Jul 29, 2010

Impacted Out? In Search Of DC's Terminated Teachers

Were you fired from DC Public Schools? Do you know anyone who was fired due to IMPACT? I am in search of teachers and school personnel who were recently terminated from DC Public Schools by the Rhee administration due to their IMPACT evaluation score. Please encourage any terminated teachers or school personel to contact me c/o thewashingtonteacher@gmail.com As the Washington Teacher blogger, I have received numerous requests from the mainstream media for DCPS employees to tell their side of the IMPACT story. Even if you weren't fired and have an IMPACT horror story, please contact me c/o thewashingtonteacher@gmail.com Confidentiality assured.


Anonymous said...

I am a dedicated five year veteran Special Education DCPS teacher. In the fall of 2009, I was hired into the DCPS system and I must say my first year was very interesting to say the least. For years I have motivated students with special needs to reach their highest potential, and some of my students have made significant progress under my care and I refuse to allow myself to take any credit for their achievement, after all they earned it! When I receive the DC-CAS scores recently, I was elated to discover that most of my students scored proficient in Reading and made modest growth in mathematics. This year, I was able to build a great rapport with my special need students. I also built a wonderful and working relationship with my parents as well. It was not until May of this year when I finally felt confident that my job was safe and secure. I scored pretty well on IMPACT (Effective), so I had no reason to worry, even though there were always rumors about certain teachers losing their jobs. Well on June 11, 2011 as I was exiting the building for the weekend, my principal handed me a letter, and I knew it wasn’t good. I didn’t open it until I got into my car, that’s when I found out when I was excessed, thus ending my tenure in the building I had worked in for only a few months. My heart was torn into pieces and I cried, grieving at the fact that the following week would be my very last with my students that I grew to love and enjoyed. For the past month, I interviewed for many positions but to no avail. No principal has returned any e-mails or have asked me to come in for an additinal interviews. So I don’t know what the future holds for me! I don’t even know what is going to happen once the 60 days past on August 11. Due to the fact that I am considered probationary status, I don’t know if am going to be eligible for a buyout or remain in the system for a year. Can some provide any pointers?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Good point 4:15!!!! Anyone who came into the school system last year should have been watchful. And 4:04 did you vote on the teacher's contract? are you a full union member? what is your age? what is your race? are you a TFA? Suggestion next time you work for a school system that unfairly Rifs teachers don't seat idly by and do nothing. You newly excesses and fired ones are funny. You all did nothing to support the rif teachers. But it's not to late for ET-15 to take a stand and band together. All excessed and fire employees the union is in the process of planning a meeting with you: hold on to hope. Remember to vote fenty out!!!!

Sarah said...

Dear TWT,
I hope you get a lot of responses to this call. The general public needs to know how the Fenty/Rhee "reforms" really work and only the teachers can tell it.
I continue to be aghast and appalled at the bludgeoning teachers, and ultimately students, are being subjected to and you all have my heartfelt solidarity.

Anonymous said...

I do believe that the public schools in America need to be reformed, but is IMPACT the way to go?

It is awfully unfair the way IMPACT is affecting the teaching corps in DCPS. I am still trying to understand the value added categories on my 16 page IMPACT report. I fell from the category of highly effective to effective but could just as easily have fallen as far as minimally effective. My school did not score as well as we had hoped, although most of my students scored well I did have a couple of deficiencies.
It is unfair that I am graded one way but my colleagues in non-testing grades are evaluated less harshly. Impact makes it very easy for those in the testing grades to lose their jobs.
There are too many variables in the testing game. There are too many subjective variables in IMPACT.
Reformation of public schools is here, but lets make the currently flawed evaluation tool equitable.

Is there any other PROFESSION where there is the constant threat of firing?

Anonymous said...

While I am not a DCPS employee, I do work as a teacher for one of the local charter schools. It is understandable that this topic has fueled a lot of anger amongst colleagues, however I don't think that it is productive for teachers to be attacking one another right now. We need to remain a united front, and you all should be banding together to get IMPACT revoked versus pointing fingers at one another.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:15: There is no reason to be rude to the teacher who was excessed. It isn't her fault that she was hired so Rhee could fire a bunch of people. I bet most of the new teachers had no idea how bad the environment in DCPS was until after they started.

Anonymous said...

