May 28, 2010

Saunders/Peterson Slate For WTU Elections Committee Wins Overwhelmingly !

For all those who came out to Logan School yesterday, I thank you for your support. The Nathan Saunders - Candi Peterson endorsed slate of candidates for the Washington Teachers' Union Elections Committee won overwhelmingly. (See the list of candidates below under May 27, 2010 entry). Candidates for AFT delegates will be announced soon.
Again, I thank you for your support.

Candi Peterson
Candidate for WTU General Vice President 2010
The Washington Teacher - blogger in residence


Anonymous said...

Congrats to eFavorite!!!

Anonymous said...

I think the handwriting is on the wall for GP and crew.

If I get one more flier in the mail, I will throw up.

Esteban Rodriguez said...

You Go Candi! Stick it to those hacks!

Anonymous said...

great news. How will this effect GP election standings. Will he still be on the ballot?

edlharris said...

Anonymous said...
Congrats to eFavorite!!!

May 28, 2010 8:44 AM


Anonymous said...

George Parker should not be allowed on the ballot by the elections committee because the deadline according to WTUs constitution was April 30.

Classic said...

The good guys win one. Now lets keep George off the ballot and get Nathan elected.....lets go!!

Sheila H. Gill said...

Congratulations are in Order!!!

Yes!! We did it!
Yes!! We can make a difference!
Yes!! We will do Better!

It's time for a new:
WTU President,
DCPS Superintendent and,
DC Mayor in 2010!!

United We Stand!!!!

Remember: Vote "NO" for the WTU T.A. tell one, tell all WTU members.

Enough is Enough!!

Rick said...

Congratulations to your group!

What's up with the Officers Election? When are we going to hear about that?

People should be able to vote before the end of this school year!

The Washington Teacher said...

AFT mailed out letters to election committee members announcing the official results and the letters were received this Saturday. The elections committee should be convened this week and their work will begin to certify the membership list. Elections will be held in June before school gets out and will be handled by American Arbitration Association and mailed to union members homes.