Oct 31, 2011

More DCPS School Closings On The Horizon!


        Did you know that the Deputy Mayor for Education (De’Shawn Wright) has hired a Chicago based firm to do a study on how DC neighborhoods are served by the public school system ? (traditional, public and charter)

      The information found by this study will be used to make a case to close schools in the District and/or to turn them over to National Charter School Managers

        This study will be looking at school’s test scores to determine if a school is “performing” or not.  They will not take into consideration other ways that a school is excelling for its students, parents and community

        The numbers below reflect the number of “under performing DCPS schools” by Ward
       Ward 1 = 8 schools, Ward 2 = 3 schools, Ward 3 = 0 schools, Ward 4 = 11 schools, Ward 5 = 11 schools, Ward 6 = 11 schools,
Ward 7 = 20 schools, Ward 8 = 20 schools

You should be concerned about the possible impact to your school and community!

Please attend Thursday, November 3rd 
for an Empowerment Circle to:

        Inform yourself on what is going on with this study and school closures
       Learn and plan action steps you can take at your school
      Connect with other concerned parents and community members from around the city working against school closures

When – Thursday November 3, 2011
Where – Benning Road/Dorothy Height Library
3935 Benning Road, NE – Walking distance from Minnesota Ave. Metro (Orange line)
Time – 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Please RSVP to Daniel del Pielago – 202-234-9119 ext. 104 or

Feel free to distribute this information to your school and community!


Blogger Chair said...

Why should we?

What about children who are less capable of academically but have the desire to attend public schools?

Do they not get their right to it?

Why the government is not more creative to serve their own people?

If the government is not creative in managing the education system, why people should be sacrificed?

Unknown said...

http://school-barnsleylad.blogspot.com/ my blog says a few words

Anonymous said...

Is America in crisis? Let's count the opinions:


Anonymous said...

We need to close schools quickly. We have wayyyy too many and it is draining the budget.

The reason Ward 3 has zero closures coming up is because its excess schools were closed in great numbers years ago.