If we want genuine responses here attacking colleagues is not the way to go; plenty of veteran teachers voted for the contract so they could get the back-pay (I can't really blame them). A lot of newer teachers weren't eligible to vote, didn't think it would affect them, and didn't really understand what role the union plays. It doesn't really matter now, enough of us didn't vote for whatever reason (I did not support the contract). Unless, you personally were disrespectful, arrogant, and uncaring about your fellow teachers' situations then you deserve your touch of "karma", if not, then consider it a lesson learned. The red/green tier thing was specifically designed to pit newer teachers against veteran teachers, we rejected it, so let's not start doing it now after the fact. As others have said we are only strong if we stay united. Sometimes, it takes time for people to see the truth, for some it has to stand up and hit them in the face, and for others that time never comes. Let's celebrate anyone that comes to this board in truthfulness and with good intentions, even if we don't agree with everything they say. If I want to know the truth about what's going on with the schools in DC, Candi's blog is the first place that I turn.

Excessed Teacher said...

It is reprehensible and utterly disrespectful for fellow teachers to attack another teacher who so happened to have been one of the 900 hired last fall! It is unfortunate that many teachers have been unjustly let go by DCPS, but judgment is near for Rhee and all those involved in this madness! This is a time for fellow teachers to unite and demand more from our union and make our voices be heard. This is NOT the time to tease and humiliate a teacher who came here to vent his/her frustration(s) of being “excessed” while being deemed “effective.” The behaviors of 4:15 and 5:01 is the reason why Rhee continues to regime over DCPS while others suffer at her expense!

Anonymous said...

The recriminations by some against those excessed or RIFd, evident above and in response to Candi's earlier post, are concerning.

I don't understand how a teacher could go through most of a school year and not have gotten answers to questions on Impact.

Whether someone voted for the contract, or voted at all, has nothing to do with the current controversy. Shame on those beating up on those who did not vote. (Actually, it is interesting to know that some teachers beat up on other teachers for voting. Go figure.)

Georgio Parker said this morning, according to WTOP, that only 71 teachers were fired for performance. Is this true?

Anonymous said...

GooDay All! Ms. S. Gill did you mention that the council was voting to re-enstate the riffed teachers?

Anonymous said...

I agree with the comments. We can't go after each other. That's how they want us to do. But it's also a wake-up call that we need to get each other's backs and stand together! Fenty Must GO!!!

Anonymous said...

I can say as one of the 900 new hires, as a teacher who is a full union member and voted against the contract, attended every education rally/ protest (some of which had less than 90 people) and I still get no love from the veteran teachers when they find out I was one of the 900, it is tough. I of course had no idea Rhee was so cynical, I was excited to work for DCPS at the time. Now I find the Chanc. is a teacher hater and the union is weak (Parker himself loved this contract!). Try not to hate the 900, I for one support the RIFed teachers, have been active and plan on becoming more active. We have to stand together to get rid of Rhee/IMPACT and Parker (and Randi W. too while we are at it). Teachers need to be strong in the face of this assult.

Anonymous said...

I believe that we as teachers need to stand together; riffed, excesses and any other category. However, I do understand the frustrations of ALL. So with that being said, what is the game plan any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

Teachers please stop mistreating your fellow teachers. Parker/Rhee/Fenty are the only people you should be directing your anger toward. Parker in particular, because this man had the authority to vote yes or no on the contract. Our votes never really counted.
Remember, if you live in DC you can make a change in mayors.

Anonymous said...

Can we PLEASE stop with the stereoptypes that only veteran teachers are being terminated? I was a young teacher in my 20s who was terminated in '09, and I know many others my age and younger who were also terminated. It doesn't matter if you're black or white, old or young... we are ALL having problems under this admimnistration.

Anonymous said...

Just curious: Did anyone receive a post card from the election board telling them that their precinct has changed. I use to vote at a neighborhood school; now I am being re routed to another neighborhood in my ward: Just wonder if this is a Fenty campaign trick to keep certain people in certain neighborhoods from getting to the voting booth.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 4:04, I do not know the answer to your question but I do know the disrespect you have been shown by anon 4:15 and anon 5:05 is unfair.

I understand there is anger, as there should be, but why attack another teacher who had nothing to do with you being fired?

