination and conscientiousness in your daily activities, and we firmly believe that you will make a great difference in your new post as President and Vice President of WTU"

Anonymous said...

In the Bronx, the teachers are celebrating your victory and installation. We wish you success in all your endeavors to bring back education to the DCPS system.

teachermandc said...

My best wishes to all. My only worry is who will now provide a relatively neutral report to all teachers. We already have a WTU vehicle. Will this just become another? I hope not. Signed,

"Marv" said...

Congratulations, again.

If I may say so, you two looked healthier at the start of the long campaign, than at the end. Take a long rest; you deserve it.
Also, regarding the idea of restraining Nate, the thought is well-intentioned. All steakholders are watching to see when the other shoe will drop.

Anonymous said...

Looks a little monochromatic.

james boutin said...

Best of luck in DC. Prove that union leadership can function without corruption. I wish we'd had some decent leadership when I was there.

Anonymous said...


While it maybe a little 'monochromatic', I very familiar with several members who were elected. They are anything but in their views.

Oh, look what we got the last time with a diverse slate. Anything but just window dressing.
Rogue Teacher

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Candi, Nathan and the entire slate, and the WTU!

A quick from Detroit:

Defend Public Education/Save Our Students is on the Road to Victory in the DFT!

62% of DFT Members who voted in the Officer elections said NO to Keith Johnson and UTR. Now other opposing slates MOUF and EFC endorse Steve Conn and Defend Public Education/Save Our Students and unite to tack back our Union and defend the right of all young people to equal, quality, public education!

Anonymous said...

@ anon at 10:35 PM 12/5.

Your comment could easily apply to DCPS Central Office.

Stop trying to race bait.