I came into the system two years ago and I will admit that I did not go to any of the rallies that were held in support of the riffed teachers. Why? Because one of the executive board members of the union who works at my school kept saying things like, "you better make sure you're not caught on camera" or "how fast can you run?". When asked if I could be fired for going out in support of you all, no answer was given. Could she have been joking? Absolutely. But it was hard for me to believe someone is joking when they say things like that and look you in the eye with a straight face. I am truly sorry the riffed teachers lost their jobs and sincerely believe that you all should get your jobs back because as far as I am concerned the rif was illegal and unethical. However, when a union leader is making it seem as if I will lose my job if I support those that were riffed, like so many others I will put myself first. I apologize if that upsets you but it is the truth.

So anon 4:15 and 5:05, when you ask what did us new teachers do for you, the answer may very well be nothing from every single one of us. But before you start lumping us together as an uncaring group who could care less about veteran teachers, take some time to find out why we didn't do anything and you might find that some of us really do care.

Anonymous said...

School level results and Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) determinations will be made available on or before August 9, 2010 on OSSE’s website http://osse.dc.gov under “School Test Score Data.”

From OSSE's original press release.

Anonymous said...

if you want to know all about Randi's reign of terror in NYC -covered up by the NY press -get in touch with p. nobile. Randi sold him out because she said she owed a "favor" to dirty tricks prober Condon who she called after she said Klein was investigating her private life. Nobile says there were witnesses to that conversation, including one of New York City's top investigative reporters who heard Randi say it. Has anyone called him? HE has a well-established reputation for telling the truth and not holding back.
what did she have to hide?
why is Mulgrew continuing the cover up? what is he hiding-the same "private life" as RAndi?

Sheila H. Gill said...

The 266 Wrongfully Terminated Employees were well-represented this morning at the DC Superior Court by another attorney ( not Lee Jackson) and will have another date in court on October 15, 2010 at 11:00 AM with Judge J. Bartnoff.

The law firm representing the 266 will have sufficient time to review DCPS documents that were submitted this week from the DC Government General Council intentionally. (Very Interesting).

Also, the law firm representatives will be allowed to question Noah Wepman who was DCPS CFO during the time of the Manufactured Reduction in Force -October 2, 2009. Dr. Gandhi fired Wepman and Rhee hired Wepman as the Director of Finance. (Very Interesting, as well.)

Save the date and keep the Faith!!

Also, please join me and canvass for Vince Gray on Saturday, July 31, 2010 at 9:15 AM located at 4300 Georgia Ave., NW - Ward 4.

I am requesting at least 50 Educators to volunteer on July 31, 2010. Educators for Gray!!

Anonymous said...

To 8:22 commenter -- what do you mean "our votes never really counted." You are referring to the Local 6 vote on the then-proposed new contract.

As far as anyone knows, all votes were tabulated carefully, and overwhelmingly the vote was yes, for approval.

Why are you making stuff up?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ms Gill for the update about the court hearings. I think that should be an interesting court hearing. I am sure Judge Barnoff was happy the teachers were well represented. I hope this firm also represents the other teachers affected by Rhee's illegal firings. Sorry I didn't get the information about Saturday's event on Ga. avenue until Saturday. Thanks for all your support Shelia Gill. You are a great trooper and I know you are a dynamite counselor.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to propose something a little different. Instead of "focusing anger" on Fenty, Rhee, Parker and Weingarten, I suggest we start directing our efforts and energy toward what/who we DO want. Let's embrace Gray for the fairness, conscientiousness, professionalism and civility he will bring to the office. The same goes for those persons who would hold the other positions. Let's celebrate the prospect of a unified and collaborative workforce that is dedicated to helping one another really do what's best for children. I believe that on which we focus will bear the most fruit.

Just a suggestion . . .

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Shelia did you say Ghandi fired Wepman!!!! unreal thats just proves the point that Rhee / Fenty wants incompetent principals, I mean people in top positions in our Government. Indeed very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:29
you proved the point that 4:15 made!

Anonymous said...

I am Praying for the RIFed teachers hearing on October 15, 2010. God Always Has the Final Word!

Anonymous said...

To Ann. 7:55 and the question what should we do. I have a simple idea that would bring down Rhee and IMPACT if it gained enough support from parents. Rhee and IMPACT get all their power from DC CAS. However, parents and teachers (and students) are tired of public school's obsession with standardized tests. If we can get parents united to start a protest against the standardization of our children's education and REFUSE to let our kids take the DC-CAS test, Rhee's power would drain away in no time.The protest would have to be uniform throughout schools to truely be effective, or at least a few schools united in this effort. DC Parents Against Standardized Education! That is how you bring this whole mess down. The only people who are pushing these high stakes tests are the Rhee/Duncans of the world and their ideas are proving to be empty.

Anonymous said...

Just curious ... I was judged minimally effective via IMPACT report. However, I noticed there has been no official letter or followup outlining exactly what steps will be implemented over the next year. Do I show up at my old school and just go on in August? When will these extra supports be realized and revealed. Will the help be limited to the issues I had ...namely T9 and 20 points taken off by principal because he did not like how I dealt with a particular parent. What about teachers like me who received deducted points because of administrative problems and not necessary IMPACT? I would have been effective had that not happen

Anonymous said...

Candi, do you know what happened to Dee Does DC? Her blog appears to have been deleted.

The Washington Teacher said...

Reply to Anonymous @ 5:28
Union members are concerned that the votes weren't tabulated correctly. I think in part because this vote was supposed to be handled by the WTU elections committee and wasn't as stated in the WTU Constitution and by-laws. There also were problems with WTU's mailing list as I have heard many members complain that they continually receive other members mailings. In some instances members have received up to 2-3 pieces of the wrong mailings. Not to mention that members complained that their votes had problems with the online and phone call ballots. Even when members called the 800 number -they still had problems getting their ballots credited.

Given these factors, it is not hard to believe that there was a problem with counting of votes for the contract.

The Washington Teacher said...

Anonymous @ 5:30
Of course you show up in August for your job. I don't know what supports will be available for teachers but encourage you to review the new contract and contact George Parker @ gparker@wtulocal6.org for more answers since he negotiated the contract. Even if your score was lowered for whatever the reason, it is what it is. If it is in the minimally effective category then from what I read you will have one year to bring it up to effective if you want to keep your job. You could have challenged your evaluation if you disagreed with it within a given timeframe. I am not sure that this would have led to a higher evaluation.

The Washington Teacher said...

Anonymous @ 9:59

My understanding is that Dee Does the District left DCPS for another teaching job. I imagine this is why she shut her blog down. DC teacher chic also shut her blog down as well.

Anonymous said...

Thank God for you and the Urban Educator and even he is leaving DCPS and DC, the numbers of people with a voice in our education system is decreasing. Keep up the good work Candi, I direct everyone I can to you blog just to hear an alternative view to the one that is put out in the media, so that people can make up their own mind. Does that mean I agree with everything on this blog, no, but I consider myself more educated about the issues.

Sheila H. Gill said...

Calling All Educators for Gray:

We need Educators to volunteer at the Gray Campaign Office located at 4300 Georgia Ave., NW.

Please contacted me at sheilahgill@hotmail.com. Also, be present at the WARD 4 Mayoral Forum on 8/4/10 at 4335 16th St., NW from 6:00 PM-8:30 PM.

Enough is Enough!!
United We Stand and Network Together!

Not anonymous said...

Can everyone typing as anonymous please STOP and give yourself a username? The number of people commenting as "anonymous" is ridiculous!

If you use a username, no one can track you down, and you can make up a different username each time you post, if you like. It helps people to respond to you when they want to reference something you said. Just press the "Name/URL" button instead of pressing "Anonymous" and type in an anonymous handle.

I want to support comments made by two "anonymous" posters but I won't bother trying to identify them by the times that they posted.

I agree that protesting standardized testing would work if it was initiated by parents. I don't think the idea is a simple one. Many parents value standardized testing as an objective metric of their child's progress.

I agree that we should focus on people and causes we support. I would like to hear people mention support of Nathan Saunders whenever they condemn Parker. I would like to hear more support of Gray when we condemn Rhee/Fenty.

One reason I refused to support the anti-Rhee crowd the first 2.5 years is because they kept condemning Rhee's plans without concrete ideas and alternatives of their own (such as a SPECIFIC model to replace IMPACT). So, let's now be SPECIFIC about what we WANT - let's talk up Saunders, Gray, accountability with fairness, true teaching, teacher appreciation, and high quality resources.

Anonymous said...

Were any TFA teachers terminated?

Anonymous said...

Did DC Teacher Chic leave DCPS too?

Anonymous said...

Regarding DC Teacher Chic and Dee Does DC, both are still employed by DCPS and will remain so for this school year. I don't know why Dee deleted her blog, but DC Teacher Chic deleted hers because of pressure from her administration.

Anonymous said...

Odd about Dee.. I thought she left DCPS for a "kickass charter school">>> after voting yes for the contract

Not Anonymous said...


Lindsey said...

To Not anonymous @ 8:49

What a great idea! Will this be your new name????

Anyway, I would like anyone who wants to read more about the Nathan Saunders Campaign to go to www.votesaunders2010.com and anyone who wants to learn more about vince gray to go to www.vinceformayor.com.

Research is very clear that while standardized measures serve a specific purpose, it is not the intent that tests be used as the major factor in evaluating the success or failure of a teacher--just like it should not be used to evaluate the success or failure of a student. Can you imagine retaining all of the students who did not score basic or proficient on the DC-CAS?

Likewise, any instrument that has not been tested to be valid or reliable should not be used to measure anything. If Rhee believes in IMPACT so much, why wouldn't she have the instrument validated before enforcing terminations based on it? What if it is later determined that IMPACT is not a valid or reliable instrument? This is why I believe that reform for reform sake is not a good thing. We need a strategic plan (a roadmap) to follow and what we are doing now, will only lead to the demise of public education.....but wait, maybe that is the real intent.

We all agree that reform in public education is needed to better serve our students. But, let's have meaningful and sustainable reform which is not subject to one individual, but reform that has buy-in from all the stakeholders because those stakeholders had some level of input.

I support Saunders because he has placed himself in the uncomfortable position of speaking out against the arbitrary and capricious termination and "bad-mouthing" of teachers--even when it was not the popular thing to do. He called this day, two years ago when he first alerted the membership about the behind closed door negotiations of Parker and Rhee without the proper negotiations team in place...As teachers, we don't want to believe the worst, but not opening our eyes to the truth of our current situation is only going to hurt us in the long run.

I support Vince Gray because he is not Fenty...I would vote for a horse before I voted for Fenty. Now, this may not be a "good" enough reason for you, but it works for me. Go to the campaign websites and get your own "good" enough reason.

EFavorite said...

I don't know if any TFA teachers were terminated, but I know that one started out as minimally effective and worked her way up to effective with help from coaches. She wrote all about it on her blog.


She even mentioned that TFA training involved something called "Teaching as Leadership" which is very similar to IMPACT.

Anonymous said...

Annonymous at 5:38,

Are you serious??? Her administration pressured her to shut her blog down?? So people are not allowed to express their opinions?? Does that not go against the U.S. constitution??? Maybe this was the reason Dee seemed to change her mind about Michelle Rhee every week on her blog. I am glad there are still people like Candi and Guy Brandenberg who are not afraid to speak up.

Looking for answers on Mr. Gray said...

Can someone help me out with information Mr. Gray's position on DCPS?

I can't get any specifics. At that forum where the Mayor failed to show, I read a transcript, and Mr. Gray seemed to say hardly anything of substance.

Anonymous said...

Looking for Answers, try here:


Anonymous said...

There is an interesting commentary in the Afro newspaper(a once highly read newspaper by most Blacks in the city)that addresses President Obama's justification as to why he has made not changes or even considered completely doing away with NCLB. The commentary was written by Ron Walters. Maybe the Afro is a viable means of getting out information about our plight. Please post the website . I would be very interesed in your opinion
about the article.
Very interesting commentary.

Waiting for Mr. Good Gray to speak ed. said...

To Lindsey,

I don't get it. You support Vincent Gray because he is not Fenty.

Yet, I can't find any substance on his educational views, other than the point paper someone wrote for him that he published.

He could not explain most of it, I fear.

So what do you think his views are? Say, on teacher evaluation. What would he say about how we got to the state of the schools at the time Fenty was elected?

Anonymous said...

I am an alternative certification teacher who was rated minimally ineffective because I got into trouble with the principal over a non_TLF situation. So quite a few points were deducted from IMPACT to teach me a lesson. Enough to fall into the minimally effective category. According to my mentor, DCPS is trying to retain all first and second year teachers ( TFA, DCTFers and traditional) and hence most will be given a second chance. Mentor stated that the feedback was NEGATIVE across the board toward DCPS from all mentees regardless of how they came into DCPS and concerns that many were seeking jobs outside of DCPS. One of the major areas of concerns was IMPACT, poor administrative and Professional development. Oddly, the old vets vs new alternative certificate was not an issue. From my DCTF cohort quite a few left or transferred to other schools.
At my school, we lost quite a few teachers vets and newbies to the causes listed below. I can safely say that the newbies vs vets issue was not a problem at my school, the administration was even-handed in treating EVERYONE like shit!! I will say that the teachers selected for excessing defied logic, however, I don't think the admins realized that the other teachers for the same subject areas were also planning on leaving.

Peter said...

Hey Candi,

Check out Bill Turque's newspaper article this morning about Rhee vs. Parker and their termination number dispute.
Rhee slams Parker and definately confirms that if you have a minimally effective rating and you have been excessed....she expects that you will be terminated effective August 13th! You do not get a year to find a job because of your IMPACT rating.

She also confirms Parker's question......
Which contract was in place when the teachers were excessed?

The Answer: Rhee does not Care! The contract she is going by is the new Parker Sell-out Contract!

More of the 737teachers with minimally effective ratings will be fired!

Finding Answers on Gray said...

check out the vince gray for mayor website

Cynthia said...

Did everyone get the email and letter from Randi Weingarten of the AFT?

Looks like the WTU Election is back on again and sounds like AFT is going to control it to make sure it gets done this time.


Anyone who votes for Parker again, deserves exactly what they get this time around. We will be living with this disasterous contract for the rest of our teaching lives!

Anonymous said...

To Looking for answers on Mr. Gray:

Again.......go to vincegrayformayor.com and click on the link about Gray's education plan.

Remember, ABF

Anyone But Fenty 2010!

Anonymous said...

The tide seems to be turning or at least it does today if you read the Education Secion of the Washington Post, Valerie Straus question mathematical formula used for IMPACT, Jay Matthews - Data used by Rhee/Fenty for political purposes, and Bill Turque - Union calls Rhee out on number of teacher's fired. Keep the pressure on, the truth seems to be coming out.

Anonymous said...

Candi, Who is in charge of the WTU? I got a robo call about a meeting for excessed and terminated teachers. Never happened. No emails about the recent DCPS fiasco. Blogs afire with comments on faulty impact scores and calculations. No word on what WTU is planning to do unless you read the papers. What is the plan? Can we file grievances re: evaluation? That seems to be a big question. One the Reflective Educator TRIED answering but not definitively. I understand that it may go to arbitration and their may be an unfair labor practice charge filed. TOO LITTLE-TOO LATE. Sadly, there doesn't seem to be a thought or a game plan on what to do next.

Anonymous said...

Any word yet on who was fired on July30th? I understand the staff came from Central Office.

My understanding from what Rhee said in WaPO is excessed teachers ( with Effective ratings) who did not secure a teaching assignment will be fired on August 13th. Teachers with minimally ineffective ratings who were excessed will also be terminated.

Any word yet on DCPS enrollment? I am guessing the RIF will occur after mayoral election and RTT winners are announced but before a Saunders win

Linda/RetiredTeacher said...

Yes, I agree the tide is beginning to turn in the favor of all teachers. Journalists seem to be checking facts and asking questions.

The truth, as always, will win out in the long run.

Anonymous said...

There are other IMPACT horror stories out there, though all these teachers mentioned finished the year with an effective rating. Let me share a few with you. My friend was texting me furiously on that Friday evening right before the final scores were posted, frantic that she wouldn't get her step increase. She got enough points to put her in the effective range despite the lowish test scores and IVA data. My other friend who got excellent classroom observations yet her kids bombed the CAS, dropping her from a 380 to just above a 250. She thanked God she had a job and stopped thinking of herself as highly effective. And my poor coworker had such a terrible first ME observation, the chick giving her a 1 in content knowledge or not correcting inaccurate information. This coworker is a seasoned, experienced veteran teacher with 2 masters. She barely got over a 2.0 on that first ME observation. She was so upset that she had to go back on anti-depresssants, the kind she took during her divorce. She finished the year effective, with her confidence shattered. These are just a few IMPACT stories, all true, in the lives of DCPS teachers.

mlbdc said...

If you received a Minimally Effective or Ineffective rating on your IMPACT evaluation, you have thirty days to file an appeal. Use the Staff Appeal to the Chancellor on the Office of Management and Employee Relations (LMER) page of the DCPS website (http://dcps.dc.gov/DCPS/About+DCPS/Human+Resources/Labor+Management+and+Employee+Relations). I was just emailed this information from impactdcps@dc.gov.

Anonymous said...

I've heard several IMPACT horror stories also. Sadly, too many people are afraid to speak. I'm reminded of the old Pastor Niemoller poem, "First the Came for the ...." (you can add whatever subject or person you want.
It goes something like this:

In Germany they first came for the Communists,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Communist.

Then they came for the Jews,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew.

Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Catholics,
and I didn't speak up because I was a Protestant.

Then they came for me —
and by that time no one was left to speak up.

I'm glad there are people willing to speak up. It seems at the moment that they are far and few between.

mlbdc said...

If you received a Minimally Effective or Ineffective rating on your IMPACT evaluation, you have thirty days to file an appeal. Use the Staff Appeal to the Chancellor on the Office of Management and Employee Relations (LMER) page of the DCPS website (http://dcps.dc.gov/DCPS/About+DCPS/Human+Resources/Labor+Management+and+Employee+Relations). I was just emailed this information from impactdcps@dc.gov.

Five To Go said...

Concerning the horror stories, I had my own horror story. The last ME gave me a low score, however my principal let me know that she would make sure my last observation would be fine. She kept her word. All I am saying is, a lot of the ME were told to score certain teachers lower. I don't know for sure, I'm just saying, this is what I feel. The school year past was one of the worst experiences I have had in over 20 years, in DCPS. I am enjoying my much deserved summer break. I am getting ready for the new school year by resting, praying, and preparing to vote this idiot, mayor of DC out of office.

Anonymous said...

I too have over 20 years service in DCPS. I agree with five to go above in that this school year has been one of the worst. We have had horrible years. A few years ago we had a child die, not shot, but from a terrible disease. That was devastating. We had a beloved coworker pass. Other terrible things happened including watching 9-11 on tvs in a DCPS classroom. Hearing little children ask if their mommy was going to be OK, cause she worked in the US Capitol. The DC sniper shootings, etc, etc. But the way IMPACT came in and invaded our classrooms, 5 observations, some ME with less than a quarter of my experience and less education, criticizing what I do, waiting to see if I'm effective (thank you God) or not, the tension. Yes, it was one of the worst experiences.

Anonymous said...

DC CAS scores are out. Wow! Did any school make AYP this year?

Anonymous said...

Can somebody please clarify who will be terminated on Friday? Are these only teachers who were excessed in June and haven't found a new school? There appears to be some dispute about which contract is now in operation..

The Washington Teacher said...

Reply to Anonymous @ 3:41

According to the last Post article that I read by Turque, Rhee reports that teachers who were excessed and have not found a placement and have IMPACT scores of minimally effective will be fired in August. Rhee is going by the 2007-20012 contract since it was ratified on June 2 by our members. Rhee challenges Parker that we are no longer under the old contract and that this contract has to take effect at some point. Rhee stated that Parker is being disingenuous. Certainly, I imagine that Rhee knows who she is fring. My understanding is that the numbers will be sizeable.Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

It's ironic that President Obama is or has signed a bill to keep educators from being fired, while MR is firing, riffing and/or excessing educators as fast as she can right in his face. IS THE PRESIDENT PAYING ATTENTION TO WHAT'S GOING ON IN HIS OWN FRONT YARD???? I realize that these are local issues, but he has to know that there is something very wrong going on in the city with our educators. I'm sure or I hope that he doesn't believed that there are thousands of educators in the city that are ineffective. True educators know that when just about every school in the city did not make AYP( for what ever reason because I'm sure MR will have reasons) we know that there is something very wrong with the instrument being used. This is also true about the large number of educators in the city who have been deemed ineffective by a flawed instrument. WHAT IS GOING ON?????? OH YEAH, EDUCATIONAL REFORM!!!!!!!What a crock of shiggity! Is anybody listening reading,caring or even thinking about what's happening? Or is the President "SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY?" I'm getting ready to read the interview with the President about education in Ebony(September 2010). I know what he said when he addressed the recent National Urban League Convention. Let't see if he listened to what was presented in the 17 page "FRAMEWORK" document.